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2015-06-03Fix formmatting of links and auto replacement stringsarno.2015.2.0arno.2015.1.0stable/arnoIldiko Vancsa1-4/+4
Change-Id: I796875410adee86a832323659a3e4e43f91757bc Signed-off-by: Ildiko Vancsa <>
2015-06-03Minor editsTrevor Cooper1-11/+13
Change-Id: I28e47d5db1abf73789e7a3a124f069187cbdb966 Signed-off-by: Trevor Cooper <>
2015-06-03Amended the text, included the JH instructions inline, updated references.ChristopherPrice1-54/+71
JIRA: BGS-48 Change-Id: I3d239c8d04bbf8f75d110f219678b68dab1ae3b5 Signed-off-by: ChristopherPrice <>
2015-06-03Clean up and minor editsTrevor Cooper1-12/+8
Change-Id: I585f561fb281d906acecf881ae5040b22e6ed237 Signed-off-by: Trevor Cooper <>
2015-06-03Added link to infrastrcuture naming conventions Wiki page and other minor editsTrevor Cooper1-14/+11
Change-Id: I4c4335e615b4adceffd929b9330acb7fbe8346d8 Signed-off-by: Trevor Cooper <>
2015-06-03Moving the spec.rst file to pharos-spec.rst in order that it is identifyable ↵ChristopherPrice1-0/+0
as a release artifact. JIRA: BGS-48 Change-Id: I333b742a8243b6e00dfb85a40e14418f3bb45adf Signed-off-by: ChristopherPrice <>
2015-06-03Updated sections, fixed issues, and added a linkMichael Wynne2-20/+101
In spec.rst changed bullet items/wording in Constraints section, changed Jump Server section and added link to new wiki page that will scrape the artifact generated from the newly added jumpserver_install.rst (resubmitting with removed whitespace) Change-Id: I07b5a49999bf7e24fc160f22b63e467711444882 Signed-off-by: Michael Wynne <>
2015-05-29Merge "Move lab_update_guide under git in .rst format"Trevor Cooper1-0/+72
2015-05-29Added names of people who have admin access to Linux Foundation labTrevor Cooper1-2/+19
JIRA:0000 Change-Id: I1f7326f7e4b5ec2915f8bcaad33b1ed17935a32b Signed-off-by: Trevor Cooper <>
2015-05-29Merge "Fix tables in lab_details_template.rst"Trevor Cooper1-0/+3
2015-05-29Merge "Lab documentation for Spirent"Trevor Cooper2-0/+41
2015-05-20Added Dell Testlab documentation along with diagramsNauman Ahad4-0/+356
The commit is a first version of the Dell OPNFV testlab document which is made while trying to be consistent with the pharos labtemplate. 3 figures are also included. JIRA: PHAROS-14 Change-Id: Id428f36dfb697a6f6e40d0b6c877b792b53be352 Signed-off-by: Nauman Ahad <>
2015-05-15Merge "Fixed improper hyperlinks and renamed the main project file"Trevor Cooper2-103/+104
2015-05-11Lab documentation for SpirentVictor Laza2-0/+41
JIRA: PHAROS-12 - Lab documentation for Spirent Change-Id: I9ea9d02dd502fe70859dafd4edb866d6386a7b56 Signed-off-by: Victor Laza <>
2015-05-11Fix tables in lab_details_template.rstVictor Laza1-0/+3
JIRA: PHAROS-15 - Fix tables in lab_details_template.rst Change-Id: I8f9463bfe945b61cd5864dba2ecc057f9a39462b Signed-off-by: Victor Laza <>
2015-05-11Merge "Adding pharos project spec.rst in docs/"Morgan Richomme6-0/+217
2015-05-07Adding pharos project spec.rst in docs/Victor Laza6-0/+217
JIRA: PHAROS-8 - Adding pharos spec.rst ar request of Trevor including images; all sourced from Change-Id: I754c0d34d851bc080113fdb125089bfed9d13760 Signed-off-by: Victor Laza <>
2015-05-05Move lab_update_guide under git in .rst formatVictor Laza1-0/+72
JIRA: PHAROS-13 - Move lab_update_guide under git in .rst format Change-Id: I5a9e32f05535403cc0e724067f06b360941e04a8 Signed-off-by: Victor Laza <>
2015-05-05Add template for lab details in pharos projectVictor Laza1-0/+68
JIRA: PHAROS-11 - Add template for lab details in docs/labs/templates/lab_details_template.rst Change-Id: I95e3414e0a48fcf0f702271286000506ffa92238 Signed-off-by: Victor Laza <>
2015-05-05Fixed improper hyperlinks and renamed the main project fileVictor Laza2-103/+104
JIRA: PHAROS-10 Fixed improper hyperlinks and renamed the main project file from docs/main.rst into docs/pharos.rst Change-Id: I5ab8cd20289c9a3c152b26b643fe539b219ac74e Signed-off-by: Victor Laza <>
2015-04-09JIRA: DOCU-2 - Added docs/main.rst sourced from Laza2-0/+103
main.rst has been transformed into .rst using & standardized the location and naming of documentattion Change-Id: I436567409f3ef4ee8b0b1cc058140b305893c809 Signed-off-by: Victor Laza <>