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2018-09-18Auto Generated INFO.yaml fileagardner1-0/+67
INFO.yaml meant to be machine readable. This file was auto generated from an ldap lookup and your projects INFO file. Going forward comitter promotions must be done against this file. PTLs: Must be merged for you to gain delete access on Change-Id: I322646af57e0fd69e4fb40f0e346cc9e21b683e5 Signed-off-by: agardner <>
2018-09-12Fix reference-before-assignment errors when getting exceptionsStamatis Katsaounis1-4/+8
JIRA: SDNVPN-228 This patch checks that variables have been set before trying to perfom actions uppon them. Change-Id: I6e81a3e7756d3ef0aee4f436766128631439f43a Signed-off-by: Stamatis Katsaounis <>
2018-09-10Replace % operator with format methodStamatis Katsaounis2-14/+14
JIRA: SDNVPN-223 Running the testcase 3 with the % operator was causing an error on formating the string. This patch replace % operator with format method. Change-Id: I33d3a4539bd7e1914f8c52ea8e91ae15083ce0b1 Signed-off-by: Stamatis Katsaounis <>
2018-09-02Update entry_point to conform with XtestingCédric Ollivier1-0/+4
Functest is being updated to Xtesting 0.60 which leverages on stevedore [1]. [1] Change-Id: Ic47a61b547ee41ca60c5d393f82c907ca27ba97a Signed-off-by: Cédric Ollivier <>
2018-07-25Change ODL check url to be diagstatusTim Rozet1-5/+3
With OOO the password is no longer hardcoded to 'admin' and is dynamically generated a run time. This causes this curl check to fail. Instead, use the diagstatus URL which is new in ODL and provides a more accurate way (without authentication) to check if ODL is ready. Change-Id: I7eb034cd3f20c5f5daa52a1e9b2d8e2a52118f6e Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2018-07-09Detach quagga vm in the cleanup blockPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-20/+17
Change-Id: I45145dacaeec0f7b518ab61a33d3a824458e9af5 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-07-02Merge "Route exchange test with testcase3"Periyasamy Palanisamy5-64/+203
2018-06-28Merge "Clean up stale routers and gateway routers."Periyasamy Palanisamy1-0/+18
2018-06-28Clean up stale routers and gateway routers.dimitris.tsiolakis1-0/+18
During snaps_smoke test all floating IPs are allocated by routers as external IP's, as a result there are no more floating IPs left. This patch clean up stale routers and free the assigned IPs. JIRA: SNAPS-318 Change-Id: Ifbf01ce38db63315e692dca9ffa5d993dbfa4337 Signed-off-by: dimitris.tsiolakis <>
2018-06-28update sdnvpn release notes for fraser 6.2Periyasamy Palanisamy1-3/+3
Change-Id: I752fba0ba0d434ae1bc37b975479361f9d53e3b3 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-06-26Adds support for docker based opendaylightTim Rozet2-8/+71
Previously we used ODL as a systemd service. However in newer OOO it is ran as a docker container. For reinstalling ODL in this case we determined that the best way is to not mess with docker and simply shut it down, and use the systemd for the CSIT verification. This patch stops the docker container, then copies a systemd service file (since RPM may never have been installed), and then allows ODL reinstall to proceed as usual. Change-Id: Ib0996ed5494f1ef37bcc232f087f563c99db62fc Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2018-06-26Route exchange test with testcase3tomsou5-64/+203
This review brings up quagga VM installed with 6WIND quagga, configures with external ip prefix and making sure that it gets exchanged with ODL peer. Change-Id: I9ba677e74f24258f7cc59db70b013fbdbbec917a Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-06-19Use Neutron API for attaching floating ip addressPeriyasamy Palanisamy4-16/+32
The Nova API for attaching floating ip address with vm instance is removed in latest Openstack release. Hence moving to neutron API for attaching floating ip address with VM. JIRA: SDNVPN-217 Change-Id: If321191eca0915cfd816eabc8890b28ed79cefc7 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-06-15Merge "[Bug Fix] Determine the BGP entity owner in ODL Cluster"Periyasamy Palanisamy2-19/+80
2018-06-14[Bug Fix] Determine the BGP entity owner in ODL ClusterDimitrios Markou2-19/+80
In HA deployments is essential to determine which is the ODL BGP entity owner and transform that ODL to BGP speaker. This is necessary because of this bug [0] in netvirt. So we can consider this as a workaround for the testcase_3. Note: This patch is dependent on this task resolution [1] for master branch. Note: This patch works fine in stable/fraser branch. [0] [1] Jira: SDNVPN-214 Change-Id: I383987e650da45400a3a6437dbdaaea904db9265 Signed-off-by: Dimitrios Markou <>
2018-06-13Create and pass references of flavor and image to tempestnikoskarandreas2-3/+31
When invoked from SDNVPN, Tempest scenario functest test cases try to use flavor and image references from the tempest.conf file which are currently empty. This patch uses the default flavor that is created by the test suite and the creates an image using the availabe cirros image, which is deleted at the end. JIRA: SDNVPN-209 Change-Id: I6a6fd636fec2c0fa7d35981ca51d59f06a4d9d69 Signed-off-by: nikoskarandreas <>
2018-06-13Fix so that testcases run in order.dimitris.tsiolakis2-195/+209
A new key "order" was added in file to prevent the testcases executed in random order. JIRA: SDNVPN-216 Change-Id: I4ee72cb98351e35bf50ecf9c6dd1506a59e34f6e Signed-off-by: dimitris.tsiolakis <>
2018-06-07Merge "Add own logger for SdnvpnFuncTest class"Periyasamy Palanisamy1-24/+26
2018-06-07Add own logger for SdnvpnFuncTest classPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-24/+26
The functest xtesting Testcase class removed the logger instance variable, so let SdnvpnFuncTest use its own logger. JIRA: SDNVPN-215 Change-Id: I8b611273e44204d5051fad1140e6ecaddc2a4334 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-06-05[Bug Fix] Use correct image for the Quagga instanceDimitrios Markou3-2/+16
In testcase_3 the Quagga image is downloaded from the opnfv.artifacts repository to the /home/opnfv/functest/data directory. But the testcase_3 after that tries to find the image in the /home/opnfv/functest/images directory. This results in using a wrong image Jira: SDNVPN-213 Change-Id: I99539fc9a7a2d016a97ed51fca0cde81f82b3911 Signed-off-by: Dimitrios Markou <>
2018-05-31Fix the logging to be compatible with functestPeriyasamy Palanisamy18-57/+34
Change-Id: I62b432497175e79bcf2cd241be54d8a7f5db2799 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-05-29Re-enabling execution of tempest testsGeorg Kunz1-1/+2
My previous patch broke the execution of tempest tests, causing tempest to complain about a missing .testr.conf file. This fix adds the explicit use of the --config-file CLI flag back to the tempest test framework. Change-Id: If65c65a227f0058180e0d5bca47cce502948c4c9 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-05-23potential fix for attaching router with external network gatewayPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-0/+8
In the CI environment, whenever testcases attaches a router with external network gateway sometimes it throws the error "No more IP addresses available on network". This could be due to stale floating ip's exist in the deployment which is cleaned up now before executing sdnvpn testsuite. JIRA: SDNVPN-212 Change-Id: I027a833f13b1bdddd83dc8c7e7f7292e20b10bb8 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-05-11Fixing invocation of Tempest testsGeorg Kunz1-10/+1
Only 7 bgpvpn Tempest tests were run by the SDNVPN Tempest test instead of the full set of Tempest tests. This patch fixes and simplifies the invocation of bgpvpn Tempest tests. Change-Id: I1b207ea3da27dd43ab034b84f81992a5e0be2ec1 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-05-08SDNVPN-99 NAT doesn't seem to workPeriyasamy Palanisamy2-46/+53
Currently ODL is not able to accomodate both network and router in a BGPVPN instance ( - see the comment section). So until the fix is available, testing NAT functionality using router without bgpvpn instance across subnets. Change-Id: I6bedfc8e818ddd542036a87245caf4949152d66f Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-05-07create log file only if it doesn't existPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-1/+3
Change-Id: I97e4f0cf8f27ff719253967ac14e74bcd55b0559 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-05-07create log file during logger initializationPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-5/+2
Currently the log messages from utils and openstack_utils python modules are not logged into bgpvpn.log. This is because this file is created during SDNVPN Feature initialization. So creating this file during logger initialization itself. Change-Id: I538acdfb2119f1eaa562f61dac3b6bf7c3a58e41 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-04-30Fix os-odl-bgpvpn-[no]ha scenario referenceTrevor Bramwell2-8/+4
These shouldn't be prefixed with a '-' nor duplicated. Change-Id: I88f5b2d18436a258d6ac573a1fbc6dee735b48da Signed-off-by: Trevor Bramwell <>
2018-04-25Updated scenario documentationSofia Wallin3-23/+35
Change-Id: I125988afe557e5117fcbbace23b5e48e740d216c Signed-off-by: Sofia Wallin <> Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-04-25update fraser release datePeriyasamy Palanisamy1-1/+1
Change-Id: If38328d7814497e9e213ec6edeff5057584d4601 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-04-20Fix version in setup.cfgCédric Ollivier1-1/+0
It cannot be installed due the new branch. Change-Id: I1898190cbf522dbfbaeaa89e3d65a7b2e27fb2cc Signed-off-by: Cédric Ollivier <>
2018-04-19Make sdnvpn logging properPeriyasamy Palanisamy19-119/+128
* Currently no log messages are getting written into log file due to file handler is registered for logger object created at different modules. Now corresponding handler is registered for logger objects. * Making sdnvpn Feature class to use its parent class logger object to avoid unnecessary logger object creation. Change-Id: I4ec61951ba4ac39cecc137dbb818da72f0b43b35 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-04-12Updated from global requirementsCédric Ollivier1-5/+5
Change-Id: I094aa8c5cc901c4b5f083651a8224d64324dfc44 Signed-off-by: Cédric Ollivier <>
2018-04-11Merge "testcase_10 intermittent failure"Periyasamy Palanisamy1-5/+12
2018-04-09testcase_10 intermittent failurePeriyasamy Palanisamy1-5/+12
There are vm monitor threads running incorrectly which causes this testcase to fail intermittently. It is fixed properly now. Change-Id: I61abf7e33700abdcb2e9ab7cfa72f6e3ad6c7a67 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-04-09router and network association failurePeriyasamy Palanisamy2-4/+6
comment few sub tests till ODL provides fix for BGPVPN having both router and network association: Till then let us comment required subtests in and update the release note for fraser. Change-Id: I498ee95c74b525f65e40a540e0f1162d78ec5504 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-04-05Document updates for Frasernikoskarandreas3-44/+28
Change-Id: I002848374caf28c0e6f4184bc9bd9e87b1918255 Signed-off-by: nikoskarandreas <> Document updates for Fraser Fixed wrong release date. Removed a closed issue and a reference to it. Change-Id: I002848374caf28c0e6f4184bc9bd9e87b1918255 Signed-off-by: nikoskarandreas <>
2018-03-23xci: Lowercase ansible variables6.0.0Fatih Degirmenci3-15/+15
Change-Id: I4aa8ca5f8fcd5626e4334fd1217930c065a1dc04 Signed-off-by: Fatih Degirmenci <>
2018-03-12remove extra specs for the flavorPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-7/+0
It has problem in booting up VMs which are with custom flavor configured. So removing extra specs from the flavor which anyway is not needed. Change-Id: I38fe1449ea585a3a6db95a7f21fd1d3fca0f528e Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-03-12testcase execution halt fixPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-7/+12
It's found that sys.exit is used in which caused testcase execution is stopped abruptly while running bgpvpn testsuite. This is now replaced with Exception. Change-Id: I69df4be705985994318f58d57b152d6db4087610 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-03-09workaround for bgpvpn tempest runPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-3/+10
Adding tempest.conf file in the /etc/tempest directory as it is needed for tempest run command. Change-Id: I754dca76908014dcbb17e82a2e7b561d4826bff0 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-03-08potential fix for custom flavor creation issuePeriyasamy Palanisamy4-9/+6
Change-Id: Ic079e6d699927a400ca5f1530b18efacf3465629 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-03-08Move import_modules inside try blockPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-1/+6
Its still sdnvpn testsuite is failing at testcase_8 for bgpvpn ha scenario whereas it runs fine in the local setup. There is no logs generated from the CI run, moving import_modules inside try block and added few info logs to find out what is going on CI setup. [1] [2] Change-Id: Icffa48cd56222bc1063ca16704e90a899380634d Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-03-06remove block comment for testcase_8Periyasamy Palanisamy1-11/+9
somehow bgpvpn testsuite is not running in the bgpvpn-ha ci loop because of testcase_8. when bgpvpn tries to execute this testcase, somehow execution is stopped and no logs being generated from the setup. The only different is this testcase is having block comment with delimeter and this is being imported as a module inside run_sdnvpn_tests. Hence replacing block comment with single line comments. This issue is very sporadic even in the local setup and running fine after changing it with single line comments. Change-Id: I5d71ec2a8c532b5dd77b2136ca7e95a7838683dc Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-03-02Update networking-bgpvpn to 7.0.0Cédric Ollivier1-1/+1
networking-bgpvpn 7.0.0 was released for Pike [1] [1] Change-Id: I4baf1810ee2390c71a0f4b831f11baedabc95360 Signed-off-by: Cédric Ollivier <>
2018-03-02Switch to XtestingCédric Ollivier2-4/+5
It inherits from xtesting.core.feature [1]. [1] Change-Id: I3d64bce859de7132384b3cf0a6383348cc20b3b1 Signed-off-by: Cédric Ollivier <>
2018-03-01update python modules shebang line for python intrepreter directivePeriyasamy Palanisamy17-14/+27
Change-Id: I1929a5b86a89a96fbf5c21b3bc419c9237034aba Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-03-01fix for sdnvpn testsuite execution stops abruptlyPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-1/+1
* updated the recommended shebang line for python intrepreter directive Change-Id: Icd3023f03c8b5524afcb5d600a9d03749496acea Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-02-28add user variables for quagga configurationPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-1/+13
As per the review in ansible-opendaylight role, adding required quagga specific user variables to configure OpenDaylight with BGPVPN functionality. Change-Id: I78e3389c4624fe92f34da13bde6a03d3f51c9675 Signed-off-by: Periyasamy Palanisamy <>
2018-02-27Merge "Update the way of running tempest"Periyasamy Palanisamy2-7/+18