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Added templates for feature configuration description/reference
The featureconfig.rst document should be used to describe the configuration of the <XYZ> feature. The content will be added to the Brahmaputra configuration guide which intends to describe how to configure the Brahmaputra release to a stable and ready state. For feature projects this should refer to the use of deployment tool scenario selections and post deployment configuration specific to the feature. Also added is the postinstall.rst document for features to describe how to check and analyze the result of ran test cases for respective feature. Change-Id: Ia78659dedd8da5c57aa6e6b21db9ac597fb5eb88 Signed-off-by: Sofia Wallin <sofia.wallin@ericsson.com>
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+<Project> configuration
+Add a brief introduction to configure OPNFV with this specific feature including
+dependancies on platform components, this description should be at a level that
+will apply to any installer providing the pre-requisite components.
+Pre-configuration activities
+Describe specific pre-configuration activities. This should include ensuring the
+right components are installed by the installation tools as required for your
+feature to function. Refer to the previous installer configuration chapters,
+installations guide and release notes
+Hardware configuration
+Describe the hardware configuration needed for this specific feature
+Feature configuration
+Describe the procedures to configure your feature on the platform in order
+that it is ready to use according to the feature instructions in the platform
+user guide. Where applicable you should add content in the postinstall.rst
+to validate the feature is configured for use.
+(checking components are installed correctly etc...)
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+<Project> post installation procedures
+Add a brief introduction to the methods of validating the installation
+according to this specific installer or feature.
+Automated post installation activities
+Describe specific post installation activities performed by the OPNFV
+deployment pipeline including testing activities and reports. Refer to
+the relevant testing guides, results, and release notes.
+note: this section should be singular and derived from the test projects
+once we have one test suite to run for all deploy tools. This is not the
+case yet so each deploy tool will need to provide (hopefully very simillar)
+documentation of this.
+<Project> post configuration procedures
+Describe any deploy tool or feature specific scripts, tests or procedures
+that should be carried out on the deployment post install and configuration
+in this section.
+Platform components validation
+Describe any component specific validation procedures necessary for your
+deployment tool in this section.