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2017-04-07Avoid awk error in hosts-config.sh for large deploymentsSteven Hardy1-8/+10
This ports the fixes made to the legacy 51-hosts script, which this script is derived from, to tht. See related t-i-e patch Ibe0a9f6ec10d55750e3b0e16301236141f988d69 Change-Id: Ide922af93a5d185bd592e220327326f1d244c4e2 Closes-Bug: #1674732
2016-12-08Don't rely on lsb_release for hosts template writeSteve Baker1-11/+3
This is problematic for the containerised heat-agents, lsb_release has to be bind-mounted in, and atomic host doesn't even have lsb_release installed. Instead just write to every /etc/cloud/templates/hosts.*.tmpl file. Change-Id: If2aab7e9b1e03aa657baf1c33aa4392ef7044075
2016-11-30Configure /etc/hosts via os-collect-config scriptDan Prince1-0/+47
This patch moves the t-i-e element code for hosts configuration into a t-h-t shell script that gets driven by a os-collect-config script hook. This helps accomplish several goals: - moves us away from t-i-e - gives us better signal handling in the error case (where the previous element relied on 99-refresh-completed - Allows the t-h-t undercloud installer to more easily consume this since it doesn't rely on the old os-apply-config metadata (which that installer doesn't support). Change-Id: I73c3d4818ef531a3559fab272521f44519e2f486