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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-01-18Merge "Set the name property for all deployment resources"Jenkins9-0/+16
2016-01-06Enable Dell Storage Center iscsi Backends in Cinderrajinir1-0/+87
2016-01-06Merge "Enable Equallogic Backends in Cinder"Jenkins1-0/+86
2015-12-21MidoNet heat templatesJaume Devesa1-0/+119
2015-12-10Set the name property for all deployment resourcesSteve Baker9-0/+16
2015-12-07Change for configuring use_forwarded_for value for NuageLokesh Jain1-0/+7
2015-12-03Merge "Minor fixes to TLS related resources"Jenkins2-5/+3
2015-11-30Changes for configuring NuageRohit Pagedar1-0/+50
2015-11-30Changes for configuring NuageLokesh Jain2-0/+125
2015-11-26Minor fixes to TLS related resourcesJuan Antonio Osorio Robles2-5/+3
2015-11-25Output the SSL Certificate and Key modulusMark Chappell2-0/+20
2015-11-25Enable trust anchor injectionJuan Antonio Osorio Robles2-0/+83
2015-11-23Inject TLS certificate and keys for the OvercloudJuan Antonio Osorio Robles2-0/+109
2015-11-12Enable Equallogic Backends in Cinderrajinir1-0/+86
2015-11-11Merge "Allow customization of Ceph client user"Jenkins1-1/+13
2015-11-10Merge "Allow customization of the Ceph pool names"Jenkins1-2/+20
2015-11-05Add support to tag patch port for Cisco Nexus1000v VSM bringupShiva Prasad Rao1-0/+5
2015-11-05Allow customization of Ceph client userGiulio Fidente1-1/+13
2015-11-05Allow customization of the Ceph pool namesGiulio Fidente1-2/+20
2015-11-04Merge "Cisco Nexus ML2 MD: Need unique key for server level keys in hieradata"Jenkins1-3/+7
2015-10-15Cisco Nexus ML2 MD: Need unique key for server level keys in hieradatatiswanso1-3/+7
2015-10-12Set shared secrets, keys and passwords as hiddenJuan Antonio Osorio Robles1-0/+2
2015-09-30Enable Cisco N1KV driverShiva Prasad Rao1-0/+174
2015-09-25Example of passing per-node config data in pre_deploy configSteven Hardy1-0/+56
2015-09-22Remove nameserver lookup dependency from Cisco ML2 CollectMacConfig.tiswanso1-2/+11
2015-09-17Support new form of servers config for ML2 cisco nexus allnodes config.tiswanso1-2/+1
2015-09-17Port Cisco Nexus/UCSM ExtraConfig to AllNodesSteven Hardy2-141/+326
2015-09-16Big Switch Neutron ML2 plugin integrationJiri Stransky1-0/+73
2015-09-16Merge "Enable Cisco Nexus and UCSM plugins"Jenkins1-0/+141
2015-09-15Enable Cisco Nexus and UCSM pluginsRobert Pothier1-0/+141
2015-08-13Support for using external Ceph clustersDan Prince1-0/+65
2015-07-20Fix Puppet Configuring NetApp Cinder BackendRyan Hefner1-3/+3
2015-07-06Wire in Controller pre-deployment extraconfigSteven Hardy4-0/+183