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2017-09-22Fixed resource registry path in neutron-lbaasv2.yamlAneesh Puttur1-1/+1
Change-Id: Icb58d47a3911e83e2650b2c74b33eae522c84651 Closes-Bug: #1718451 (cherry picked from commit edc02b3352d53bdf460a495f689db55944eab432)
2017-09-22Merge "Create network-isolation-no-tunneling.yaml using jinja2" into stable/pikeJenkins2-61/+34
2017-09-22Set Ceph pgp_num after pg_numGiulio Fidente1-1/+2
We missed to set the pgp_num default in ceph.conf, causing WARNING messages like: pool default.rgw.buckets.data pg_num 32 > pgp_num 8 Also increases the default pg_num to 128 which is the recommended value for less than 5 OSDs [1]. 1. http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/rados/operations/placement-groups/ Change-Id: Ibd9fb23e04576e95e24af58f856663397886a947 Closes-Bug: #1718173 (cherry picked from commit 58e6f6533a04eddd2dc897d890737bbccde4ea7b)
2017-09-21Create network-isolation-no-tunneling.yaml using jinja2Antoni Segura Puimedon2-61/+34
The existing network-isolation-no-tunneling.yaml contains references to missing files. This patch generates the file with jinja to include custom networks and make it work with composable networks. Closes-Bug: #1718797 Change-Id: Ibcab2f6b5ac880a6b3d7dd5126bd24facfa17322 Signed-off-by: Antoni Segura Puimedon <antonisp@celebdor.com> Co-authored-by: Dan Sneddon <dsneddon@redhat.com> (cherry picked from commit 47185342bdd247a2e2735ef96c777ecec663086d)
2017-09-21Merge "Adds post_upgrade_tasks for any service post-upgrade ansible tasks" ↵Jenkins5-16/+69
into stable/pike
2017-09-21Merge "Make nova patching parameters configurable in Nuage" into stable/pikeJenkins2-0/+14
2017-09-21Merge "Use haproxy-systemd-wrapper as pid1 in containerized Haproxy" into ↵Jenkins2-6/+4
2017-09-21Merge "Disable all uses of wsrep-provider in mysql_bootstrap container" into ↵Jenkins1-2/+4
2017-09-20Use haproxy-systemd-wrapper as pid1 in containerized HaproxyDamien Ciabrini2-6/+4
This wrapper binary spawns the HAproxy daemon and implements a coordinated HAproxy restart on SIGHUP. From a service's perspective, this allows reloading the HAProxy configuration with minimal service disruption, i.e. without stopping and restarting the HAProxy container. Closes-Bug: #1717521 Change-Id: Ib3ef0c0bcf1a8151e179ff4d7509cf0d6b3ac5a1 (cherry picked from commit 91cd44cd7266c15ce07fafbee9d2e33f226096ba)
2017-09-20Disable all uses of wsrep-provider in mysql_bootstrap containerDamien Ciabrini1-2/+4
During the bootstrap of the mariadb database, galera replication must be disabled while the users credentials are being set up. This is done by setting wsrep-provider=none when starting mysqld_safe. Icf67fd2fbf520e8a62405b4d49e8d5169ff3925b already disabled it when the clustercheck credentials are being set up, but Kolla also start a temporary server for setting up the root password. Disable the setting directly at the end of the mysql.cnf in the running container. That way, the default setting from galera.cnf will be overriden, all mysqld_safe calls will disable WSREP and the setting will stay ephemeral. Change-Id: If14e22992b46a35a05a16a9db5ecb360ea13df8f Closes-Bug: #1717250 (cherry picked from commit b0f50db80b10e9cd6263c4d6b3ca8dd818b658ba)
2017-09-20Adds post_upgrade_tasks for any service post-upgrade ansible tasksmarios5-16/+69
This adds a new config/deployment per role that will come after any post deploy steps. It drives the same ansible config as the upgrade_tasks but instead collects the post_upgrade_tasks for any service in the given role. The workflow is upgrade_tasks, then post deploy steps (either puppet/ or docker/ depending on the env) and then the post_upgrade_tasks added here. This is added to the pacemaker/cinder-volume.yaml service for now see the bug below for more info Change-Id: Iced34fecf02ebddc91df9302de54d2f4c2cab680 Closes-Bug: 1706951 (cherry picked from commit 2e182bffeeb099cb5e0b1747086fb0e0f57b7b5d)
2017-09-19Run gnocchi statsd and metrcd at step 5Dan Prince2-2/+2
Running these daemons at step 5 should avoid seeing error messages in the gnocchi-statsd log files on startup which starts at step4. Change-Id: Idb82f864a2e1c623dab7a2a87054443036670453 Closes-bug: #1713182 (cherry picked from commit 9d8e496f3e8a825d48d9eba9aab540001bb780ea)
2017-09-19Change to boolean for boolean type paramsTong Liu2-2/+2
Some boolean params are set to string type. Although it works, but it is better to use boolean type for better validation. This patch changes them to boolean type. Change-Id: I9f1d223619ea14fbab26033b24eb1144796e5ef2 Closes-Bug: #1715209 (cherry picked from commit cab8ab1d342c6ffada3f2adea5834b4549240af5)
2017-09-15One time delete pacemaker resources during upgrade to containersMarius Cornea4-8/+40
This change allows running the major upgrade composable docker steps multiple times by not trying to delete the pacemaker resources if they're not reported as started or in master state. Closes-bug: 1716031 Depends-On: I8da03f5c4a6d442617b81be5793a9724cc8842bf Change-Id: Ifcf9de8c82550a90a9fb118052d43fdbcdc6ca7e (cherry picked from commit 64d7be1e3d4552e06cbc53f788572e530cc5c3bb)
2017-09-14Make nova patching parameters configurable in NuageLokesh Jain2-0/+14
Nova patching parameters are available in nova.conf but are not configurable from tripleo-heat-templates. Exposing these parameters from Nuage composable services to make them configurable. It enables setting the patching parameters in environment files. This change depends on the addition of nova patching configuration parameters. Change-Id: Iacad25da044f2bac83ee5f577ddcd70650eb61e5 Depends-On: I51ef3e19daff1d98cfe5c2c16475c16e6a3e3e0f (cherry picked from commit f0041153eca8d82bb7f72dc68676cab8448ef037)
2017-09-14Retry if the pacemaker_resource commands failedMathieu Bultel6-0/+36
Add a retry when the pacemaker_resource command wasn't apply correctly, more info here: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1482116 This is the same approach puppet-pacemaker uses and provides eventual consistency when multiple nodes change the cluster CIB concurrently. This change depends-on : https://review.gerrithub.io/375982 The return code is not available in the current ansible-pacemaker package. Change-Id: I8da03f5c4a6d442617b81be5793a9724cc8842bf (cherry picked from commit e92430d8d03fc2ce2d0ce192b96209f2c5c04169)
2017-09-13Merge "Enable redis TLS proxy in HA deployments" into stable/pikeJenkins1-26/+67
2017-09-13Merge "Add CephConfigOverrides to allow arbitrary configs in ceph.conf" into ↵Jenkins3-11/+20
2017-09-13Merge "Add RoleConfig output to major_upgrade_steps.j2.yaml" into stable/pikeJenkins3-16/+29
2017-09-13Merge "Enable selinux in containers" into stable/pikeJenkins1-0/+1
2017-09-13Merge "Add verbose output to containerized cell_v2 host discovery" into ↵Jenkins1-1/+1
2017-09-13Add RoleConfig output to major_upgrade_steps.j2.yamlSteven Hardy3-16/+29
I96ec09bc788836584c4b39dcce5bf9b80e914c71 added this output to the deploy-steps.j2, but missed adding this to the major upgrade template which means the overcloud RoleConfig output is broken after the upgrade (until the converge update switches back to the deploy-steps.j2 derived template) Closes-Bug: #1716404 Change-Id: I331fa18b456ca2d6c124316d513374e3fe5a5007 (cherry picked from commit 27018b4182d77abf612697cfe54a4fc3ceeb6be5)
2017-09-12Add CephConfigOverrides to allow arbitrary configs in ceph.confGiulio Fidente3-11/+20
We need to reuse the ceph_conf_overrides structure provided by ceph-ansible for both user provided configs and TripleO managed configs. This change merges the special user facing parameter with the TripleO generated configs. Also adds osd_scenario and osd_objectstore params for compatibility with newer ceph-ansible versions. Change-Id: I29c689c6c689590da5b6a3f581fdbec98a52e207 Closes-Bug: #1715321 (cherry picked from commit 32bc2abf14af4ca1449e18b848e2be3cff013987)
2017-09-12Merge "Add panko config to ceilometer notification agent container" into ↵Jenkins1-0/+9
2017-09-12Merge "Fixes OpenDaylight updating port status" into stable/pikeJenkins2-0/+7
2017-09-12Merge "Add a docker pull retry to docker-puppet.py" into stable/pikeJenkins1-4/+18
2017-09-12Merge "Add DhcpAgentNotification param to neutron base" into stable/pikeJenkins1-0/+5
2017-09-12Merge "Persist containerized services httpd logs" into stable/pikeJenkins19-22/+129
2017-09-11Enable selinux in containersOliver Walsh1-0/+1
We cannot use the --selinux-enabled docker daemon option on CentOS/RHEL 7.3. It will fail if security_inode_copy_up is not found in the kernel symbols: https://github.com/projectatomic/docker/blob/docker-1.12.6/daemon/daemon_unix.go#L661 NB this has been reduced to a warning upstream: https://github.com/moby/moby/commit/885b29df096db1d6746ece4b3a298a1ffe85716d Instead this just bind mounts /sys/fs/selinux in containers-common.yaml. Everything appears to work at initial glance. Pingtest succeeds, and live-migration between baremetal and containerized computes works. Change-Id: I018221bf7ae9ab9ece193b55f1ce31eb1591046c Closes-bug: #1715171 (cherry picked from commit 520f889a31f1ea6ee2bad86d1dbb3c0435604d10)
2017-09-11Add verbose output to containerized cell_v2 host discoveryOliver Walsh1-1/+1
Required to debug issues. Change-Id: I4d86c8d9ecc353a916475977eb6f2d842c812556 (cherry picked from commit dc64a1108e7bc23f92d77e75001fb42549731e3b)
2017-09-11Add panko config to ceilometer notification agent containerPradeep Kilambi1-0/+9
Without this, ceilometer notification agent cant find panko and skips posting events to it. Change-Id: Ibfeef5c557d1ceb11a999aa947597014ca94ec34 (cherry picked from commit 5437086ee744469b9daf8cd9edd600f7aa98dde6)
2017-09-11Enable redis TLS proxy in HA deploymentsMartin André1-26/+67
Redis does not have TLS out of the box. Let's use a proxy container for TLS termination. This commit enables redis TLS proxy for the HA deployment. bp tls-via-certmonger Change-Id: I45e539872a03878337def33c681c4577c1a5629e (cherry picked from commit c6d8df01d7aa8b44af9ac152b3bb08f07e2e02b7)
2017-09-11Merge "Add defaults for ceilometer-agent-compute upgrade tasks" into stable/pikeJenkins1-3/+3
2017-09-11Merge "Enable Ceilometer agent logging for containers" into stable/pikeJenkins3-3/+20
2017-09-11Add DhcpAgentNotification param to neutron baseTong Liu1-0/+5
Add DhcpAgentNotification param in neutron base yaml file to allow user to toggle dhcp_agent_notification for neutron. Change-Id: I31715f58e885ac0c1cd9d813f79df9906b780d99 Closes-Bug: #1713193 (cherry picked from commit 5ea728cba456f3833a626f86043f17427bca5d4f)
2017-09-11Merge "Add Neutron SR-IOV agent container" into stable/pikeJenkins12-13/+224
2017-09-11Merge "Disables QoS with OpenDaylight deployments" into stable/pikeJenkins5-1/+9
2017-09-11Persist containerized services httpd logsBogdan Dobrelya19-22/+129
Store the httpd logs under dedicated /var/log/containers/httpd/ paths. Additionally, add release notes describing upgrade impact for containerized services logs. Closes-bug: #1700045 Change-Id: I8120c56f2315700862bd0f708b8baa8910275b09 Signed-off-by: Bogdan Dobrelya <bdobreli@redhat.com> (cherry picked from commit 287e84585ca9170570ce8d06eebd7f9a3ec3345c)
2017-09-11Add a docker pull retry to docker-puppet.pyDan Prince1-4/+18
Co-Authored-By: Ian Main <imain@redhat.com> Change-Id: Iad6d38690340f4a064a4527c58ed439d91fa5188 Closes-bug: #1715136 (cherry picked from commit d3b3361a76c2e8b188fa8e586d9fb7f3c60bb66f)
2017-09-11Enable Ceilometer agent logging for containersPradeep Kilambi3-3/+20
Change-Id: Ibeb28d7c497b02253d00a74257989cefba2b0cc4 (cherry picked from commit fc44ee6ff3553754c618349df3be7544b17e9c5f)
2017-09-11Add defaults for ceilometer-agent-compute upgrade tasksMarius Cornea1-3/+3
This change allows the upgrade non controller script, which loops throug all steps, to complete by adding default values to be evaluated in the steps where the vars are not registered. Closes-Bug: 1715574 Change-Id: Ic056fc556240d1acc9f28a75f63c7628cc64da03 (cherry picked from commit d109c1d7a7d2f6302c39369de8a601bc0b2f6704)
2017-09-11Merge "Mount vhost_sockets directory for vhost-user socket creation" into ↵Jenkins1-0/+25
2017-09-08Move the clustercheck service to the DB roleMichele Baldessari2-1/+1
The clustercheck service is currently in the ControllerOpenstack role which represents a controller without the DB. Since the clustercheck service/container always talks to the SQL server via a localhost connection it *has* to run on the very same node that hosts the DB. In a containerized deployment this error shows up with db syncs simply hanging because haproxy will stop serving port 3306 because the clustercheck service on port 9200 cannot talk to mysql locally. Errors like this will be logged when trying to connect to the DB VIP: mysql -u heat -h -p3UazsaeTC64V9UvEcJ3GZ9rbd ERROR 2013 (HY000): Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 0 Fix this by making sure that the clustercheck service runs on the DB role. Change-Id: Iec4c9678d8b8d44e002c1e53110dedc0674359fb Closes-Bug: #1715847 (cherry picked from commit 1760079dfe5905f2e696b9fc5c729cffa44554ae)
2017-09-08Disables QoS with OpenDaylight deploymentsItzik Brown5-1/+9
QoS is not fully supported and fails to load correctly with networking-odl. Therefore disabling it from Neutron extension drivers until we have it fully working. Change-Id: I89aa3628c1400305f9659f5c0c99942a7fa7d19e Closes-Bug: 1708131 (cherry picked from commit cfd0d185a93ac2922e233e268a32c3574bee37bf)
2017-09-08Fixes OpenDaylight updating port statusTim Rozet2-0/+7
ODL now uses a websocket port to update the port status to Neutron. This port (8185) was blocked so port updates were never received in Neutron and instances would not come up properly. This patch opens the port for ODL deployments. Closes-Bug: 1715484 Change-Id: Ic59b224c67c02b56b0273700e8e2aa85ae6f8c88 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <trozet@redhat.com> (cherry picked from commit e2558c4a665345e67fcc784c21188bdf06ff1126)
2017-09-08Mount vhost_sockets directory for vhost-user socket creationSaravanan KR1-0/+25
For DPDK, vhost-user sockets are created on the host at /var/lib/vhost_sockets directory, which will be used by libvirt and openvswitch. This directory has the necessary permissions and SELinux policies. Mount this folder for libvirt container. Change-Id: Id8be208d1b05886ac45dfdcf48fe766ee5724d1c Partial-Bug: #1712732 (cherry picked from commit 3ea04744c22ae4cd2e1f2b77fc7d5ade012899e0)
2017-09-08Merge "Maintain ceph-osd package only on nodes hosting CephOSD service" into ↵Jenkins3-1/+71
2017-09-07Merge "Add tags in upgrade_tasks for mongodb services." into stable/pikeJenkins2-0/+2
2017-09-07Merge "Add CephExternal role for ceph-ansible" into stable/pikeJenkins3-0/+97
2017-09-07Merge "Support HA for OVN DBs containers using pacemaker bundle" into ↵Jenkins3-0/+169