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Workflow input parameter update in plan-environment
derive_parameters workflow input parameter needs to be changed as num_phy_cores_per_numa_node_for_pmd instead of number_of_pmd_cpu_threads_per_numa_node. The performance varies based on the physical core rather than the logical CPUs. Which means, user should be able to decide the number of physical cores, which is proportional to data rate. Implements: blueprint tripleo-derive-parameters Change-Id: I056fb330a17e647ab527e8bccd52bdf5e77067b6
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diff --git a/plan-samples/README.rst b/plan-samples/README.rst
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--- a/plan-samples/README.rst
+++ b/plan-samples/README.rst
@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ commands. The sample format to provide the workflow specific parameters::
# DPDK Parameters
- number_of_pmd_cpu_threads_per_numa_node: 2
+ num_phy_cores_per_numa_node_for_pmd: 2
All the parameters specified under the workflow name will be passed as
-``user_input`` to the workflow, while invoking from the tripleoclient. \ No newline at end of file
+``user_input`` to the workflow, while invoking from the tripleoclient.
diff --git a/plan-samples/plan-environment-derived-params.yaml b/plan-samples/plan-environment-derived-params.yaml
index 964e57d..8f25071 100644
--- a/plan-samples/plan-environment-derived-params.yaml
+++ b/plan-samples/plan-environment-derived-params.yaml
@@ -9,11 +9,11 @@ environments:
######### DPDK Parameters #########
- # Specifices the minimum number of CPU threads to be allocated for DPDK
+ # Specifices the minimum number of CPU physical cores to be allocated for DPDK
# PMD threads. The actual allocation will be based on network config, if
# the a DPDK port is associated with a numa node, then this configuration
- # will be used, else 0.
- number_of_pmd_cpu_threads_per_numa_node: 4
+ # will be used, else 1.
+ num_phy_cores_per_numa_node_for_pmd: 2
# Amount of memory to be configured as huge pages in percentage. Ouf the
# total available memory (excluding the NovaReservedHostMemory), the
# specified percentage of the remaining is configured as huge pages.