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Project: vswitchperf ffc55a6bbbfafc36a2e28e2e28e737966fb9bb31 integration: Support for VxLAN TC without using overlay traffic gen. The test case for verifying the vxlan tunneling feature without using any ingress tunnel traffic. The virtual switch(OVS) is configured to mangle and generate tunnel traffic in the deployment. The packet flow in the test case is as follows TRAFFIC-IN --> [ENCAP-PKT] --> [MOD-PKT] --> [DECAP-PKT] --> TRAFFIC-OUT ENCAP-PKT - Encapsulate the ingress packet to a tunnel type. MOD-PKT - Modify the tunnel header to match the following decap interface. DECAP-PKT - Decapsulate the newly generated tunneled packet. Change-Id: Ie24bacb3cb1c069bd60403e5a4ef8bcdf0e12e54 Signed-off-by: Sugesh Chandran <sugesh.chandran@intel.com>
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