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Updated scenario documentationcolorado.1.0
Updated scenario documentation for os-odl_l2-fdio-noha to reflect the required APEX installer configuration settings (i.e. number of hugepages etc.). Change-Id: I08ece03f3bc4e738eb77eef3f8e39eed0bb88405 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <> (cherry picked from commit a840f8c6d0647238b30dea8a504eee6bdba64946)
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diff --git a/docs/scenarios/os-odl_l2-fdio-noha/scenario.description.rst b/docs/scenarios/os-odl_l2-fdio-noha/scenario.description.rst
index 2bbbe4d..076e37c 100755
--- a/docs/scenarios/os-odl_l2-fdio-noha/scenario.description.rst
+++ b/docs/scenarios/os-odl_l2-fdio-noha/scenario.description.rst
@@ -231,7 +231,10 @@ settings in the APEX configuration files. Those are typically found in
File "deploy_settings.yaml" choose opendaylight as controller with version
-"boron" and enable vpp as forwarder::
+"boron" and enable vpp as forwarder. "hugepages" need to set to a
+sufficiently large value for VPP to work. The default value for VPP is
+1024, but this only allows for a few VMs to be started. If feasible,
+choose a significantly larger number on the compute nodes::
ha_enabled: false
@@ -240,11 +243,28 @@ File "deploy_settings.yaml" choose opendaylight as controller with version
sdn_controller: opendaylight
sdn_l3: false
odl_version: boron
- tacker: false
- congress: false
+ tacker: true
+ congress: true
sfc: false
vpn: false
vpp: true
+ dataplane: fdio
+ performance:
+ Controller:
+ kernel:
+ hugepages: 1024
+ hugepagesz: 2M
+ intel_iommu: 'on'
+ iommu: pt
+ Compute:
+ nova:
+ libvirtpin: 1
+ kernel:
+ hugepagesz: 2M
+ hugepages: 2048
+ intel_iommu: 'on'
+ iommu: pt
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