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2017-06-23Merge "Fix rpms being installed via DeployArtifactURLs"Jenkins1-2/+6
2017-06-21Specify file url when deploy-artifacts failsArie Bregman1-1/+1
Change-Id: Iccd31c798b91c494b20489d52e289d9a250b929c
2017-06-09Fix rpms being installed via DeployArtifactURLsAlex Schultz1-2/+6
The deploy-artifacts.sh script is supposed to support installing rpms when provided by DeployArtifactUrls. The problem is that it uses yum to install which does not actually work unless the filename ends with .rpm. This change updates the script to rename the downloaded file to end with .rpm if it is an rpm so that it is properly installed. Change-Id: I048d2b4474f9efe424e98e3868f325704e9c352f Closes-Bug: #1697102
2016-12-02Fix bug when using multiple DeployArtifactURLsChristian Schwede1-1/+1
The script tries to download all artifact URLs with a single request, instead of downloading each URL on its own if multiple DeployArtifactURLs were given. Change-Id: I6a8be699aff7023a67702bb1d3ddc2273984cd08
2016-11-08Use --globoff when downloading artifactsGiulio Fidente1-1/+1
We do not encode the chars like [] possibly found in the artifacts URL, so curl tries to glob against IPv6 addresses in brackets. This change adds --globoff to the curl options so that IPv6 addresses in brackets are not misinterpreted. Closes-Bug: 1640148 Change-Id: Ic86ba1e5fb674bc15b4bcc6bd3ea9e943c4fbf8e
2016-02-26Add support for DeployArtifactURLsDan Prince1-0/+26
Adds a new nested stack deployment which allows operators to opt-in to deploy tarball's and RPM packages by setting DeployArtifactURLs as a parameter_default in a Heat environment. The intent is to use this setting to allow t-h-t to transparently deploy things like tarballs of puppet modules via a Swift Temp URL. Change-Id: I1bad4a4a79cf297f5b6e439e0657269738b5f326 Implements: blueprint puppet-modules-deployment-via-swift