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2019-01-18Merge "Fix ConfigBundle not being set in quick deploy"Parker Berberian1-0/+1
2019-01-18Merge "Make landing page less sparse"Parker Berberian3-18/+60
2019-01-18Make landing page less sparseSawyer Bergeron3-18/+60
Change-Id: If661574fd0c62e208651507ccff844cf6f14e914 Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2019-01-18OverHaul the Snapshot WorkflowParker Berberian10-31/+247
Makes the Snapshot workflow much prettier and more functional. Change-Id: Icdd66f64e6d336ad49ed3cf638a301d0ca92fda9 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-18Merge "Style Account pages"Parker Berberian6-111/+95
2019-01-18Style Account pagesParker Berberian6-111/+95
Adds some prettiness to the account pages that list bookings, etc Change-Id: I90508cfafba00380d67965a038dc54d1fac43f60 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-18Fix ConfigBundle not being set in quick deploySawyer Bergeron1-0/+1
booking.config_bundle was not getting set in quick deploy, making the booking detail page inaccurate Change-Id: If62518030cc5d1726cbc03efa745c38a99465881 Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2019-01-18Allow for Hosts to be Re-ImagedParker Berberian5-50/+175
This change adds a button the user can press on thier booking detail page to reset thier host. They can choose to deploy any available image to thier servers (not just the one already used) Change-Id: I97a9869d2b38389c54f13173bb28a68cc52bb8d5 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-18Merge "Styled the Booking Statistics page"Parker Berberian1-2/+4
2019-01-18Merge "Add Quick-Booking Workflow"Parker Berberian15-96/+744
2019-01-18Add Quick-Booking WorkflowSawyer Bergeron15-96/+744
Users can now quickly provision a single-host pod without having to configure unecessary networking. This is intended to be analogous to the workflow used during LaaS 1.0, and to speed up the process of creating a booking for users who do not need more than a single host (for virtual deployments) Change-Id: Ia19cea9a42bbb1df57aad05af8f8ea821395664d Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2019-01-18Merge "Fix Multiple Select Filter Widget"Parker Berberian1-0/+1
2019-01-16Styled the Booking Statistics pageParker Berberian1-2/+4
Added some pretty CSS Change-Id: I8330f8de34ab22197bedad802b3696526c009ba4 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-16Merge "Landing page now links to LaaS 2.0 wiki entry"Parker Berberian1-2/+2
2019-01-16Fix Multiple Select Filter WidgetParker Berberian1-0/+1
Fixed a bug in the widget that allowed multiple objects to be selected when only one was allowed. Change-Id: I623a041fa82a2f7ee178df782d21d100617eac3b Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-04Fix API serializationParker Berberian1-1/+4
Under special circumstances, the 'context' field may be empty and serialization will fail, but that field is optional so we will ignore errors. Change-Id: I2e1e47a2f7d507e45b171f80aa241c8026cfc1a5 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-04Landing page now links to LaaS 2.0 wiki entrySawyer Bergeron1-2/+2
Change-Id: I01dd7f671a21c9b9f06dede341d6ddf410f0e776 Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2019-01-04Merge "Fixed Query for free hosts"Parker Berberian1-2/+6
2019-01-04Fix landing page directions for not-logged-in usersSawyer Bergeron1-3/+7
Users will see a more informative landing page that directs them to log in if they have not yet done so, rather than displaying actions they can not yet take and having a required login get triggered later Change-Id: I9812367930665614933551f780f4c6726ff3049c Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2019-01-04Fixed Query for free hostsParker Berberian1-2/+6
Change-Id: I05213a3521c5ffa6b311c9e11e9d593dd2098ebe Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-03Merge "Changed Button style class to btn-primary"Parker Berberian9-23/+21
2019-01-03Changed Button style class to btn-primaryParker Berberian9-23/+21
btn-primary has a handful of advantages over btn-default, including consistency across browsers and correctly styling non-button html tags p.s. vim is best Change-Id: I6e55a75a9fd48d64496fd83f43a7856af0c04cc0 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-03Alert users that ssh key is requiredSawyer Bergeron1-0/+5
Any users that have not uploaded an ssh key will see a message on the landing page that they need to upload one. Message is not seen by people who have already uploaded a key Change-Id: I01667e161521d801090173d47815abbeff094907 Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2019-01-03Merge "Improve cleanup of hosts after booking"Parker Berberian1-6/+5
2019-01-03Merge "Removes log button in deployment"Parker Berberian1-0/+4
2019-01-03Merge "Requires a Jumphost per POD"Parker Berberian1-0/+7
2019-01-03Merge "Cleaning up look and feel"Parker Berberian2-24/+109
2019-01-03Cleaning up look and feelSawyer Bergeron2-24/+109
Network step is now much prettier Change-Id: I72487e3a5f30e4c0339734674c53d4661f9c0104 Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2019-01-03Disable Edit ButtonsSawyer Bergeron4-4/+6
Edit buttons are currently not functional due to major changes in how the workflow works, so this commit disables them for the time being to avoid confusion Change-Id: I62dddbc25267e9da55c503b48fed4f05cea97c22 Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2019-01-03Merge "Implement Segmented Workflows"Parker Berberian13-275/+238
2019-01-03Requires a Jumphost per PODParker Berberian1-0/+7
It was assumed but never enforced that each pod configuration elects at least one host as the "jumphost". This commit makes that a requirement when creating a configuration. Change-Id: If55f1aa231b3cba8713f325f158796d85466b02a Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-03Implement Segmented WorkflowsSawyer Bergeron13-275/+238
A major source of bugs has been how we've approached inlining workflows. We no longer inline them as of this commit, and instead use a stack structure. This commits the result of workflows to the database before other workflows try to read them, so we don't have to maintain a code path for when something is or isn't committed to db. This patchset allows for workflows to pass limited information to preset selections Change-Id: I3d040c7f3024c7420017ae4ec66a23219303dcb6 Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2019-01-02Removes log button in deploymentParker Berberian1-0/+4
We had a button that would barf up XML logs for development but forgot to disable it for the live dashboard Change-Id: I1061ba967f077a103a7e1ae61d60d81cd9e4c443 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-02Quick fix for dictionary accessParker Berberian1-1/+1
the line .labs needed to be changed to ['labs'] Change-Id: I6d2aa2eca0413186ddf482aba7f01e4e53c0265b Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-02Added missing migration fileParker Berberian1-0/+18
Change-Id: I7582360e3e5522cf06798200f80e5585864e945e Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-02Improve cleanup of hosts after bookingParker Berberian1-6/+5
Previously, the database query was not reliably detecting hosts which were to be released and made available for new bookings. This should now take all bookings that are over and have been cleaned by the lab, and make the hosts available for reuse. Change-Id: I040c2e02ac48d7bfde3fc1cf6bac4e59a48c8933 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2019-01-02Merge "Abstract Out Inline CSS for Account Views"Parker Berberian7-18/+36
2019-01-02Merge "Removed"Parker Berberian1-3/+3
2019-01-02Merge "Fixes creation of ssh access job"Parker Berberian1-3/+3
2019-01-02Merge "Renders Pod Destriptor File earlier"Parker Berberian4-1/+26
2019-01-02Renders Pod Destriptor File earlierParker Berberian4-1/+26
Currently, the PDF is rendered 'on-demand' every time you visit the booking detail page. This change renders the pdf once and saves it in the booking model. Advantages: - saves computation of re-rendering pdf constantly - fixes issue where pdf fails to render after booking expires Change-Id: I58d20fadce088d78ebd22f1d6f67cab371823542 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2018-12-21Removed Berberian1-3/+3
Some versions of some browsers dont play nice with a and document.write(), So I am manipulating the DOM manually instead of writing the response itself. Change-Id: Ib852be55dfcb4e360a5cfd89e5e3e2b845d6322a Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2018-12-21Fixes creation of ssh access jobParker Berberian1-3/+3
Minor changes that allows the ssh job to be created. Django model creation can become very complex when you go beyond the model.object.create() method, and this just fixes the order of operations. Change-Id: I811f26149365067bdd15f2466f8ba9211c3ef901 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2018-12-19Merge "Force Lab Selection on POD Creation"Parker Berberian1-3/+6
2018-12-14Abstract Out Inline CSS for Account ViewsSawyer Bergeron7-18/+36
Change-Id: I2da02fa7865b618c583d15cca9ef256c62f19286 Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2018-12-14Force Lab Selection on POD CreationParker Berberian1-3/+6
Currently, a user can leave the "Define Hardware" step without choosing which lab thier pod should be at. This causes errors later in the pod creation process. This commit forces one lab to be selected before they can leave the first step. Change-Id: I7315bc8781ebeb66bcd32fdba30535100b59a3ff Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2018-12-14Checks Sub Project LeadsParker Berberian1-8/+77
Fatih Pointed out to me the existence of ptl's of sub projects, which show up differently in the INFO.yaml files. This commit also adds support for and links. I don't remember why we were only accepting github links, but that seems strange. Change-Id: Ica64c4ee7d5c0ce4fa6bfbcbabb1c4ca7cf06018 Signed-off-by: Parker Berberian <>
2018-12-05Merge "Add Nav Button Disabling Behavior"Parker Berberian1-0/+27
2018-12-04Add Nav Button Disabling BehaviorSawyer Bergeron1-0/+27
Change-Id: I81bb064d83e1dc6df8658cd4cfa2a400c7e723ca Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
2018-12-03Merge "Removed Vanilla Form Submission"Parker Berberian4-12/+36