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2018-06-28Update release notes for Fraser 6.2opnfv-6.2.0stable/fraserOnong Tayeng1-3/+3
Change-Id: I5905ac0e35dc025f665ce33263b92242097ee5f1 Signed-off-by: Onong Tayeng <> (cherry picked from commit 406d71e14b99b92db10bf6dc7137970baf6324cf)
2018-05-28release notes and scenario doc updates for Fraser 6.1.0Onong Tayeng5-148/+90
Change-Id: Idbd25b91c4cb27aa36e7efa4ce011f7045fc0fca Signed-off-by: Onong Tayeng <> (cherry picked from commit 7a27dece748d84f7f665bd7b66e3e3567ee735c3)
2017-12-14Doc update for Euphrates 5.1opnfv-6.1.0Onong Tayeng1-3/+3
Change-Id: I59bae774ef06e970eb2baf2910bdda8572c99d50 Signed-off-by: Onong Tayeng <>
2017-10-19Merge "Added vim installation to post apex script"Juraj Linkeš1-3/+9
2017-10-19Euphrates documenation updatesjuraj.linkes1-22/+26
Removed revisions since they're not needed. Also added dvr scenario. Change-Id: I982d557a243c02a0847187312733728b3d82f1dc Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-10-18Final documenatation updates for Euphratesjuraj.linkes4-369/+132
Updates release notes as well as nosdn scenarios description. Change-Id: Ie061f8b371a94df0baca2655c960a5fda133266b Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-10-17Added vim installation to post apex scriptjuraj.linkes1-3/+9
Change-Id: I96fb1d7f9f7fd58c89be53a1a34ba94a857b7e30 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-10-13Added a license metadata line to specify Apache-2.0rpaik1-0/+1
Change-Id: I4cdc07163d634c1138e3630a83795c329a365450 Signed-off-by: rpaik <>
2017-10-13Remove draft docs for dvr_ha scenarioFrank7-310/+0
The DVR scenario with HA will not be released in Euphrates 5.0 - and the current documentation isn't up to date. Removing the docs for now to avoid any confusion. Change-Id: I1f0bd9d29073f96ddfc7b115bd0641d05b502761 Signed-off-by: Frank <>
2017-10-13Updated grep regexs for 1710 honeycomb ip and portjuraj.linkes1-2/+2
Change-Id: I4f1247e9a946e5c11268b3bfac88ec9487fc8782 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-10-13Merge "Split odl restart into start and stop"Juraj Linkeš1-2/+4
2017-10-13Fds testcase fixes for v3 credsjuraj.linkes2-3/+4
V3 creds changed and no longer feature project id, which needed to be changed to project name along with project domain name. Also updated the path to images which changed with the introduction of Alpine containers. Change-Id: I75916a6632514de9206b824a0957eb0491f7b96a Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-10-12Split odl restart into start and stopjuraj.linkes1-2/+4
Change-Id: Ic75eeb2444e1b5744dbad590ec63d3467ee945c4 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-10-03FDS DVR doc - Added east-west traffic diagramLorand Jakab3-0/+2
Change-Id: I107c712a010db22e0afc793de8ea849b638ae219 Signed-off-by: Lorand Jakab <>
2017-10-02FDS DVR doc - Updated flow diagram for LISPLorand Jakab2-2/+0
Change-Id: I2e792f1695327ab59af8f7afa0ffcfb8caecd5e4 Signed-off-by: Lorand Jakab <>
2017-10-02FDS DVR doc - Updated components diagramFrank5-12/+13
Change-Id: I90f50f2781f3ca70ae6204883f330328303d3a03 Signed-off-by: Frank <>
2017-09-29LISP specific DVR documentationLorand Jakab1-12/+63
Change-Id: I4d8807f104c4aab923a68d0ae401bf580b663159 Signed-off-by: Lorand Jakab <>
2017-09-29Merge "DVR documentation updates"Juraj Linkeš4-84/+114
2017-09-25Quick fix in resource cleanup for vpp-execjuraj.linkes1-1/+1
Change-Id: Iddef4e7411ce55f2612821b221751b6031b42ac6 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-09-21Updated functest sim scriptjuraj.linkes1-3/+14
Change-Id: Iacfb7b801c75cb85fafff2ff3082266220f17525 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-09-20DVR documentation updatesjuraj.linkes4-84/+114
Added detailed description Updated picture describing basic scenario Updated deployment instructions Change-Id: Ie89ebc9b489a1317c6d1f4d2f78a5fc38f776e39 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-09-13Merge "Updated resource cleanup and post apex for 1710"Juraj Linkeš2-11/+39
2017-09-12Updated resource cleanup and post apex for 1710juraj.linkes2-11/+39
Change-Id: Idb9b1d101acdc54425fb1daf4442e466ceef3f0e Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-08-25Merge "Documetation for odl-fdio-dvr scenarios"Frank Brockners14-0/+620
2017-08-25Documetation for odl-fdio-dvr scenariosjuraj.linkes14-0/+620
Change-Id: I209c2250ebb96c595ccf881877d3fe662cfe6dd1 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-08-24Update of existing scenarios documentationjuraj.linkes34-652/+28
We're not releasing l2 scenarios and l3 scenarios have been renamed. Change-Id: Ia6862ab937bf52beb534c46e95747d57be335a25 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-07-31Minor script fixes/improvementsjuraj.linkes2-6/+4
Change-Id: I9e8da01ff2d6a94bb1fb0f64dc660ec0a49f63b6 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-07-13Updated release notes for Danube 3.0juraj.linkes1-17/+61
Change-Id: Ifd4219edcb10bd367b500e7316418e1b1461b887 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-06-27Updated robot scripts for v3 credentialsjuraj.linkes3-24/+39
The fds security group robot script is now compatible with both v2 and v3 credentials. Also introduced other minor fixes. Change-Id: I987a3963fea425fcc31afe4681575ca985f162bb Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-06-27Increased odl restart timeout to 120juraj.linkes1-3/+3
Change-Id: I2cc7154684fadc141412eb575b5f104ba19235e9 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-06-15Post apex updatesjuraj.linkes1-27/+31
Removed setting nova and neutron debugs. Added sourcing of overcloudrc. Also minor refactor. Change-Id: Ifb835fa81a19d98bda4a2c6f955abda3699946d3 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-06-07FDS release notes for D3.0juraj.linkes1-1/+75
Change-Id: Iad253687f534b09799ae21ab58e3f302d5f14e75 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-06-05Added script for odl installationjuraj.linkes6-16/+117
Also refactored part of code Change-Id: I4e479d538b03d17c7b460d04ef0bdbd980d39787 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-06-02Added script for resource cleanupjuraj.linkes7-66/+446
This script can be either run from jumphost or overcloud nodes. If run from jumphost, it will clean all resources on all nodes as well as openstack resources. If run from an overcloud node, it will clean resources on that node. The script supports whitelisting and exclusion of resources to be cleaned. Change-Id: I46c937dc31a1ed4b9be1d641183c9cc3b42bbb2d Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-05-03Merge "Reworked helper scripts and fixed typos"Juraj Linkeš7-11/+83
2017-05-03Reworked helper scripts and fixed typosjuraj.linkes7-11/+83
Added scripts for odl handling Change-Id: Idf715e1c8357a52ef1cd93f58b87c0b92211f85b Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-05-03Minor documentation fix for ODL_l3 docsFrank Brockners1-1/+1
Change-Id: I21c84e20877c494523fd348be5eed23f409440c3 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2017-05-02Fixes for ODL_l3 HA scenario docsFrank Brockners1-4/+4
Change-Id: I68b48cea500e0547ca19e3ba46126da8fd69d00f Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2017-05-02FDS release notes for D2.0Frank Brockners1-9/+118
Change-Id: I1d63427ac32b69816540cebc4907e44b39da5742 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2017-05-02Documentation for odl_l3-fdio-ha scenarioFrank Brockners9-0/+300
Change-Id: I21468f8e64e1558640ba216e728e7e230b803f08 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2017-03-30Release notes for FDS for D1.0Frank Brockners2-0/+211
Change-Id: Ie8dbe26835965765fa65eb585c895c357b56c71b Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
2017-03-28Merge "Add Scenario Documentation Labels"Juraj Linkeš5-0/+10
2017-03-17Fixed flavor and image configuration in post_apex.shjuraj.linkes1-4/+6
Now also removes hostname from known_hosts Change-Id: Ie8446637dc8fb61a5930c8397bbd42d9a4d3805f Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-03-16Add Scenario Documentation LabelsShubhamRathi5-0/+10
Change-Id: Icff2c400c054d960c3c4ec32bc2c69c561c5bf1d Signed-off-by: ShubhamRathi <>
2017-03-14Merge "Check for a flavor with hugepages"Juraj Linkeš5-18/+29
2017-03-14Check for a flavor with hugepagesTomas Cechvala5-18/+29
Flavor is not checked by name but by huge_pages extra option. It is created when no flavor has huge_pages setting. Change-Id: I1266a6e58047c24456b12f16fc3061082916558c Signed-off-by: Tomas Cechvala <> Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-03-13Merge "Fixed typos and updated functest sim for Newton deployments"Juraj Linkeš2-4/+4
2017-03-13Fixed typos and updated functest sim for Newton deploymentsjuraj.linkes2-4/+4
Change-Id: I278f1327445793c5cf843e36c074c46c7b8fe89b Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>
2017-03-13Merge "Added draft of post apex deployment script"Juraj Linkeš2-0/+97
2017-03-13Added draft of post apex deployment scriptjuraj.linkes2-0/+97
Change-Id: Ib4c4fdfbc9f24f4d6112c110a5fe12be61c40842 Signed-off-by: juraj.linkes <>