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Always update OVS to 2.9.2
Right now RDO defaults to an old version of OVS. In Apex for non-sfc scenarios we were pulling a prebuilt RPM of OVS 2.9.0 that included a group tables fix needed for ODL. For SFC, we now just build OVS along with the kernel module from native OVS because NSH support exists upstream in that version. We can move to always doing this operation for all OVS based scenarios, which will bump our OVS and ensure the package we build at runtime will work with our kernel. Change-Id: If38d0b858878f1af66990d987612a8f8f6fa2718 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <> (cherry picked from commit 4f988328adf5dd8735bbf0a9420528cd343cfcd3)
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