AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2015-11-21Merge "Example as code, documentation template for sphinx build"Dan Radez4-0/+150
2015-11-19Enabling options for passing configuration filesDan Radez1-20/+40
2015-11-19enable network-isoaltion and opendaylightDan Radez1-1/+1
2015-11-18updates and fixes to the iso buildDan Radez3-9/+625
2015-11-18adding cleanup for buildDan Radez1-6/+1
2015-11-18updates to cleanup.shDan Radez1-4/+18
2015-11-17adding basic network isolationDan Radez8-59/+332
2015-11-16Merge "changing copying to linking to save time and space on the build"Tim Rozet1-6/+6
2015-11-13changing copying to linking to save time and space on the buildDan Radez1-6/+6
2015-11-12fixing non-ha deployDan Radez1-2/+3
2015-11-11Merge "adding the opendaylight integration"Tim Rozet6-3/+496
2015-11-09adding variable fix for clean upDan Radez1-1/+1
2015-11-08arg parse updatesDan Radez1-13/+5
2015-11-07adding the opendaylight integrationDan Radez6-3/+496
2015-11-04Merge "adding --atime-preseve to try and fix caching"Tim Rozet1-2/+2
2015-11-04adding --atime-preseve to try and fix cachingDan Radez1-2/+2
2015-11-04end user messaging and ssh options updateDan Radez1-2/+4
2015-11-02Adds HA support to deployTim Rozet5-30/+50
2015-10-26minor update to build dependanciesDan Radez2-5/+2
2015-10-22Adding that work with RDO ManagerDan Radez5-106/+259
2015-10-20updating repos, liberty is becoming stableDan Radez1-6/+10
2015-10-16cleaning up some thingsDan Radez2-45/+9
2015-10-16Merge "updates to the instack VM"Tim Rozet3-8/+13
2015-10-16updates to the instack VMDan Radez3-8/+13
2015-10-15moving all resources and configs to /var/opt/opnfvDan Radez1-19/+11
2015-10-14using rdo project glance imagesDan Radez4-34/+44
2015-10-09Variablize the ssh options for easier maintenanceDan Radez1-17/+17
2015-10-09cleaning up libvirt storage after undefineDan Radez1-7/+7
2015-10-08Fixes repos and adds errexit checks per radez github commitTim Rozet3-32/+38
2015-10-06Enhancing build with more resources and fixesDan Radez4-267/+7217
2015-10-05Fixes delorean repos to libertyTim Rozet1-4/+4
2015-10-01adding master support for buildingDan Radez8-67/+630
2015-09-18updating release notes for BramaputraDan Radez1-110/+66
2015-09-18migrating Arno release notes into Apex repo.Dan Radez1-0/+273
2015-09-10Example as code, documentation template for sphinx buildAric Gardner4-0/+150
2015-09-10Adding .gitreviewAric Gardner1-0/+4
2015-08-31Adding initial deploy script based on RDO managerDan Radez1-0/+207
2015-08-14Adding initial build scripts based on RDO managerDan Radez5-0/+711
2015-07-20New repo init (Includes INFO and LICENSE)Tim Rozet2-0/+106
2015-07-17Initial empty repositoryAric Gardner0-0/+0