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Keep dynamic network creation backward compatible.
We had an history mapping for InternalApi to InternalNetwork. If we remove it then heat will want to destroy InternalNetwork and create InternalApi which cannot work during upgrade. This adds compat name parameters to network_data.yaml. Closes-Bug: #1709105 Change-Id: I8ce6419a5e13a13ee6e991db5ca2196763f52d7a
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@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@
# allocation_pools: IP range list e.g. [{'start':'', 'end':'}]
# gateway_ip: gateway for the network (optional, may use parameter defaults)
# NOTE: IP-related values set parameter defaults in templates, may be overridden.
+# compat_name: for existing stack you may need to override the default transformation
+# for the resource's name.
# Example:
# - name Example
@@ -39,6 +41,7 @@
vip: true
ip_subnet: ''
allocation_pools: [{'start': '', 'end': ''}]
+ compat_name: Internal
- name: Storage
vip: true
name_lower: storage