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+<Project> configuration
+Add a brief introduction to configure OPNFV with this specific feature including
+dependancies on platform components, this description should be at a level that
+will apply to any installer providing the pre-requisite components.
+Pre-configuration activities
+Describe specific pre-configuration activities. This should include ensuring the
+right components are installed by the installation tools as required for your
+feature to function. Refer to the previous installer configuration chapters,
+installations guide and release notes
+Hardware configuration
+Describe the hardware configuration needed for this specific feature
+Feature configuration
+Describe the procedures to configure your feature on the platform in order
+that it is ready to use according to the feature instructions in the platform
+user guide. Where applicable you should add content in the postinstall.rst
+to validate the feature is configured for use.
+(checking components are installed correctly etc...)