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diff --git a/nfvbench/traffic_client.py b/nfvbench/traffic_client.py
index 13ebfb7..58ae345 100755
--- a/nfvbench/traffic_client.py
+++ b/nfvbench/traffic_client.py
@@ -391,10 +391,11 @@ class GeneratorConfig(object):
port_index: the port for which dest macs must be set
dest_macs: a list of dest MACs indexed by chain id
- if len(dest_macs) != self.config.service_chain_count:
+ if len(dest_macs) < self.config.service_chain_count:
raise TrafficClientException('Dest MAC list %s must have %d entries' %
(dest_macs, self.config.service_chain_count))
- self.devices[port_index].set_dest_macs(dest_macs)
+ # only pass the first scc dest MACs
+ self.devices[port_index].set_dest_macs(dest_macs[:self.config.service_chain_count])
LOG.info('Port %d: dst MAC %s', port_index, [str(mac) for mac in dest_macs])
def set_vtep_dest_macs(self, port_index, dest_macs):