AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-02-27Merge "Stop relying on internal Functest utils"Periyasamy Palanisamy2-6/+22
2018-02-27Update the way of running tempestLinda Wang2-7/+18
2018-02-27comment setup quagga playbookPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-1/+2
2018-02-26Stop relying on internal Functest utilsCédric Ollivier2-6/+22
2018-02-26Host openstack utils in SDNVPNCédric Ollivier14-13/+1505
2018-02-23Merge "Fixing return value in tempest test suite"Periyasamy Palanisamy1-1/+1
2018-02-23Fixing return value in tempest test suiteGeorg Kunz1-1/+1
2018-02-22Switch from CONST to CONFCédric Ollivier2-11/+13
2018-02-19resync and ecmp testcase failurePeriyasamy Palanisamy2-27/+32
2018-02-15Merge "fix for sdnvpn CI test failure"Periyasamy Palanisamy3-1/+11
2018-02-15Use bgvpn-delete and create instead of updatetomsou2-10/+84
2018-02-15fix for sdnvpn CI test failurePeriyasamy Palanisamy3-1/+11
2018-02-01Updating INFO file - new PTLTim Irnich1-2/+2
2018-01-26correct setup-openstack.yml destination pathPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-1/+1
2018-01-26correct XCI scenario variablePeriyasamy Palanisamy1-2/+2
2018-01-25os-odl-bgpvpn scenario for xci deploymentPeriyasamy Palanisamy17-0/+1252
2018-01-18Set unlimited router quotastomsou3-9/+16
2018-01-09Intra-Data Center ECMP testcasePeriyasamy Palanisamy5-9/+382
2018-01-08Resync testcase descriptionPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-0/+15
2017-12-13Merge "Adding two new committers"Tim Irnich1-2/+4
2017-11-20Merge "Updated from global requirements"Tim Irnich2-10/+20
2017-11-17Adding two new committersTim Irnich1-2/+4
2017-11-16Merge "add resync testcase"Tim Irnich3-0/+253
2017-11-15Updated from global requirementsCédric Ollivier2-10/+20
2017-11-10add resync testcasePeriyasamy Palanisamy3-0/+253
2017-11-09Adapt bgp daemon to run properly for testcase3tomsou1-3/+11
2017-11-09Merge "remove flavor at the end of the test"Tim Irnich2-4/+11
2017-11-09Merge "Fix instance boot when metadata exists"Tim Irnich7-42/+48
2017-11-09Merge "Adapt documentation wo be comply with Apex Integration Guide"Tim Irnich1-3/+4
2017-11-09Merge "Add tetcase suite overview"Tim Irnich1-0/+208
2017-11-08remove flavor at the end of the testPeriyasamy Palanisamy2-4/+11
2017-11-08use glance_client for image cleanupPeriyasamy Palanisamy10-10/+22
2017-11-08Test groups are deleted after ovs reconnectionpperiyasamy3-0/+195
2017-11-06Adapt documentation wo be comply with Apex Integration Guidetomsou1-3/+4
2017-11-06Add tetcase suite overviewtomsou1-0/+208
2017-11-06Fix instance boot when metadata existstomsou7-42/+48
2017-10-25use openstack api's instead of CLIsPeriyasamy Palanisamy3-12/+85
2017-10-19Merge "Remove argparse for adding argument -r"Tim Irnich4-21/+2
2017-10-19Merge "Inheritance from Feature class"Tim Irnich1-10/+6
2017-10-19Remove argparse for adding argument -rLinda Wang4-21/+2
2017-10-18Merge "Gather logs only if fuel or apex installer"Tim Irnich2-2/+10
2017-10-18Adding scenario documentationTim Irnich2-0/+135
2017-10-18Gather logs only if fuel or apex installerPeriyasamy Palanisamy2-2/+10
2017-10-18Title adjustedSofia Wallin1-3/+3
2017-10-18Inheritance from Feature classJose Lausuch1-10/+6
2017-10-17Merge "Updating docs for Euphrates"Tim Irnich6-480/+349
2017-10-17Updating docs for EuphratesTim Irnich6-480/+349
2017-10-16Merge "comment multiple subnet configuration"Tim Irnich1-47/+62
2017-10-16Revert "write sdnvpn test result into db"Tim Irnich1-4/+0
2017-10-16write sdnvpn test result into dbPeriyasamy Palanisamy1-0/+4