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Enable splay for os-collect-config
At scale, having the os-collect-config instances all check in at the same time can cause performance problems. This change enables splay and sets it to a default maximum random sleep of 30 seconds prior to the os-collect-config polling. Change-Id: Iab8b51f4e5fb4727b8aa7e081f5cbfcbf11f7fcb Depends-On: I88f623c9e8db9ed4a186918206a63faec8f7f673 Closes-Bug: #1677314
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diff --git a/puppet/role.role.j2.yaml b/puppet/role.role.j2.yaml
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--- a/puppet/role.role.j2.yaml
+++ b/puppet/role.role.j2.yaml
@@ -125,6 +125,15 @@ parameters:
type: string
description: Command which will be run whenever configuration data changes
default: os-refresh-config --timeout 14400
+ ConfigCollectSplay:
+ type: number
+ default: 30
+ description: |
+ Maximum amount of time to possibly to delay configuation collection
+ polling. Defaults to 30 seconds. Set to 0 to disable it which will cause
+ the configuration collection to occur as soon as the collection process
+ starts. This setting is used to prevent the configuration collection
+ processes from polling all at the exact same time.
type: json
default: []
@@ -152,6 +161,7 @@ resources:
command: {get_param: ConfigCommand}
+ splay: {get_param: ConfigCollectSplay}
image: {get_param: {{role}}Image}
image_update_policy: {get_param: ImageUpdatePolicy}