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2016-10-09build: Rework patch mechanism for Fuel submodulesAlexandru Avadanii1-0/+1
While refactoring the patching mechanism, take care of: - Sync submodule handling with Fuel@OPFNV; - build: Investigate/prepare for moving patches to Fuel@OPNFV; - build: Investigate divergent fuel-mirror; - ISO build: cacheid for Fuel comps should not depend on Armband git commit; CHANGE: Rename/shuffle patches while grouping them in "features", preparing for upstreaming them to Fuel@OPNFV and beyond. CHANGE: Allow linking patches for better representing the dependency between one patch and different features. e.g. 0001-Add-arch-to-nailgun-release-and-target-image.patch: - part of `multiarch-fuel`, because it extends Fuel; - part of `direct-kernel-boot`, as arch is required for that; - part of `cross-bootstrap`, target image is arch-dependent; NOTE: Patch links are not staged to Fuel@OPNFV, they only serve as markers that a specific patch is part of a feature. CHANGE: Kill all Fuel component submodules, now handled in Fuel@OPNFV: - fuel-agent - fuel-astute - fuel-library - fuel-mirror - fuel-nailgun-agent - fuel-web CHANGE: Move armband-fuel-config.mk to armband git root. FIXME: m1.micro-Increase-profile-RAM-size-to-128MB.patch is NOT part of `cross-bootstrap` feature, but patch context says so ... FIXME: 0001-Add-arm64-deb-repositories-setup.patch is broken at `make patches-export` by removing spaces at EOL. v2 -> v3: * Phony patch support (links to show a patch belongs to a feature); * Updated README.md v3 -> v7: * Re-export Fuel submodules & plugins patches (update patch context); * Update Cavium mail addresses (s/caviumnetworks.com/cavium.com/); * Ignore submodule changes; * Add armband git repo info to gitinfo_fuel.txt at build time; Implements: ARMBAND-136 Closes-bug: ARMBAND-95 Closes-bug: ARMBAND-93 Closes-bug: ARMBAND-92 Change-Id: I1a236d9f43b2e6dca22055911f696b43c22b5973 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2016-08-19build: ISO refactor, use docker, enable cacheAlexandru Avadanii1-0/+1
Previously, Armband Makefile used to call Fuel@OPNFV Makefile target <iso>, instead of <all>, which resulted in bypassing using Docker for ISO building completely. Switch to <all> Makefile target, hence bringing back Docker as a build container. This change justifies moving make variables to a separate spec file, armband.mk. While at it, enable caching of builds. This requires Jenkins bash scripts to be updated for the ISO build job, done in [1]. JIRA: ARMBAND-56 [1] https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/18453/ CHANGES: - all: release (was all: build) - Common make targets now depend on submodules-init; - clean-build and clean-docker make targets have been replaced by: make clean, make deepclean; FIXME: These issues should be fixed later: - (optional) trim local repo paths from gitinfo files - only account for armband submodules in cache fingerprints; - identify size mismatch culprit Change-Id: I7d73409be44983fa21d4c09d2e07b87a33231e03 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2016-07-26Makefile: submodules sync with Fuel@OPNFVAlexandru Avadanii1-0/+1
Upstream change [1] pinned Fuel components to Fuel 9.0.1 specific commits. While armband used to track remote branch HEAD, we now need to sync with Fuel's config.mk before applying our patches. Unfortunately, the commit variables are not consistently named, so one could infer a relationship between the variable names and targeted git submodule (e.g. fuel-web commit var is named NAILGUN_COMMIT), so we have to hardcode the module list in our Makefile. [1] https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/17225 Closes: ARMBAND-58 Change-Id: Ifdce1c9a5afbd70db3b5703da21b30e8792b3e97 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
2016-03-13Initial code commitFlorin Dumitrascu1-0/+1
This brings initial code base for Armband project that allows building an OPNFV Fuel 8 iso based on Brahmaputra components to be deployed on arm64 servers. Signed-off-by: Stanislaw Kardach <kda@semihalf.com> Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <alexandru.avadanii@enea.com> Signed-off-by: Florin Dumitrascu <florin.dumitrascu@enea.com> JIRA:FUEL-39