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- Openstack (in non-HA configuration)
- virtual forwarder for tenant networking
-Scenario Overview
+NFV and virtualized high performance applications, such as video processing,
+require a "fast data stack" solution that provides both carrier grade
+forwarding performance, scalability and open extensibility.
+A key component of any NFV solution is the virtual forwarder, which needs to be
+a feature rich, high performance, highly scale virtual switch-router. It needs
+to leverage hardware accelerators when available and run in user space. In
+addition, it should be modular and easily extensible. The Vector Packet
+Processor (VPP) supplied by the project meets these needs, in that
+it offers a highly scalable, high performance and easily extensible
+software forwarder that entirely runs in user space.
The "Openstack -" scenario provides the capability to realize a set
of use-cases relevant to the deployment of NFV nodes instantiated by means of
@@ -106,5 +115,17 @@ File "deploy_settings.yaml" choose opendaylight as controller with version
vpn: false
vpp: true
-Notes and known issues
+Limitations, Issues and Workarounds
+There are no known issues.
+ * FastDataStacks OPNFV project wiki:
+ * Fast Data (
+ * Vector Packet Processor (VPP):
+ * ML2 VPP mechanisms driver:
+ * OPNFV Colorado release - more information: