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Run token flush cron job hourly by default
Running this job once a day has proven problematic for large deployments as seen in the bug report. Setting it to run hourly would be an improvement to the current situation, as the flushes wouldn't need to process as much data. Note that this only affects people using UUID as the token provider. Change-Id: I462e4da2bfdbcba0403ecde5d613386938e2283a Related-Bug: #1649616 (cherry picked from commit 65e643aca2202f031db94f1ccd3d44e195e5e772)
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+ - The token flush cron job has been modified to run hourly instead of once
+ a day. This is because this was causing issues with larger deployments, as
+ the operation would take too long and sometimes even fail because of the
+ transaction being so large. Note that this only affects people using the
+ UUID token provider.