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2018-05-07Add testcase model in the clientthuva42-12/+27
Change-Id: I54b8caf8b1291229b01eb39d50c3997983dd81e9 Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-05-07Add result model to the clientthuva42-6/+19
Change-Id: I0921835f8d1042b2d0c12f3972bda24736741d55 Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-05-07Merge "Add docs for the testapiclient"Serena Feng1-2/+424
2018-05-05Add docs for the testapiclientthuva41-2/+424
Change-Id: I79799480937fcc0cfc6a3d851aa8cca966d408f0 Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-05-03Merge "Bottlenecks reproting fraser release adaption"mei mei1-5/+1
2018-05-02add Jack Chan to the commitersSerenaFeng1-0/+5
Change-Id: Iedaaa2f7794caa2219a18aff6be8e5ab680cd1df Signed-off-by: SerenaFeng <>
2018-05-02Merge "Add toast message support in senerios page"Serena Feng4-57/+109
2018-05-02Merge "Add toast message for scenarios page"Serena Feng3-39/+81
2018-05-02Merge "Add toast message support for testcases page"Serena Feng4-43/+68
2018-04-28Add toast message support in senerios pagethuva44-57/+109
Change-Id: Ib499fe21ae85b2edc79ae7c5492d9f76449bb548 Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-28Add toast message for scenarios pagethuva43-39/+81
Change-Id: I27833535288ad6302d2fc85b543b196e28179a22 Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-27Temporary bugfix for testapi-automate jobSakala Venkata Krishna Rohit1-1/+1
New upgrade of pip 10 is causing the problem. Links - 1. 2. 3. Change-Id: I8d49dda2ae55569833075fff792d9ded0030f56b
2018-04-26Merge "Add tests to check clientmanager auth function"Serena Feng2-2/+52
2018-04-26Add tests to check clientmanager auth functionthuva42-2/+52
JIRA: RELENG-379 Change-Id: Ia1b36cabc1b0750f5a9dab8509c1c9b868889e7a Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-26Merge "Add documentation for web portal"Serena Feng2-2/+112
2018-04-26Bottlenecks reproting fraser release adaptionchenjiankun1-5/+1
In E release, bottlenecks upload results with version like 'stable/euphrates', but in F release, the version change to 'fraser', so need some adaption. Change-Id: I7c58ef026202a53193906eca0b62a50f643abd52 Signed-off-by: chenjiankun <>
2018-04-26Add documentation for web portalthuva42-2/+112
Change-Id: If3e2600c15e2078a74e9d4d1f4884a46733fe0c0 Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-26Add toast message support for testcases pagethuva44-43/+68
Change-Id: Ic33cdc2a598d560bbbfc45977f4bbc278cf48e11 Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-26Merge "Add toast message support for projects page"Serena Feng3-42/+88
2018-04-26Merge "Add task to convert coverage.sjon to coverage.xml"Serena Feng2-0/+17
2018-04-26Merge "Add tests for the toast message in the pods page"Serena Feng2-14/+34
2018-04-25Merge "bugfix: testcase weather show incorrect"Serena Feng1-1/+1
2018-04-25Merge "fix CC-BY-3.0 license"Serena Feng10-1/+1
2018-04-25Add tests for the toast message in the pods pagethuva42-14/+34
Change-Id: Iefa52381b775da6f734a41d1ca602f964f93c183 Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-25Add task to convert coverage.sjon to coverage.xmlthuva42-0/+17
Change-Id: Icc3e175c23d399e33a8406c5aa18d79603d0314b Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-24Add toast message support for projects pagethuva43-42/+88
Change-Id: Id596be94cdc8c7cfeab5c4978326810ce2b456dd Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-24fix CC-BY-3.0 licenseSerenaFeng10-1/+1
Change-Id: I154e53b115b3eae84a99f3348ed9a8146425d1c2 Signed-off-by: SerenaFeng <>
2018-04-24add INFO.yaml with initial committerSerenaFeng1-0/+42
Change-Id: I3fb95aa4ceadcd196e0d5c71955c407e86f06c94 Signed-off-by: SerenaFeng <>
2018-04-24bugfix: testcase weather show incorrectSerenaFeng1-1/+1
if no order >= 2 tier exist, test case weather is not generated if order >= 2 tier not the last one, test case weather will lose the test cases which come after order >= 2 tier Change-Id: Idb78926db773b161df1ba74f26429f5f6b764afb Signed-off-by: SerenaFeng <>
2018-04-23Merge "impl import-testapiclient framework"Serena Feng6-2/+43
2018-04-23Merge "Add toast message in pods page"Serena Feng3-20/+80
2018-04-23impl import-testapiclient frameworkSerenaFeng6-2/+43
the usage: from testapiclient.client import pods pod_client = pods.PodsClient(user='test', password='pass') pod_client.create({'name': 'test-api', 'mode':'metal', 'role':'community_ci', 'details':''} from testapiclient.client import pods from testapiclient.models import pods as pm pod_client = pods.PodsClient(user='test', password='pass') pod = pm.Pods(name='test') pod_client.create(pod.__dict__) Change-Id: I6a7770d0b54f5570552a6ebbf1c42a638723997c Signed-off-by: SerenaFeng <>
2018-04-21Add testing gating reporting pagechenjiankun14-8/+495
Change-Id: I9f46d684a11b7999defffe983fc3224ef1a50412 Signed-off-by: chenjiankun <>
2018-04-20Add toast message in pods pagethuva43-20/+80
User can view the error/success message in any part of the web page. JIRA: RELENG-392 Change-Id: If2564bec92b17cecb847bccfee8a57979d23b45c Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-20Merge "change gauge color"Serena Feng1-1/+3
2018-04-19Merge "Fix frontend tests"Serena Feng3-41/+41
2018-04-17Fix frontend teststhuva43-41/+41
Change-Id: Ie5ba370a440176ad872feb75a2db7d9d9e6c06cc Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-16change gauge colormrichomme1-1/+3
Change-Id: I2bbd2b1113d7fea8773e93c49260a9e5fda2c09c Signed-off-by: mrichomme <>
2018-04-13Merge "Add CRUD funtionalities for results in testapiclient"Serena Feng5-2/+209
2018-04-13Add CRUD funtionalities for results in testapiclientthuva45-2/+209
Tests included Change-Id: If0bcac51391c2f2debd27831f10ef89e417f9ad1 Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-13Merge "Allow update the other field(exclude name)"Serena Feng1-5/+7
2018-04-12Add 3 test cases descriptions for reportingmrichomme1-1/+4
* Patrole * Juju EPC * Neutron Trunk without description they are displayed as unknown Change-Id: Ic4db1325fdcfc661f67c49cdd9498e242a213b8a Signed-off-by: mrichomme <>
2018-04-12Allow update the other field(exclude name)thuva41-5/+7
JIRA: RELENG-350 Change-Id: I1713985c02f59ea518058c309043f66a6bd07855 Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-10Merge "Generate yardstick reporting page even if there are no data"Morgan Richomme1-2/+1
2018-04-10Merge "Remove duplicate code in project page"Serena Feng2-20/+8
2018-04-10Merge "Add CRUD operations for deployresults with tests"Serena Feng3-0/+213
2018-04-10Add CRUD operations for deployresults with teststhuva43-0/+213
Change-Id: I679b6c1b0723ed3df2a9b0e6af5d9a149ede9987 Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-10Remove duplicate code in project pagethuva42-20/+8
Change-Id: I56041710c10404c8deca02cdbfb6804105a48a8a Signed-off-by: thuva4 <>
2018-04-10Merge "Add expires days for cookies"Serena Feng1-1/+1
2018-04-10Merge "Add helpblock for create custom modal"Serena Feng1-2/+4