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2018-12-28[IDF] arm-virtual2: Fix private vlan rangeAlexandru Avadanii1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ia43fdf8fb7b80fcbe0b3e7e714b88baab1ba4780 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-12-11[fuel] IDF: Add Avadanii7-0/+7
Allow configuring cluster-level jumbo frames via IDF. All virtual PODs default to using jumbo frames, while baremetal PODs will keep using 1500 until we confirm all switches are properly configured. While at it, update net_macros to configure MTU for VLAN interfaces too. JIRA: FUEL-336 Change-Id: Id6c7ec9377b15d53e69c8cbb16fa469b52ab7e3a Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-11-29Fix pod10 dpdk paramsGuillermo Herrero1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ic72d1468eb8fee74e25c540073c408081c8ee8b8 Signed-off-by: Guillermo Herrero <>
2018-11-28arm pod-10: reorder unused interfacesGuillermo Herrero2-50/+50
Change-Id: I491edc564a2b0777c0afc65eb0ebc1b2d97f44fc Signed-off-by: Guillermo Herrero <>
2018-11-21intel-pod18: add fuel supportYour Name2-18/+75
Adding support for fuel installation on intel-pod18 Change-Id: Ieaad34fd2c0aa96f9aa1f48f403c46cd890437eb Signed-off-by: Paul Vaduva <>
2018-11-05Update idf parameters for arm-pod5Cristina Pauna1-2/+2
Change-Id: I1d2d3c461154f7b57d1c0e1a58be9d9a5873f61d Signed-off-by: Cristina Pauna <>
2018-10-31[IDF] arm-pod10: added as new idf and pdfGuillermo Herrero2-0/+467
Change-Id: I74b1c7db1e7c7b53518660e92e810ff60f827d64 Signed-off-by: Guillermo Herrero <>
2018-10-17[arm pod5] Added new NIC infoGuillermo Herrero2-5/+29
Change-Id: I7a363100fb0affe5ac4e27885727cf517621f4e6 Signed-off-by: Guillermo Herrero <>
2018-08-17Merge "Add mask to the oob networks"Alexandru Avadanii23-0/+23
2018-08-17Update the pdf/idf for ericsson pod2Manuel Buil2-21/+217
Change-Id: I9b5db404cde0414f34621cf12819fd3edfcf0414 Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <>
2018-08-17Add mask to the oob networksManuel Buil23-0/+23
It is not needed but it helps a lot to the xci parser Change-Id: I6943b21cd2aca2036783430cde03fb8d3b567f3b Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <>
2018-08-13Complete osa and add kubespray to the idf schemaManuel Buil1-0/+37
Modify idf of lf pod4 to aoid -1 from Jenkins Change-Id: I4fbac6ed2859e79aeef61b070498833b182f2b5d Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <>
2018-07-27[arm-pod9] Increase fuel maas timeoutsGuillermo Herrero1-2/+2
Change-Id: I0bf27ddc06b5c6efa64b41a32573bf09990c95b5 Signed-off-by: Guillermo Herrero <>
2018-06-28[arm-virtual2] Add ip-range to avoid IP conflictsAlexandru Avadanii1-0/+2
Change-Id: Ib7858d57d3e0cc1a428905a63c4d342be260a673 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-06-20[unh-pod1] Increase MaaS timeoutsAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
Some targets (especially 96-cores computes) in UNH POD1 take longer than the average to commission/deploy, so adjust the timeouts accordingly. Change-Id: I9bf0b2ecccb3e8437cc5659688a84ee5ad0b5b87 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-06-18unh-pod1: restrict public ip range to avoid conflictPaul Vaduva1-0/+2
Change-Id: I7644fe6eedc71b4e67ea6b6d112a06685ea26602 Signed-off-by: Paul Vaduva <>
2018-06-12Merge "Adding reclass sections to idf-pod1 file"Alexandru Avadanii1-0/+28
2018-06-12Adding reclass sections to idf-pod1 filePaul Vaduva1-0/+28
reclass section is necessary to setup hugepages size to 2M per hugepage as the defaults are 1G which are not supported by thunderx. Plus adding ntp servers to unh-pod1 Change-Id: I9cd2a8105032035a519411b80f95675a997a1fbd Signed-off-by: Paul Vaduva <>
2018-06-08[idf.fuel] Add NTP for new virtual PODsAlexandru Avadanii7-0/+14
Change-Id: I6172e909c51e796b16f62f2d8e0cb0497306ce2a Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-06-08Merge "[PDF] Add arm-virtual2 PDF/IDF"Alexandru Avadanii2-0/+215
2018-06-08Merge "add ericsson vpod PDF"Alexandru Avadanii12-0/+1559
2018-06-04update ilo mac address after hw replacementmting1-1/+1
Change-Id: I9df2e117d8a2036c9555ddfe41d636b9e30910e8
2018-06-04Merge "[idf.fuel] Add NTP servers"Alexandru Avadanii6-0/+12
2018-05-31[idf.fuel] Add NTP serversAlexandru Avadanii6-0/+12
Change-Id: Ib840995b085ec9d8a585d5cf2e2a84e5801875b6 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-05-30Merge "IDF and PDF files for auto pod in unh lab"Guillermo Herrero2-0/+350
2018-05-30Merge "[IDF] arm-pod9: added as new idf and pdf"Guillermo Herrero2-0/+427
2018-05-30Merge "[IDF] arm-pod8: added as new idf and pdf"Guillermo Herrero2-0/+375
2018-05-25[IDF] arm-pod9: added as new idf and pdfGuillermo Herrero2-0/+427
Change-Id: I415eda9f493fcd70514d5f9be7d58b7b6d1cb88f Signed-off-by: Guillermo Herrero <>
2018-05-25[IDF] arm-pod8: added as new idf and pdfGuillermo Herrero2-0/+375
Change-Id: I01c678b45fd182bef8a95bdf13054a36347e057b Signed-off-by: Guillermo Herrero <>
2018-05-25IDF and PDF files for auto pod in unh labpava2-0/+350
Change-Id: Iad65abda66b772e8ed44c2257ebdb7cb48ecc6c1 Signed-off-by: joekidder <> Signed-off-by: pava <>
2018-05-15add ericsson vpod PDFmting12-0/+1559
Change-Id: I20e70ec3264e807fb85585441d51752b13f5389d Signed-off-by: mting <>
2018-05-15[PDF] Add arm-virtual2 PDF/IDFAlexandru Avadanii2-0/+215
JIRA: FUEL-322 Change-Id: I3b136d6eebdaf0f09c772d2b994158af99cd8fea Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-04-30Merge "Okinawa Open Labratory(OOL) POD1 PDF/IDF"Julien2-0/+270
2018-04-24update idf file for zte-pod1zhihui wu1-1/+1
Change-Id: Iffed25c5e01aa9bf2a7b4a7103b07fb1c097d811 Signed-off-by: zhihui wu <>
2018-04-20Okinawa Open Labratory(OOL) POD1 PDF/IDFhhayashiool2-0/+270
Change-Id: I0980de9c2ff37654dbfd2d58002b9e61226cf749 Signed-off-by: Hideyasu Hayashi <>
2018-04-18[fuel] Parameterize tenant VLAN rangesAlexandru Avadanii7-7/+7
- IDF: convert all tenant VLANs to ranges; - IA: convert 'M-N' to 'M:N' for `opnfv_net_tenant_vlan`; Change-Id: Ic9211235281c81ba082d10806651c35116ba4c35 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-04-12JOID PDF-IDF support for intel-pod18agardner14-53/+96
More info in gerrit comments. Remove joid from all other idfs other than intel/pod18 add installer: ['apex', 'compass4nfv', 'daisy', 'fuel'] where missing Change-Id: I2afc415599070e210736c5fc304f7cb150f05029 Signed-off-by: agardner <>
2018-04-11[IDF] arm-pod6: Adjust CPU pinning variablesGuillermo Herrero1-5/+5
For non-dpdk scenarios we define as cpu config: 0-7 for OS 8-47 for nova For dpdk scenarios we define as cpu config: 0-7 for OS 8-11 for DPDK drivers and processes 12-47 for nova Change-Id: Ia9d7cfaee76f996993b94a52e1484752157a23cd Signed-off-by: Guillermo Herrero <>
2018-03-29[IDF] zte-pod3: Remove vlan for tenant/externalAlex Yang1-2/+2
To deploy ovs_dpdk scenario by daisy. In this scenario, vlan configuration is not supported on tenant/external interface for now. Change-Id: I6e91bea92bde085079f4435fa72f20b5cef12ad3 Signed-off-by: Alex Yang <>
2018-03-23Merge "[IDF] arm-pod7: Configure hugepages and cpupinning variables for armpod7"Alexandru Avadanii1-0/+45
2018-03-22[IDF] arm-pod7: Configure hugepages and cpupinning variables for armpod7Charalampos Kominos1-0/+45
For non-dpdk scenarios we define as cpu config: 0,1 for OS 2-7 for nova For dpdk scenarios we define as cpu config: 0,1 for OS, 2,3 for DPDK drivers and processes 4-7 for nova Dpdk config is also provided for the 3 thunderx nodes which currently serve as KVM nodes. The config is similar to the config above with cores 4-47 being used for nova. JIRA: ARMBAND-364 Change-Id: I761aa8e73935b7180f4f377841cc93c9d81cf4d7 Signed-off-by: Charalampos Kominos <> Signed-off-by: Guillermo Herrero <>
2018-03-15[IDF] arm-pod5: Configure hugepages and cpupinning variables for armpod5Charalampos Kominos1-0/+26
For non-dpdk scenarios we define as cpu config: 0,1 for OS 2-7 for nova For dpdk scenarios we define as cpu config: 0,1 for OS, 2,3 for DPDK drivers and processes 4-7 for nova JIRA: ARMBAND-364 Change-Id: Icc976e8511fed221b71a348afda3cbe4e0556b1a Signed-off-by: Charalampos Kominos <>
2018-03-09[IDF] arm, lf, ericsson: Align IP ranges startAlexandru Avadanii5-1/+9
- Enea lab has infra IPs in public networks, similar to ericsson-pod1 so start assigning public IPs from .100 onwards; - since most Fuel PODs have public (and mgmt) IPs starting at .100, align this across all PODs for uniformity; - align all mgmt networks start to .10; JIRA: ARMBAND-365 Change-Id: I9df4083c9e2e4c15da5ce6a2cb24df560808161a Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-03-07[IDF, fuel] Add idf.net_config.*.ip-range supportAlexandru Avadanii1-0/+2
- labs: ericsson-pod1: Restrict management and public network IP ranges to exclude pre-existing infrastructe addresses; - fuel: Consume new ip-range network property in installer adapter; NOTE: For now, we only look at range start (and ignore end addr). JIRA: FUEL-351 Change-Id: If81d0214f896fd42dfd0855ae4cecb06335d2e00 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-03-06LF-POD4 PDF/IDFBlaisonneau David2-55/+132
PDF+IDF for LF POD4 inspired from securelab PDF and LF-pod2 XDFs. Change-Id: If7ee14efe5f279104a18d2a3281aa7b23bdf704a
2018-03-03[IDF] zte-pod1: Remove br-mgmtAlexandru Avadanii1-1/+1
All recent Fuel deploy attempts on zte-pod1 failed due to br-mgmt not being present (or up), although it is defined in IDF. Since this bridge is optional in the Fuel deployment process and mostly useful for manual debugging, let's remove it from idf.fuel. Change-Id: I130ec61427237f979f6a6212ca8c291ba203ef39 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-02-27[IDF] arm-pod6: Use 2M hugepages, 12 cores for novaAlexandru Avadanii1-4/+4
Change-Id: I03098ca3d4a90f6420cee64985c2853931a6a870 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-02-26[IDF] arm-pod6: Fix nova_cpu_pinning param exprAlexandru Avadanii1-2/+2
Constructs based on reclass interpolation (e.g. '${_param:x}') do not work when parameters are passed via templating, so change reclass interpolation syntax with classic YAML anchors. Change-Id: Ia974d45fc6a5869f4b30b31b947df088ea3aaf0c Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-02-23[fuel] IDF: Add DPDK parameters supportCristina Pauna1-1/+27
In order to enable DPDK for OVS scenarios in Armband, we need DPDK specific configuration to be parameterizable. The default DPDK configuration values will remain in Fuel repo and will be overriden with the values defined in IDF (only if present). Since hugepage config and CPU pinning also apply to non-DPDK scenarios, handle them together for 'common', respectively 'dpdk'. To keep things simple, we will reuse the format expected by Fuel's reclass model, so we can pass the whole config block as-is. - IDF schema: fuel: Add strict checking of new block's structure, while allowing the rvalues to be more or less freestyle; - arm-pod6 IDF: Add initial config block implementation; JIRA: ARMBAND-342 Change-Id: I9224f06bb6b9fb2387414eb2a1be35461c27fb99 Signed-off-by: Cristina Pauna <>
2018-02-15Merge "[PDF/IDF] LF-POD4"Trevor Bramwell2-0/+235