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2018-02-09change k8s version to v1.9.1hu xinhui1-0/+1
JIRA: - 1. compass4nfv can deploy v1.9.1 kubernetes 2. end user can use the kubernetes dashboard Change-Id: I274dda38599da95f382dfcb4159b530da8422fd8 Signed-off-by: hu xinhui <xinhui_hu@foxmail.com>
2018-01-24spport k8s apiserver HAhu xinhui1-0/+3
compass installer deploy k8s using kubespray for default, but k8s apiserver HA is not implemented by kubespray, This patch aim is to achieve the k8s apiserver HA Change-Id: I805b5eb2f4efa7ca82fcef7bfd3f4cad35ed65b5 JIRA: - Signed-off-by: hu xinhui <xinhui_hu@foxmail.com>
2017-10-26 k8s support the helm.hu xinhui1-0/+2
JIRA: - Change-Id: I8ee06225c32c59a5678a666c47da95f96963dec8 Signed-off-by: hu xinhui <xinhui_hu@foxmail.com>