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2017-09-28Modify the network and DHA fileswutianwei14-86/+666
Due to pod2 virtual3 and virtual4 run danube before, we need to change the network and DHA to run euphrates Change-Id: I720138cb960cc6f3a57bf5f777c0debb80f64eba Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com> (cherry picked from commit f70d3aa8ffe7878e86b8f12c91c99018924a74b3)
2017-09-15Merge "Run k8s in CI"Justin chi1-0/+42
2017-09-14Run k8s in CIwutianwei1-0/+42
Add k8s DHA file k8s-nosdn-nofeature-ha.yml when run k8s-nosdn-nofeature-ha scenario, export two variables COMPASS_OS_VERSION=centos7 KUBERNETES_VERSION="v1.7.3" Change-Id: I9012598e6d46b20f325e93aba92f03da444d97a2 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2017-09-14Enable DPDK scenarios in Jenkinschigang2-0/+264
Add network configuration files and scenario files to fix running error in Jenkins https://build.opnfv.org/ci/job/compass-deploy-baremetal-daily-master/2888/console Change-Id: Ie0e930e143d520c553eac41e56cf4b2504374e30 Signed-off-by: chigang <chigang@huawei.com>
2017-09-13Add dpdk pluginchigang2-0/+6
JIRA: COMPASS-550 add OVS-DPDK plugin, there are two roles in this plugin. 1. ins_dpdk is for dpdk installation and hugepages setting. 2. ins_ovs is for openvswitch installation. add dpdk scenario networking configuration example called "network_cfg_dpdk.yaml" Change-Id: Ifd8c1aadc218753f99bc26bb530e7cf9962ad8e3 Signed-off-by: chigang <chigang@huawei.com>
2017-09-01Support multiple physnet mappingHarry Huang5-10/+50
JIRA: COMPASS-559 1. support multiple mapping in provider_net_mappings of network.yml and create corresponding ovs bridges 2. support seperate config in sys_intf_mappings of network.yml 3. remove linux bridges in compute nodes for ovs port binding convenience 4. support openstack vlan tenant network 5. modify odl and odl_sfc roles to use configurable provider mapping 6. remove some hard coding Change-Id: Ib57484ce60d029f89c647fd5baf2c7af37c85d0b Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-08-18support the noha scenariowutianwei15-0/+1061
1. add parameter to install keepalived when only one controller 2. change the osa code to start keepalived and haproxy 3. add the noha DHA files 4. fix the setup ovs bug 5. fix the pod1 public vip Change-Id: I19f4e78b9ca834ae3d454e1c8058728ece055f69 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2017-08-14Modify moon networkHarry Huang3-3/+3
1. modify interface file for moon according to new network structure 2. modify some ips for pods running master Change-Id: Idfca20c8e101222d27847fcac4f12ba21a1b5a67 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-08-11Adapt network.yml to OpenStack AnsibleHarry Huang3-27/+81
JIRA:COMPASS-557 1. modify sys_intf_mappings and ip_settings in network.yml to synchronize with OSA network. networks compass build will be mgmt, external, tenant, storage. 2. modify compass_conf to support new netwok.yml 3. fix some hard coding when transfer ip parameters 4. support heterogeneous network Change-Id: Ib4a8af1f96a40e6456242e3dc2b456e0c8c17c2e Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-07-29Correct the DHA name of SFC scenarioYifei Xue1-0/+0
The DHA name of SFC scenario in compass4nfv repo is " os-odl_l3-sfc-ha.yml". However, the scenario name on CI master is "os-odl-sfc-ha.yml". So CI failed when read DHA file. THis patch is proposed to fix this problem. Change-Id: Icb8db6c6c023a794bdd803d0365d719a853dc712 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-07-28Add ODL SFC supportYifei Xue1-0/+50
Add SFC support for Ocata and Carbon. 1. Add ovs-nsh package for sfc scenario 2. Add sfc configuration and tasks 3. Add sfc DHA files Change-Id: Icf8f20220a2c5ac38a5b92d3ca0e24cbb0e89a52 Signed-off-by: Yifei Xue <xueyifei@huawei.com>
2017-07-28Add moonv4 into Compass4nfvchigang1-3/+2
JIRA:- To deploy moon master, export MOON_CFG env like below compass deploy: export MOON_CFG="master:flag=Disable,slave:flag=Enable,slave:name=slave1,slave:master_ip=master_ip" To deploy moon slave, export MOON_CFG env like below compass deploy: export MOON_CFG="master:flag=Enable,slave:flag=Disable,slave:name=slave1,slave:master_ip=master_ip" Change-Id: I21c0186a029c508d390c69112b43510d9c5b9c5c Signed-off-by: chigang <chigang@huawei.com>
2017-07-21Functest needs huawei virtual5 to test alpinewutianwei4-0/+405
They want to use jenkins to trigger the build. So it need to add the huawei-virtual5 network*.yml Change-Id: Icb8d5d8f574fbbc4674ab1c61a0e3c0c3325f2d4 Signed-off-by: wutianwei <wutianwei1@huawei.com>
2017-07-19Add real time kvm feature from kvmfornfv projectdavidjchou1-0/+45
JIRA: COMPASS-549 1. Add rt_kvm plugin and os-nosdn-kvm-ha scenario in vm_enviroment 2. Add rt_kvm in compass4nfv playbook 3. Disable kernel update in KVM scenarios Signed-off-by: davidjchou <david.j.chou@intel.com> Change-Id: Ie164fe7ea28ebcb1e41299e92dc51b8ec16310eb Signed-off-by: chigang <chigang@huawei.com>
2017-07-10Add opendaylight switchHarry Huang3-0/+7
Add key plugins in DHA file and declare opendaylight as a plugin in odl scenario. Change-Id: Iefc07b691d5052a9980d8c87f23a9f82be61ed6e Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-06-20fix baremetal deployhuangxiangyu2-20/+20
1. delete package part when external network is not ready 2. modify some vm_environment ip to adapt with containerized compass4nfv code Change-Id: I9d777675e7ca9d6f9b12a885df8677b2446e6917 Signed-off-by: huangxiangyu <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-06-09support Containerized compass-corehuangxiangyu3-18/+118
JIRA: COMPASS-534 1. rm compass vm and add ansible to bring up 5 compass containers 2. use tar package instead of compass.iso which contains compass docker images, OS ISO, PPA, pip packages. 3. modify client.py to communicate with containerized compass-core 4. modify cobbler files and ansible callback files to adapt with containerized compass-core 5. upgrade openstack version to ocata 6. use the openstack-ansible to deploy openstack 7. virtual deploy external use nat Change-Id: Ifa2a3f5b8c7c32224ac4276fd3d4cc2b0d270a26 Signed-off-by: huangxiangyu <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-03-17update opera related filesHarry Huang6-72/+31
1. update opera_adapter.py to sync new opera config 2. modify all os-nosdn-openo-ha.yml, add open-o version and vnf type 3. modify all network_openo.yml, using only one external ip and assign open-o docker ips Change-Id: Iadcba8cc2fc17ddf32dfea9fe52c471a6bfadde8 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-03-10Add network_openo.yml in all virtual podsHarry Huang5-0/+456
add network_openo.yml to adapt with open-o scenario in: 1. huawei-virtual1 2. huawei-virtual2 3. huawei-virtual3 4. huawei-virtual4 5. huawei-virtual7 Change-Id: I96046470ddb05f8f613489db35f4a6b623a5cf4c Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-03-06add open-o scenarioHarry Huang1-0/+1
add os-nosdn-openo-ha.yml and network_openo.yml in: 1. huawei-pod1 2. huawei-pod2 3. intel-pod8 Change-Id: I89ad426c1e3006bf2ef218cd9b55d97e53aa8721 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-02-27Add License header for files without itchigang22-0/+198
JIRA: - use the first author's company for license holder use the latest year for license year add license for yml,c,cpp,shell,python,java. don't add license for template files such as config and j2 patch for auto add license: https://github.com/Justin-chi/Lab/blob/master/add_license.sh delete the files with the Eclipse License Change-Id: I4f17da4ebb36a074c0b6722a2a4154e6c235d4bb Signed-off-by: chigang <chigang@huawei.com>
2017-02-04Add opera supportHarry Huang2-0/+141
JIRA: COMPASS-504 JIRA: OPERA-1 Function: support open-o deployment by calling opera project. open-o deployment will start at the end of normal compass4nfv deployment. Changes: 1. add scenario and network yaml for opera 2. add opera_adapter.py for calling opera Attention: The git URL for opera will change after opera patch OPERA-2 is meraged. This patch should be modifed before meraged. Change-Id: Id0afcece920c4107bb23f42b460c46eec3ca97e6 Signed-off-by: Harry Huang <huangxiangyu5@huawei.com>
2017-01-05Yamllint testliyuenan20-108/+129
JIRA: COMPASS-516 Change-Id: I482ce9bc86f4f963258c5b8823e0b00e83556eef Signed-off-by: liyuenan <liyuenan@huawei.com>
2016-09-18Add a expansion functionalityliyuenan1-0/+7
Through modify the virtual_cluster_expansion.yml, include host's name and mac, you can decide to how many compute nodes you need to add. And you also need to modify network.yml. Note that external subnet's ip_range should be changed as the first 6 IPs are already taken by the first deployment. Edit ``add.sh``, check the environment variable. Note that the OS version and OpenStack version should be same as the first deployment. Run ``add.sh``. JIRA:COMPASS-481 Change-Id: Id85f02518667e0ff80c2475e70856cd30cf1b9b7 Signed-off-by: liyuenan <liyuenan@huawei.com>
2016-08-08[moon-ceph] deploy ceph on moon scenariomeimei1-0/+6
Change-Id: Ic8710da6819b031efabc1b6cc40db418fc40fa4a Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com>
2016-08-08[bugfix] miss osd in ceph deploymentmeimei4-0/+8
Change-Id: Ibc9d0200c960f4ccba8f44386d997be1b9cdddc2 Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com>
2016-08-05add moon to opendaylightchenshuai@huawei.com1-0/+0
JIRA: COMPASS-463 Change-Id: I9b3c3fb3377df34004fe78eccc70b28402997949 Signed-off-by: chenshuai@huawei.com <chenshuai@huawei.com>
2016-08-05Merge "[compass] deploy ceph on each controller"shuai chen4-0/+16
2016-08-04add moon to opendaylightchenshuai@huawei.com1-0/+31
JIRA: COMPASS-463 Change-Id: I3a5c2ef1e9f5acbcf4de2f0e8e0237142103a179 Signed-off-by: chenshuai@huawei.com <chenshuai@huawei.com>
2016-08-04[compass] deploy ceph on each controllermeimei4-0/+16
JIRA: compass-450 Change-Id: I1229d382de579659d009785b59663908b42002e4 Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com>
add a task of onos-sfc Change-Id: Iba0273652afe91e251650f3bf90339bbc4cbdaeb Signed-off-by: CNlucius <lukai1@huawei.com>
Add network_onos.yml Change-Id: I628907cd95a7cc8dfa4f386a57cbdb91777d159e Signed-off-by: CNlucius <lukai1@huawei.com>
2016-05-20Rename Huawei Jenkins slavesmeimei8-0/+0
Slave names will be as below. - huawei-us-deploy-bare-1 -> huawei-pod1 - huawei-us-deploy-bare-2 -> huawei-pod2 - huawei-sh-test-2-defaults -> huawei-pod3 - huawei-sh-pod6 -> huawei-pod4 - huawei-us-deploy-vm-1 -> huawei-virtual1 - huawei-us-deploy-vm-2 -> huawei-virtual2 - huawei-us-deploy-vm-3 -> huawei-virtual3 - huawei-us-deploy-vm-4 -> huawei-virtual4 Change-Id: I3a8727b0db53739b02a805cf40ddc3ba7f50ef52 Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com>
2016-05-15ocl:create vgw to access public networkchenshuai@huawei.com4-0/+360
JIRA: COMPASS-390 Change-Id: I19e5902b2af03a3a9c52e002a383b3a1b553861b Signed-off-by: chenshuai@huawei.com <chenshuai@huawei.com>
2016-02-18support odl_l3_agent enable flag parambaigk1-0/+31
JIRA: COMPASS-318 Change-Id: I541cdb9c1b2f6873b1426b470a61af829d6bffce Signed-off-by: baigk <baiguoku@huawei.com>
2016-02-17Improvement: reset compute nodes for opencontrailchenshuai@huawei.com1-9/+3
JIRA: COMPASS-317 Change-Id: I27b6bb3aa8707f02a51951eed83646a78dafc841 Signed-off-by: chenshuai@huawei.com <chenshuai@huawei.com>
2016-02-04[compass] remove redundant filesmeimei3-90/+0
Change-Id: Ic2b27abb47e217c10ee763d72a178b46ed64c1f4 Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com>
2016-01-28[compass] add new nodes's configurationmeimei2-0/+180
Change-Id: Ib8705c2057d39b62e090bf30be421a8ba2652407 Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com>
2016-01-27[compass] bugfix: wrong role namemeimei1-5/+5
Change-Id: Id0cc4e88cbe3fec278b8f43385ee105438411075 Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com>
2016-01-23[compass] add opencontrail confmeimei1-0/+37
Change-Id: If90583c59c6093b2875599f5138db40635465bcd Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com>
2016-01-18modify vm slave configmeimei1-9/+9
Change-Id: Ia97b780b8c4a01e2c5b4236d4646621f14dbc56f Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com>
2016-01-15compass: Align scenario short namesmeimei3-0/+90
Change-Id: Ic64acc0e5971b596d5ff77fc89d3867fe36f0281 Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com>
2016-01-05add config files of virtual-deploymentmeimei5-0/+270
JIRA: COMPASS-242 Change-Id: Iea798d7f4987685bf0e27dca4c9b600ae802fef0 Signed-off-by: meimei <meimei@huawei.com>