AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-09-08Add k8s supporthu xinhui39-0/+1888
2017-09-07from controller node fetch os_certwutianwei2-1/+14
2017-09-01Support multiple physnet mappingHarry Huang81-477/+779
2017-09-01Merge "Support offline deployment for nosdn no feature scenario"Justin chi19-6/+859
2017-08-31Support offline deployment for nosdn no feature scenarioYifei Xue19-6/+859
2017-08-30Fix install netmaskHarry Huang1-2/+2
2017-08-28Merge "Fix docker install"Justin chi1-0/+5
2017-08-24Docs update for E releaseYifei Xue8-14/+78
2017-08-21Fix docker installHarry Huang1-0/+5
2017-08-18support the noha scenariowutianwei19-6/+1090
2017-08-15Merge "Make the storage use ceph"Justin chi9-0/+161
2017-08-15Make the storage use cephwutianwei9-0/+161
2017-08-14fix loss of group vars definitionchigang1-1/+7
2017-08-14Modify moon networkHarry Huang5-26/+68
2017-08-11Adapt network.yml to OpenStack AnsibleHarry Huang22-245/+337
2017-08-09Edit Expansion Guideliyuenan1-1/+20
2017-08-09Merge "Create endpoint in different region"Justin chi1-1/+2
2017-08-04yardstick installation for compass4nfvManjunath Ranganathaiah1-0/+5
2017-08-04fix bugs for functest and moon baremetalwutianwei2-7/+2
2017-07-31Fix OS install bugHarry Huang1-1/+1
2017-07-29Merge "Switch to compass4nfv docker repo"Justin chi2-2/+2
2017-07-29Switch to compass4nfv docker repoHarry Huang2-2/+2
2017-07-29enalbe pass-through cpumode for virtual deploymentchigang1-0/+1
2017-07-29Merge "Configurate moon host"Justin chi12-0/+187
2017-07-29Merge "Correct the DHA name of SFC scenario"Justin chi2-0/+0
2017-07-29Configurate moon hostwutianwei12-0/+187
2017-07-29Correct the DHA name of SFC scenarioYifei Xue2-0/+0
2017-07-29Run odl_l2-moon scenario in compasswutianwei1-4/+0
2017-07-28Add ODL SFC supportYifei Xue38-9/+1197
2017-07-28Merge "Change "Default" to "default" in openrc"Justin chi1-0/+6
2017-07-28Merge "Add moonv4 into Compass4nfv"Justin chi14-28/+375
2017-07-28Change "Default" to "default" in openrcwutianwei1-0/+6
2017-07-28Add moonv4 into Compass4nfvchigang14-28/+375
2017-07-26Merge "Update notes when OpenStack installaion complete"Justin chi1-14/+4
2017-07-26Fix plugin switchHarry Huang1-0/+7
2017-07-26Update notes when OpenStack installaion completechigang1-14/+4
2017-07-25Merge "Functest needs huawei virtual5 to test alpine"Justin chi4-0/+405
2017-07-24Dynamic InventoryHarry Huang10-129/+131
2017-07-21Functest needs huawei virtual5 to test alpinewutianwei4-0/+405
2017-07-21Adjust the plugins directory structureYifei Xue33-12/+32
2017-07-20Merge "Change the BMC password of POD"Justin chi39-195/+195
2017-07-20Change the BMC password of PODwutianwei39-195/+195
2017-07-20Merge "To judge download is successful or not"Justin chi1-4/+12
2017-07-20Merge "Add real time kvm feature from kvmfornfv project"Justin chi8-0/+244
2017-07-19Add real time kvm feature from kvmfornfv projectdavidjchou9-0/+246
2017-07-17To judge download is successful or notwutianwei1-4/+12
2017-07-15Adjust redeployHarry Huang1-0/+2
2017-07-14Merge "change the public endpoint protocol with https"Justin chi5-40/+20
2017-07-14Merge "fix some error in functest"Justin chi11-2/+194
2017-07-14Merge "Modify deploy/client.py"Justin chi1-1/+4