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NFVBENCH-153 Add support for python34.0.0
JIRA: NFVBENCH-153 Done using 2to3-3.6 with additional changes to fix data parsing and testing (tox) Signed-off-by: Michael S. Pedersen <michael.soelvkaer@gmail.com> Change-Id: I242902f800da543d780507828c9bd1fbf409da6d
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@@ -310,7 +310,7 @@ cores:
# https://trex-tgn.cisco.com/trex/doc/trex_stateless.html#_tutorial_field_engine_significantly_improve_performance
# If cache_size = 0 (or empty): no cache will be used by TRex (default)
# If cache_size < 0: cache_size will be set to flow count value
+cache_size: 0
# The cache size is actually limited by the number of 64B mbufs configured in the trex platform configuration (see Trex manual 6.2.2. Memory section configuration)
# Trex will use 1 x 64B mbuf per pre-built cached packet, assuming 1 pre-built cached packet per flow, it means for very large number of flows, the number of configured mbuf_64 will need to be set accordingly.