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authorGiulio Fidente <gfidente@redhat.com>2016-11-08 12:39:05 +0100
committerMarios Andreou <marios@redhat.com>2016-11-08 12:19:27 +0000
commitb1624dd33d2de12b3cb329b4d35a97949abe30f6 (patch)
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parenteab3b9f72e4d27cdb20572b9907b3f22e8062e48 (diff)
Use --globoff when downloading artifacts
We do not encode the chars like [] possibly found in the artifacts URL, so curl tries to glob against IPv6 addresses in brackets. This change adds --globoff to the curl options so that IPv6 addresses in brackets are not misinterpreted. Closes-Bug: 1640148 Change-Id: Ic86ba1e5fb674bc15b4bcc6bd3ea9e943c4fbf8e
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diff --git a/puppet/deploy-artifacts.sh b/puppet/deploy-artifacts.sh
index 22fde9a7..8bcbbf4c 100644
--- a/puppet/deploy-artifacts.sh
+++ b/puppet/deploy-artifacts.sh
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ trap cleanup EXIT
if [ -n "$artifact_urls" ]; then
for URL in $(echo $artifact_urls | sed -e "s| |\n|g" | sort -u); do
- curl -o $TMP_DATA/file_data "$artifact_urls"
+ curl --globoff -o $TMP_DATA/file_data "$artifact_urls"
if file -b $TMP_DATA/file_data | grep RPM &>/dev/null; then
yum install -y $TMP_DATA/file_data
elif file -b $TMP_DATA/file_data | grep 'gzip compressed data' &>/dev/null; then