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Add ability to configure allowed vlan ranges in deploy configuration
Add a new parameter 'vlan_id_range' for tenant vlan range, which can set the 'network_vlan_ranges' for 'datacentre' network in ml2.ini on both compute and controller. JIRA: APEX-272 Change-Id: I5c190fb2d5d582d0d5f56d4c18cf32502b758bd8 Signed-off-by: Peng Liu <> (cherry picked from commit 3228f00248cda32671fb0e6a02059bea6ae66c99)
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diff --git a/config/network/network_settings.yaml b/config/network/network_settings.yaml
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--- a/config/network/network_settings.yaml
+++ b/config/network/network_settings.yaml
@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ private_network:
compute_interface: nic2
controller_interface: nic2
+ vlan_id_range: 1,1000 # Tenant physical network VLAN-ID range
# "public" network is used for external connectivity.
# The external network provides Internet access for virtual