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+Samples for plan-environment.yaml
+The ``plan-environment.yaml`` file provides the details of the plan to be
+deployed by TripleO. Along with the details of the heat environments and
+parameters, it is also possible to provide workflow specific parameters to the
+TripleO mistral workflows. A new section ``workflow_parameters`` has been
+added to provide workflow specific parameters. This provides a clear
+separation of heat environment parameters and the workflow only parameters.
+These customized plan environment files can be provided as with ``-p`` option
+to the ``openstack overcloud deploy`` and ``openstack overcloud plan create``
+commands. The sample format to provide the workflow specific parameters::
+ workflow_parameters:
+ tripleo.derive_params.v1.derive_parameters:
+ # DPDK Parameters
+ number_of_pmd_cpu_threads_per_numa_node: 2
+All the parameters specified under the workflow name will be passed as
+``user_input`` to the workflow, while invoking from the tripleoclient. \ No newline at end of file