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authorAlexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>2016-02-24 07:56:15 +0000
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Updated armband
Project: fuel 3e535448fe1bad43d810d9b2ccf66f13bb7c10e5 Fix KVM launch issue Signed-off-by: Ruijing Guo <ruijing.guo@intel.com> (cherry picked from commit 82df2b11d7e1b8fc4b6a09707bc8739f43ec32f3) Updated armband Project: fuel 9b6f48f96e820e8d483a5e450160709d40001aa7 Storage fix for the KVM scenario - Ceph is used with a replication factor of 1 - In no-ha, a separate node is used for ceph-osd - In ha, one of the controllers is used for ceph-osd Signed-off-by: Jonas Bjurel <jonas.bjurel@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 2d3ddaf5083d1bb0d92334fce1cd79b128eed944) Updated armband Project: fuel f3ba9428eef07e4fc16733a9d0242080f3e38858 Update to current version of Fuel repos Version stepped the fuel-library and fuel-web repositories to what's current as of today. Signed-off-by: Stefan K. Berg <stefan.k.berg@ericsson.com> Updated armband Project: fuel 7850796e82bcdef27b0555171f7faf14e9ae99ea Fix KVM/QEMU plugin bug 1. fix nested virtualiztion in realtime kvm Signed-off-by: davidjchou <david.j.chou@intel.com> (cherry picked from commit 82c42d839a80bf69b502b8189edd520be1650f78) Updated armband Project: fuel f455b4cd1870a97c599fa4aba5c9934e5b2c4574 [BGPVPN] Correct BGPVPN plugin file The plugin config 0.0.2 has some missleading statements. At some point in time we should delete it and only use this one here. (cherry picked from commit 9cd38d96acee7e165faca1724f586e568498da7b) Updated armband Project: fuel e7a78baae49f02b4303b6204eea7de01c527744c Enable merge of the versions struct of a plugin Redoing this the reverted patch. The original idea that everyone which wants to merge lists has to code that, is not wanted. So the Exception will become a warning. This reverts commit 552536f5319d6ead73118d0cfd701d648e99df28. (cherry picked from commit fb238de7c9833e91771ee4448f425f45168f8e6e) Updated armband Project: fuel 4414d39225fa7ea386d86ea36abe67e6bed12c01 Use Opendaylight_SR-1 In order to use the lates ODL build also the fuel-plugin-opendaylight is uplifted. (cherry picked from commit a1cdb3c2bd9a0a9d6a0d26c3709052be6f190e42) Updated armband Project: fuel 1df185cb53f65f867786b4b80bd18e0a28e87c69 Uplift fuel-plugin-bgpvpn repo Updated armband Project: fuel 702e61f5d7ef392c1b91b474f025303aad04d9b3 Enable BGPVPN_extension/SDNVPN_feature This commit includes the bugfixes and changes for BGPVPN_extensions and SDNVPN_feature of ODL. (cherry picked from commit 2bebed7722fe1311cd1bc4199368db16dfad9a26) Updated armband Project: fuel 080b202e25964768f58825950bc779fe7d39002f Fix wrong indentation Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 8e91da9cbbb698e7f8531973299f81411a2532d2) Updated armband Project: fuel 5e341a6f501e408dfd4c0dce401a6587ec6d5277 Cleanup and add bgpvpn to scenario file Updated armband Project: fuel 0dc771a9584fe1998236c8941189b1afc3c3c066 Remove duplicate import of hashlib Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 18171a86a7d2b5cda035281ed0fdd3dcb8fbad36) Updated armband Project: fuel 83ba58f31888144bb34a9d844454093d75469548 Remove apparmor for vFuel Not every CPU supports apparmor and there is no real benefit when using it only for fuel. (cherry picked from commit ca27087edd27555aa6d7992b3e754c970bc6543f) Updated armband Project: fuel f3f8da1bb11e4b91c7b7ee8b7d289c83a6bcfa45 Changing raw to qcow2 for vFuel/Controller/Compute A lot of diskspace is allocated although never used this commit changes to thin provisioning for the virtual enviroment. (cherry picked from commit aac8573f454109c98fa2af1e5ed05c1d1b19829b) Updated armband Project: fuel 4fb3f2ed2549ab47a0048d88cbd1303de46820a1 Fix deploy.py return code Fixes https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/FUEL-100 Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 50862693f7c1119c941bc344c90d91cdd37dde38) Updated armband Project: fuel 28d95448184d16767aebedb6689d2c3059b559aa Tell debconf not to be interactive Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 9d52d96263d9dc27183abd9a39d36bb7174efef4) Updated armband Project: fuel 5033efb4cbb8fb2b932846e5ac900c2ad042e28d Get user id without forking a shell. Signed-off-by: Peter Barabas <peter.barabas@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit befc84a9d28663a45510c71119980e1cf5b6eeca) Updated armband Project: fuel e8d3f97a5fa317edc6aefb091da5318d946e82ce Updated armband Project: fuel cc51d7477901e5acf27e3599754f6a751231a2f1 Updated armband Project: fuel a2bd1d8baa9d2c256671834fc90a1c7e489850d7 Updated armband Project: fuel 6597153801bc56a8d273ebd38b6cace45b5f3c4a Redo config of plugin build - Split up config into a new config file - add revision to better point to a branch instrad of a revision. Updated armband Project: fuel e70b1575651518c6d3d247b59c303e54c9d586ec Fix odl haproxy configuration In rare cases ODL haproxy configuration had been deployed before haproxy service was ready. This patch should force proper order. Signed-off-by: Michal Skalski <mskalski@mirantis.com> (cherry picked from commit a71ccaa852a7a0091fce50045f29ab5119a7811b) Updated armband Project: fuel 8ac63ae166d30c1bec46b5159b2d2362be5b325f Adding patch for Broadcast Storm of vpnservice There is no persisten release from stable/beryllium with the bugfix https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/37566/ included. So we have to overwrite the file we a own build. Updated armband Project: fuel c6e6a032ce80f6b8a781383ebe72f3ca9572b268 [VPNSERVICE] Bugfix Broadcast Group The local broadcast group was not updated correctly in ODL. This commit includes the bugfix. Updated armband Project: fuel f544e413ecbbaa25d36f2336bb703565afc8fb38 Correction due to changed cpio behavior As part of a security fix for cpio, its behavior has changed in terms of how symlinks are handled. This is affecting the Fuel build process, for which this commit is a fix (reverting cpio back to its original behavior by adding the argument "--extract-over-symlinks" in those instances where this is needed). For details, see https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/FUEL-125 Signed-off-by: Stefan K. Berg <stefan.k.berg@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 2b419db5c9325c6a87f1ea160c42235a1e8ec083) Updated armband Project: fuel 6a42aafa48d339ba3164bd03006a5cf128b55299 Using VLAN segmentation for the NFV-OVS scenarios. Unfortunately this scenario is hardwired to work with Ericsson POD-2 only Signed-off-by: Jonas Bjurel <jonas.bjurel@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 12c2d3403c4638672bbf1443142b8308e828e5f4) Updated armband Project: fuel 3e535448fe1bad43d810d9b2ccf66f13bb7c10e5 Updated documentation for Brahmaputra 3.0 follow-up release READY TO MERGE Signed-off-by: Jonas Bjurel <jonas.bjurel@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit f50747c9ec79b9f89df6a6ba6d680a89bd6a3de3) Change-Id: I5cebb718b88aa369876ab9e8e7f00e5309f04cee
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