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2016-09-09Use get_functest_config where appropriateRomanos Skiadas4-13/+13
The latest functest enforces using `get_parameter_from_yaml` to only get test specific parameters from the config file. `get_functest_config` is given to get functest configuration parameters. Change-Id: Icb6ec2ed4a9d6c278bf1c403d4d0c4f4b21e51b7 Signed-off-by: Romanos Skiadas <> (cherry picked from commit cfa216a9c405c2a66f4909945ee0da1e7d91f1bb)
2016-09-09Refactor some common methods into utilsRomanos Skiadas4-365/+293
- generete_ping_userdata(): This method was exactly the same in two tests - create_instance(): The various implementations of this method had almost the same signature, but not quite. This was fixed by adding extra arguments as needed. Also a global variable was used in the function, which was converted into a parameter. - create_network(): The three implementations of create_network had three different signatures and returned different variables. They were all unified in a single create_network class and the calls to create_network were adjusted accordingly. Revision 1: Fix flake8 violations Revision 2: Rename logger in utils Change-Id: Ib6cfe798dc561a69eb50c901e3aa71c19d465821 Signed-off-by: Romanos Skiadas <> (cherry picked from commit 4c2e5fb06be31502ab3476f25f6d1c2ef8d7b0f1)
2016-09-09Add Router Association testcaseGeorge Paraskevopoulos2-0/+457
JIRA: SDNVPN-49 This functional test is a variant of testcase 1. Instead of associating Network 1 and Network 2 to the BGP VPN, we connect Network 1 to a router and associate that router and Network 2 to the VPN. The testcase is disabled for now. Test setup procedure: - Set up VM1 and VM2 on Node1 and VM3 on Node2, all having ports in the same Neutron Network N1 and having 10.10.10/24 addresses in subnet SN1. N1/SN1 are connected to router R1. - Set up VM4 on Node1 and VM5 on Node2, both having ports in Neutron Network N2 and having 10.10.11/24 addresses in subnet SN2. Test execution: 1. Create VPN1 with eRT<>iRT and associate R1 to it - Ping from VM1 to VM2 should work - Ping from VM1 to VM3 should work - Ping from VM1 to VM4 should not work 2. Associate SN2 to VPN1 - Ping from VM4 to VM5 should work - Ping from VM1 to VM4 should not work - Ping from VM1 to VM5 should not work 3. Change VPN1 so that iRT=eRT - Ping from VM1 to VM4 should work - Ping from VM1 to VM5 should work Jira task in SDNVPN: Change-Id: I0e805b042eb645e923f1639179c4c2c37be17835 Signed-off-by: George Paraskevopoulos <> (cherry picked from commit 4d71268bc127fa0e92285fd4550dea794de2ee8f)
2016-09-06Adapt some calls to functest_utils that don't require loggerjose.lausuch2-2/+1
Due to a small refactor of some functions in Functest, the calls to those are outdated and fail. Change-Id: I1fdce5d343fc55ecd1b25a837608c7172047f22e Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <> (cherry picked from commit c12b86401ce7eec4ed3b546a6399a3a2599b7e79)
2016-07-27Return -1 if the tests failjose.lausuch1-2/+7
Change-Id: I19c3e8b979376a38b8a5838b7a41a3915f90b57f Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <>
2016-07-23Remove logger from openstack_utils function callsjose.lausuch2-10/+6
Change-Id: Iebaa6f15b16f91e451662e13e0542f863f93da52 Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <>
2016-07-20Report overall status of the test results to DBjose.lausuch4-15/+28
The reporting Dashboard looks for the test case called 'bgpvpn'. Now, we report the overall status of the tests into that test case and also each one separatelly. Also, fix the 3 flake8 violations Change-Id: I5b0d816894bf16d3d11085437f1556b5d0446d81 Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <>
2016-07-15Create a blacklist of Tempest test casesjose.lausuch1-0/+9
JIRA: FUNCTEST-369 Change-Id: Ib8bd3dca7c5653e282f7c58023db6bb743db9c6d Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <>
2016-07-14Add support to push the results to the DBjose.lausuch5-53/+149
JIRA: SDNVPN-19 The test scripts now return a json object with the following format: {"status": criteria, "details": results} where criteria: "PASS"|"FAILED" (result of the test case) details: free output that will be printed to the console and pushed to the DB Change-Id: I9e5e0c3b6cb5f4b060929b71a06f6e4f95f814fb Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <>
2016-07-14Merge "Fix testcase2"Tim Irnich2-17/+15
2016-07-14Add tempest wrapper to enable the bgpvpn plugin for tempestjose.lausuch4-34/+84
The tempest.conf is copied to bgpvpn_tempest.conf to be updated with the needed parameters, in this case, only adding bgpvpn=True. The way to execute this module only is with the option -C. For example: -C bgpvpn_tempest.conf -t -N -- networking_bgpvpn_tempest Change-Id: I465961bc619f59355be964eb94f916cb877b2273 Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <>
2016-07-13Fix testcase2jose.lausuch2-17/+15
JIRA: SDNVPN-31 It seems due to the merge conflict, some of the lines got reordered and the script failed. Also, added the private key for the instances. Change-Id: I58c3dfe5ba2d43e0749ca5cd08b3a87221a68b66 Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <>
2016-07-12Bugfix run_tests fails to run python scriptsjose.lausuch1-2/+4
Change-Id: Ibd97de79eb8d824120eb2a1b80017ff1f9f99f14 Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <>
2016-07-12Adding test case 2Tim Irnich2-6/+469
JIRA: SDNVPN-31 Test case 2 checks tenant IP address space separation. Now done with this change. Change-Id: I07ef04de4195b2892c837ac87e53146d133755c6 Signed-off-by: Tim Irnich <>
2016-07-09Add config for testcase 2jose.lausuch1-11/+29
JIRA:SDNVPN-31 Change-Id: I0e15afa737e4cc65fb6235ed4400ea6b1523a327 Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <>
2016-07-08Add testcase1 implementationjose.lausuch6-38/+467
JIRA: SDNVPN-30 Change-Id: I4d31e9c4dc683c031d6a3d44e0d2bf4d80332281 Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <>
2016-06-28Added directory structure for the tests and script templates.jose.lausuch9-0/+131
JIRA: SDNVPN-19 Change-Id: I358efcb377211182a93b2db43f248ca82c14fb36 Signed-off-by: jose.lausuch <>