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2016-12-17sub: packetary: remove, patches upstreamAlexandru Avadanii1-0/+0
Backported from [1] and adapted for Trusty, since Armband did not switch to Ubuntu Xenial / Openstack Newton yet. [1] https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/23999/7/ JIRA: ARMBAND-185 Change-Id: I1dd2cec09aa1077a5779573bc54c01db93339ac9 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2016-11-16FIXME: build: Temp pin to pre-Newton Fuel@OPNFVAlexandru Avadanii4-0/+0
Until we populate Armband repos with Fuel Newton packages, we cannot build the Newton version of Fuel@OPNFV in Armband. Therefore, temporarily pin the upstream repos to pre-Newton commits. JIRA: ARMBAND-118 Change-Id: I34d44c4fabe59c32a7f2c45424dd80e9ae3e04bc Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2016-11-15AArch64: Ubuntu local partial mirror: Add arm64Alexandru Avadanii1-0/+0
NOTE: Temporarily patch "packetary" in Armband until we upstream two small fixes. Bootstrap build, deploy target image build: - Switch from public Ubuntu mirrors to JIRA: ARMBAND-35 Change-Id: I14645cfeebb486063e7b8198de273f68285b11cd Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2016-11-03fuel-plugin-ovs: Bind to stable/9.0 branchAnders Roxell1-0/+0
Previously, fuel-plugin-ovs did not have a stable branch for Fuel 9, but now it does, and since fuel-plugin-ovs/master was reworked for Fuel 10, we need to switch to it. v1 -> v2: Backported one patch that was not cherry-picked on stable. Change-Id: I58467e441763b35e5296cb29433eb941e65eec3f Signed-off-by: Anders Roxell <anders.roxell@enea.com> Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2016-10-09build: Rework patch mechanism for Fuel submodulesAlexandru Avadanii6-0/+0
While refactoring the patching mechanism, take care of: - Sync submodule handling with Fuel@OPFNV; - build: Investigate/prepare for moving patches to Fuel@OPNFV; - build: Investigate divergent fuel-mirror; - ISO build: cacheid for Fuel comps should not depend on Armband git commit; CHANGE: Rename/shuffle patches while grouping them in "features", preparing for upstreaming them to Fuel@OPNFV and beyond. CHANGE: Allow linking patches for better representing the dependency between one patch and different features. e.g. 0001-Add-arch-to-nailgun-release-and-target-image.patch: - part of `multiarch-fuel`, because it extends Fuel; - part of `direct-kernel-boot`, as arch is required for that; - part of `cross-bootstrap`, target image is arch-dependent; NOTE: Patch links are not staged to Fuel@OPNFV, they only serve as markers that a specific patch is part of a feature. CHANGE: Kill all Fuel component submodules, now handled in Fuel@OPNFV: - fuel-agent - fuel-astute - fuel-library - fuel-mirror - fuel-nailgun-agent - fuel-web CHANGE: Move armband-fuel-config.mk to armband git root. FIXME: m1.micro-Increase-profile-RAM-size-to-128MB.patch is NOT part of `cross-bootstrap` feature, but patch context says so ... FIXME: 0001-Add-arm64-deb-repositories-setup.patch is broken at `make patches-export` by removing spaces at EOL. v2 -> v3: * Phony patch support (links to show a patch belongs to a feature); * Updated README.md v3 -> v7: * Re-export Fuel submodules & plugins patches (update patch context); * Update Cavium mail addresses (s/caviumnetworks.com/cavium.com/); * Ignore submodule changes; * Add armband git repo info to gitinfo_fuel.txt at build time; Implements: ARMBAND-136 Closes-bug: ARMBAND-95 Closes-bug: ARMBAND-93 Closes-bug: ARMBAND-92 Change-Id: I1a236d9f43b2e6dca22055911f696b43c22b5973 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2016-09-29Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel cf93e6ee11c96de090b04196cc96b4a6b0948928 use pgrep instead of ps pgrep was added to procps-ng, it is more exact also replace ps -ef in wait_until_fuel_menu_up removed get_fuel_menu_pid Change-Id: I57ad9d2fabbfe5f570e0be3bfb40ef842f95902d Signed-off-by: Ross Brattain <ross.b.brattain@intel.com>
2016-09-29Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 2e6be7473d11f14d62ad1aa1d76f2e0c99327424 check read access instead of isfile() for Fuel ISO When testing with nested virtualzation I attached the Fuel ISO to VM (/dev/sr0) running deploy.sh This failed because we expect the ISO to be a file, when it could be a device, e.g. /dev/sr0. Instead of checking isfile() check for read access. This tested with bsdtar. It can extract an ISO from a file or device. Change-Id: Ic09373cd618b33382303d9134cce4e005040de95 Signed-off-by: Ross Brattain <ross.b.brattain@intel.com>
2016-09-29Updated armbandPeter Barabas1-0/+0
Project: fuel d1f2969eed092f182cc746ca1d06337d71a8215d Refactor deploy-config.py into object style Change-Id: I706563e6ed1bbfd98adc5a4124ff63789f9e32fa Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com>
2016-09-29Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel c25f5af252949dc1b249f77fe8e33c5ea13c1ad1 [odl-l3] Get OVS plugin into the action Update ovs version to 2.5+ in order to get inserted security group connection tracking flows in ovsdb, which allows to pass tempest scenario of test_network_basic_ops. JIRA: FUEL-199 Change-Id: Id3e6c8ed2b79c4b6b4a7623f0d262c63f1d1d89f Signed-off-by: Michael Polenchuk <mpolenchuk@mirantis.com>
2016-09-29Updated armbandMartin Klozik1-0/+0
Project: vswitchperf 48ec9750583c47dadf0f3fd931dc2cf12f738b67 bugfix: Qemu shared dir failure In case of testpmd or l2fwd loopback app, VSPERF copies sources if these tools into qemu shared folder. Maximum size of folder content is limited to approx. 500MB. This limit is exceeded in case that DPDK is built for multiple RTE_TARGETs. Unnecessary files are excluded from the copy to spare size inside shared folder. JIRA: VSPERF-398 Change-Id: Iab31a6ff2397f7031eae6a95d424317c3343d4d9 Signed-off-by: Martin Klozik <martinx.klozik@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Maryam Tahhan <maryam.tahhan@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Al Morton <acmorton@att.com> Reviewed-by: Christian Trautman <ctrautma@redhat.com> Reviewed-by: Bill Michalowski <bmichalo@redhat.com> Reviewed-by: Antonio Fischetti <antonio.fischetti@intel.com>
2016-09-28Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel 0789fdc49305b2d8403960139beafe1064cef8ba Support different format of fuel task info As described in this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/fuel/+bug/1625518 json output of the task can be in different format: single dict or list of dicts. During tests of https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/21807 only the later one was visible, try to support both types of output. Change-Id: I7d3e12270c8246b03bdc6c73d3be77a039df469f Signed-off-by: Michal Skalski <mskalski@mirantis.com>
2016-09-28Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel dd4357385318eccfa82c8e079b07e9373ec93cfa Add DHA adapter dependencies Change-Id: Ia83782ac6baed0f9d753b69b18202abaafb972e5 Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com>
2016-09-27Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel f2fde8258dedfbbeae52d0c9b1d3a634fd290877 Change the way how we track deployment Use fuel2 for start deployment. Since it does not return progress use deployment task to provide this information. Currently used 'deploy-changes' will behave the same: https://bugs.launchpad.net/fuel/+bug/1565026 Try to handle situation when nodes temporary go offline. With deploy-changes environment still was in 'new' state in this situtation which causes timeouts from jenkins. JIRA: FUEL-196 Change-Id: I6548a5ec807551388e845044c282b7af32eb9100 Signed-off-by: Michal Skalski <mskalski@mirantis.com>
2016-09-27Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 34a15524a89ed6cd350c42be07754901dfe244f8 deploy: fix: remove storage files during cleanup Remove old disks through virsh instead of calling os.delete() methods so that the cleanup phase would succeed within a non-root setup. [1] Related-bug: ARMBAND-128 [1] https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/19491/ Change-Id: I90007edf014c7e15a68b9a334fcaffaa127ee4ab Signed-off-by: Stefan Sicleru <stefan.sicleru@enea.com>
2016-09-26Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 029b03673f5add0eae91980574382af89698b1b2 Added Alexandru Avadanii as committer to Fuel@OPNFV A Majority of the Fuel@OPNFV committers have voted for Alexandru as committer: Those include: Michal Skalski Jonas Bjurel Greg Elkinbard Stefan Berg Daniel Smith No one voted 0 or -1 Change-Id: Ib477ba126be438a11b409a85805a71734bf1a679 Signed-off-by: Jonas Bjurel <jonas.bjurel@ericsson.com>
2016-09-26Updated armbandGregory Elkinbard1-0/+0
Project: fuel e27619c3b2c926b7ff04d1c555db9d912983027f Updated committer list Change-Id: I5f22080edf695cef3c6fd24ff0f62b02a1dbc0af Signed-off-by: Jonas Bjurel <jonas.bjurel@ericsson.com>
2016-09-22Updated armbandMichael Polenchuk1-0/+0
Project: fuel 1d4f96facadd5458a87a4d68b0b5298ca47cd1fd [odl] Get latest changes * Fix setting bgpd password with puppet * Enable G1 garbage collector * Adding caching possiblity * Add firewall resource that opens BGP ports Change-Id: I8f779ba7356acf52967e594a1a213edf192962fc Signed-off-by: Michael Polenchuk <mpolenchuk@mirantis.com>
2016-09-22Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel e698d34beb1fd517db610d1e91f246a123b84c71 Templater can now read files from URLs Change-Id: I34b81379f7e77743e64bbf4ae814b6cd296f2428 Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com>
2016-09-22Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel 5264d80bb4b6e5434a27faf784503dabdf691a45 Refactoring - Move function definition to its place - Add main function Change-Id: I9dd71dd2da0579e04841c9efc80f2770d0182b10 Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com>
2016-09-22Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel 3f1fd8b9a96e2ce7bbaa53d89fe19404590e5bd4 Change prints from statements to function calls Change-Id: I378baa85bd9e1b9b535a2d4e9c8dcb34a267a6e5 Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com>
2016-09-21Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 61d9f66916fe7cacc1df25438b4060b9f3c9402d Emergency patch - fixed broken links Change-Id: I7aea7c06775cac3efeb22d2256c7acf6fbb137d5 Signed-off-by: Jonas Bjurel <jonas.bjurel@ericsson.com>
2016-09-21Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 9bef631e4d7189607540598b0b08f13e861b9410 Fix: ISO build omits long path files make iso generates: libisofs: WARNING : File "/ubuntu/pool/main/libj/\ libjs-twitter-bootstrap-datepicker/libjs-twitter-bootstrap-\ datepicker_1.3.1+dfsg1-1~u14.04+mos1_all.deb" can't be added to Joliet tree, because its path length is larger than 240 At the end this package is missing in latest ISO. NOTE: This issue is only triggered on certain kernels during build. Closes-bug: FUEL-190 Change-Id: I21f7f1cbe3f64317d2feb66e371611a654cf30f8 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2016-09-21Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 27dea87b1a33872712008b4423e51f19712ce7c9 [performance] Disable keystone token revoke Change-Id: I6db0bfaab5462a9a8f8de64bc1b088607d407bab Signed-off-by: Michael Polenchuk <mpolenchuk@mirantis.com>
2016-09-20Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 3e506f9248f2a64a8a30c832049df392b01fcb4e Temporary Hardcoded Ubuntu repo Meanwhile we're investigating the issues with Ubuntu repo mirror selection, we will hardcode the Ubuntu repo mirror Change-Id: I776bd3a8a72dc87e00052e8ff965de1134293c7a Signed-off-by: Jonas Bjurel <jonas.bjurel@ericsson.com>
2016-09-20Updated armbandMartin Klozik1-0/+0
Project: vswitchperf 6dfabefd6cac3cd4b8fd29abf5a5b6ab9e6ae956 paths: Support binary packages Currently VSPERF supports OVS, DPDK and QEMU built from the source code only. In some cases it is required to support installation of these tools from binary packages available for given linux distribution. Thus VSPERF configuration and code was modified to suport both source and binary versions of tools. This can be configured perf tool, so various combinations of source and binary version are supported. Together with new configuration also a handling of kernel modules was modified to automatically detect and load module dependencies. JIRA: VSPERF-340 JIRA: VSPERF-339 Change-Id: I855cb438cbd8998bdc499613ea5e7de2526299d7 Signed-off-by: Martin Klozik <martinx.klozik@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Maryam Tahhan <maryam.tahhan@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Al Morton <acmorton@att.com> Reviewed-by: Christian Trautman <ctrautma@redhat.com> Reviewed-by: Bill Michalowski <bmichalo@redhat.com> Reviewed-by: Otto Sabart <osabart@redhat.com>
2016-09-20Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel 53e6d97c9157f1e908d99dcca1207de23ea73132 [KVM] Install plugin in post-deployment JIRA: FUEL-171 Change-Id: Iead815ba2da76493f108ad71bc32cff265302b55 Signed-off-by: Michal Skalski <mskalski@mirantis.com>
2016-09-19Updated armbandStefan K. Berg1-0/+0
Project: fuel e12aec84ef1767d4ba9469dfb12d65d928bf0ed4 Make sure to use only up-to-date mirrors Whitewash the geographically "close" mirrors against the list of fully synced mirrors - we've had a few instances of getting bad mirrors which would break the script. All credit goes to: https://askubuntu.com/questions/39922/how-do-you-select-the-fastest-mirror-from-the-command-line ... and we should perhaps use the netselect tool as well somewhere down the line, but this fixes the most urgent problem. Change-Id: Ia61a2bd78657b28019f57fc1962d410e754e6d2a Signed-off-by: Stefan K. Berg <stefan.k.berg@ericsson.com>
2016-09-19Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 65b7cfcd862a75be72fb98777190c49f8b6ea0d3 Repo tidy-up + licence scrubing - Added licences and (c) to files not complying to Licence and (c) policies. - Removed example templates not having correct licence claims and no longer being rellevant. - Removed the Vagrant deployment method as it is not used, not rebased/up to date and not holding correct license claims. Strategies used: - Machine generated are not assigned an licence text, the licence follow from the source. - Generated patch files are not assigned an licence text, the licence follow from the source. Change-Id: I9763f076eae51fbb2d4e5cb8cacfa4bb6cf338cc Signed-off-by: Jonas Bjurel <jonas.bjurel@ericsson.com>
2016-09-16Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel caee61817eb7f4235ca33a9da12f14a285f9e012 Enable ci off-line deployment Updated dea_base to use locak repo mirrors for off-line deployment NOT TO BE PART OF COLORADO.1 Change-Id: Ia8e2d716570267ed9a9e06e253b6a7b258ee26eb Signed-off-by: Jonas Bjurel <jonas.bjurel@ericsson.com>
2016-09-16Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 82ac1ad828e52ef74d86beed7d3c4f864031b5ca Final updates of release notes -Added filters for fixes, issues and work-arounds Change-Id: Id76545fd7837c83145bd8d87b309c23849da6f7e Signed-off-by: Jonas Bjurel <jonas.bjurel@ericsson.com>
2016-09-16Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel be0571cd1d14125a72642cc42d2f5b9eb0b0199c Increase number of hugepages allocated for nova Yardstick is using m1.small flavor for some tests, in case of ovs scenario it should be possible to allocate 2GB from hugepages. Change-Id: Ie908d94e63a5055907bb33c69a5e028739f44f2e Signed-off-by: Michal Skalski <mskalski@mirantis.com>
2016-09-16Updated armbandPeter Barabas1-0/+0
Project: fuel 2c7b9bb6623844eeea95373ec2752b0200cd69e8 Remove extra empty line Change-Id: I462a99b42d05b979c4f1904e7309e87ddd94d1bb Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com>
2016-09-16Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel 75614eaa811505a272d5a27c5582a08097e656b6 [OVS-DPDK] Turn off missing options Get all gcc/compile options to conform to corei7 arch. JIRA: FUEL-186 Change-Id: I5ce76631aac9174c69362f96f71e26285fc95842 Signed-off-by: Michael Polenchuk <mpolenchuk@mirantis.com>
2016-09-15Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel 8eeadbc08d8ae2efd5958fd639f910b77071d002 Stop using network transformation Due the bug in code we did not apply network transformation to created environments, but still Fuel base on chosen segmentation type and networks to NICs assigment has been generated network schema itself. Since we don't use custom network schema we can remove transformation defintions from dea pod overrides files. However there is a need to configure NIC properties in case of dpdk deployment. JIRA: FUEL-192 Change-Id: Ib7dab4d61910ac8c44b6d91e0c486c9693034823 Signed-off-by: Michal Skalski <mskalski@mirantis.com>
2016-09-15Updated armbandbillyom1-0/+0
Project: fuel c5df35d8bac8d5091d60f2f170668de4152952a0 Uplift fuel-plugin-ovs Pull in "Update flavors mem_page_size" Change-Id: I3e285cefee561dbbc02eb9ab7d2e9c01eef2742a Signed-off-by: Billy O'Mahony <billy.o.mahony@intel.com>
2016-09-14Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel 85ef5ebb0506c78623cfebff922ab90cf7ddbf9a Use Boron RC3.5 for sfc scenarion It should fix problems with vm communication through floating IPs. Change-Id: Icadc71f2b99c28715c15389e59111272a21440fb Signed-off-by: Michal Skalski <mskalski@mirantis.com>
2016-09-14Updated armbandChristian Trautman1-0/+0
Project: vswitchperf a325eb33fbe408243209b19f2d9cc288b2e57548 merge_buffers: Add option to disable merge buffer on qemu startup In cases with VHost user and non-jumbo frame scenarios we can disable merge buffers on the guest NICS to improve performance. This patch adds this option to the 04_vnf conf file. JIRA: VSPERF-388 Change-Id: Ic1f776e90fdccaa5d5a0c952c96811a8747fe936 Signed-off-by: Christian Trautman <ctrautma@redhat.com>
2016-09-14Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel 2e9ff14f8ab6ee9e4ebf84a2e8e40bd3f149c48e Update local mirrors defintions If we only use main section, not all required packages are discovered. Change-Id: I2eaa4a7bfc659b820901ce55a4ab799c3281df3b Signed-off-by: Michal Skalski <mskalski@mirantis.com>
2016-09-13Updated armbandMichael Polenchuk1-0/+0
Project: fuel 243fb3cf924f22cbb3db80c53892f2baef3dd9be [ovs-dpdk] Target compiler to corei7 cpu arch Change-Id: Id2405bc3b636178791428b9bab739fdaa0f094a2 Signed-off-by: Michael Polenchuk <mpolenchuk@mirantis.com>
2016-09-13Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 414973688bf8876685168434d0612fbde5f24dd6 Don't fork a templater process, use the library Change-Id: I931ba56fe65f2f5d5af483a8bfe654a0ecda1611 Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com>
2016-09-12Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 0f5a1854028e33fa77127ffc65077058fa3b9469 Properly handle quotes in argument masking Use shlex to parse the command line, thus handling quotes and other special characters. Change-Id: Icc3a2cd934aac8f67e07d967f76c7679bcb34996 Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com>
2016-09-12Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel 23a23192e14895fd235e29c63e00e09bafd254de update node_reset() in zte_adapter.py Change-Id: I71790b8abb25936045f777a78ed903f3b8ce4303 Signed-off-by: wu.zhihui <wu.zhihui1@zte.com.cn>
2016-09-12Updated armbandJonas Bjurel1-0/+0
Project: fuel e9f9532045bc5765f2c96add3f971918e002e30d Add intel-sc lab devel-pipeline configuration intel-sc is the lab devel-pipeline configuration for a lab of Intel in Santa Clara, CA, USA. This lab is behind Intel proxy sever. Change-Id: I401b030adf82d6a19397e92aef4b30ebe971d80c Signed-off-by: davidjchou <david.j.chou@intel.com>
2016-09-10Updated armbandMichal Skalski1-0/+0
Project: fuel 8d7559b50b265298f7800b18f840b87ad1e84b20 Change the way of hugepage allocation Try to allocate enough hugepages for all NUMA nodes. JIRA: FUEL-186 Change-Id: Idcdf6ab616dfbd9ef1104be8d1667421221ea5f2 Signed-off-by: Michal Skalski <mskalski@mirantis.com>
2016-09-09Updated armbandMichael Polenchuk1-0/+0
Project: fuel 4c47ef4b6f192482d99196c7a7070e5f396b1fd5 Reduce ceilometer memory usage JIRA: FUEL-189 Change-Id: I54854e4cc87f0c0e9e348e18131aa88b70e30054 Signed-off-by: Michael Polenchuk <mpolenchuk@mirantis.com>
2016-09-08Updated armbandMartin Klozik1-0/+0
Project: vswitchperf acdb444a54124834acdde45107062eaf1452c119 bugfix: SRIOV used wrong device names QemuPciPassthrough class responsible for SRIOV testing used wrong device names for GUEST configuration. Details of HOST interfaces connected to the traffic generator were used to initialize forwarding applications inside the guest. Code was fixed to use correct device configuration. As part of this fix, old bug in VNF type detection was fixed. JIRA: VSPERF-389 Change-Id: I269c9232012980c600c171571e90beb11e7b72cd Signed-off-by: Martin Klozik <martinx.klozik@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Maryam Tahhan <maryam.tahhan@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Al Morton <acmorton@att.com> Reviewed-by: Christian Trautman <ctrautma@redhat.com> Reviewed-by: Bill Michalowski <bmichalo@redhat.com>
2016-09-08Updated armbandbmichalo1-0/+0
Project: vswitchperf f35ec410e0567649492ed8ef73287cf7d36f7b58 pkt_gen: MoonGen code clean up MoonGen code optimizations and general clean up. No functionality changes. JIRA: VSPERF-351 Change-Id: Ida16f16eb218eb6f0a1c90594c38511bfbb2cf97 Signed-off-by: bmichalo <bmichalo@redhat.com>
2016-09-07Updated armbandGuo Ruijing1-0/+0
Project: fuel 9a3f6a38d708cbc3633d203e36e32bc91764ba20 Disable cpu features in ovs with DPDK Change-Id: I2cf5df2f0469f21f64e0e7d11740058639f68697 Signed-off-by: Guo Ruijing <ruijing.guo@intel.com>
2016-09-06Merge "Revert "submodule: Kill fuel-astute""Alexandru Avadanii1-0/+0
2016-09-06Revert "submodule: Kill fuel-astute"Alexandru Avadanii1-0/+0
This reverts commit 376c76d05862ed38edeb217cd9480807571491a7. Change-Id: Ice749599287221af71128ec466894fdb8106d2ec