AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-04-27Merge "Prometheus Prototype Dashboard"Yu Yang (Gabriel)1-0/+2028
2018-04-27Prometheus Prototype DashboardRutuja Surve1-0/+2028
2018-04-27Merge "Barometer automated installation script for jump server and compute/co...Yu Yang (Gabriel)11-2/+2504
2018-04-27fix the release notes titleYang Yu1-4/+3
2018-04-21Lazy creation of VM pairs for soak throuputs testsYang Yu4-22/+82
2018-04-17bug-fix: image for VMs is wrongly referencedYang Yu1-1/+1
2018-04-02Merge "Grafana Dashboard customization script"Yu Yang (Gabriel)2-0/+67
2018-03-30Barometer automated installation script for jump serverRutuja Surve11-2/+2504
2018-03-19Update Fraser DocsYang Yu9-24/+288
2018-03-19Merge "Documentation on storage testcases in bottlenecks"Yu Yang (Gabriel)4-11/+171
2018-03-16Add life-cycle throughputs testcaseGabriel Yu3-2/+169
2018-03-16bugfix: copy hosts fileYang Yu1-2/+3
2018-03-15Merge "support hosts file copy"Yu Yang (Gabriel)1-0/+9
2018-03-14support hosts file copyYang Yu1-0/+9
2018-03-14bugfix: stress ping for offline supportYang Yu2-2/+8
2018-03-12Merge "bottlenecks offiline support"Yu Yang (Gabriel)14-53/+88
2018-03-12bottlenecks offiline supportliyin14-53/+88
2018-03-01roll back the bug-fix for source methodYang Yu1-1/+0
2018-02-26Moon testcase bug fixAce Lee14-104/+432
2018-02-26Merge "Testcase to find multi-stack storage bottlenecks"Ace Lee2-0/+270
2018-02-24bug-fix: python mimic source methodYang Yu1-1/+3
2018-02-23Merge "Testcase to find storage bottlenecks using Yardstick for Multistack"Ace Lee2-0/+196
2018-02-21Grafana Dashboard customization scriptRutuja Surve2-0/+67
2018-02-09Testcase to find multi-stack storage bottlenecksShubham Agarwal2-0/+270
2018-02-09Testcase to find storage bottlenecks using Yardstick for MultistackShubham Agarwal2-0/+196
2018-01-16bug-fix: support insecure option for quota settingYang Yu1-2/+25
2018-01-15Add docs for nose testYang Yu2-0/+191
2018-01-12bug-fix: no percentage calculated in verify ciYang Yu1-4/+25
2018-01-10bug-fix: veriry job no coverage packageYang Yu1-1/+2
2018-01-10Merge "bug-fix: coverage package missing for ci verify"Yu Yang (Gabriel)1-1/+3
2018-01-09Documentation on storage testcases in bottlenecksShubham Agarwal4-11/+171
2018-01-08bug-fix: coverage package missing for ci verifyYang Yu1-1/+3
2018-01-05bug-fix: wrong line to modify for getting resultsYang Yu2-1/+11
2018-01-04Add unit & coverage testYang Yu2-10/+7
2017-12-25buf-fix: sfc quota settingYang Yu1-5/+1
2017-12-22bug-fix: neutron quota for euphratesYang Yu1-1/+5
2017-12-21Merge "Add Storperf API usage in bottlenecks"Ace Lee1-0/+171
2017-12-21bug-fix: fix neutron quota settingYang Yu5-5/+7
2017-12-15Merge "Docs update for E 5.1"Yu Yang (Gabriel)3-18/+49
2017-12-15Merge "VNF scale-out testcase"Yu Yang (Gabriel)6-146/+204
2017-12-15VNF scale-out testcaseAce Lee6-146/+204
2017-12-15Docs update for E 5.1Yang Yu3-18/+49
2017-12-15Merge "Add moon feature tenant testcase"Yu Yang (Gabriel)2-0/+201
2017-12-05Fix path for util script in posca guideYujun Zhang1-1/+1
2017-12-01Add Storperf API usage in bottlenecksShubham Agarwal1-0/+171
2017-11-14Cadvisor Client-Server installation automation scriptRutuja Surve4-3/+78
2017-11-14Collectd Client-Server installation automation scriptRutuja Surve5-14/+186
2017-11-01Merge "Datasource and Dashboard automation script"Yu Yang (Gabriel)2-1/+71
2017-10-20Datasource and Dashboard automation scriptRutuja Surve2-1/+71
2017-10-20Bug fix in CIopnfv-5.0.0liyin1-1/+2