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Add VipMap output
Add VipMap output to the top level stack output. VipMap is a mapping from each network to the VIP address on that network. Also includes the Redis VIP. This output facilitates deploying split-stack so you can feed the VIP addresses from VipMap as inputs into the services stack. implements blueprint split-stack-default Change-Id: I245920994613c9bd10801c25fa545267aa49b239
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@@ -806,3 +806,9 @@ outputs:
{% for role in roles %}
{{role.name}}: {get_attr: [{{role.name}}, attributes, os_collect_config]}
{% endfor %}
+ VipMap:
+ description: Mapping of each network to VIP addresses. Also includes the Redis VIP.
+ value:
+ map_merge:
+ - {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map]}
+ - redis: {get_attr: [RedisVirtualIP, ip_address]}