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Configure ctlplane network with a static IP
This patch updates all network configuration templates so that we configure the ctlplane network interface with a static IP instead of using DHCP. The IP address used for the static IP is passed into each nested stack network configuration template via the ControlPlaneIp parameter. Three new nested stack parameters called ControlPlaneSubnetCidr, ControlPlaneDefaultRoute, and EC2MetadataIp have been added to help configure the CIDR, default route, and EC2 metadata route on the ctlplane statically. These parameters can be customized via the parameter_defaults section in the heat environment. A single new template called net-config-static-bridge.yaml has been added to help migrate towards using the static configuration templates when not using network isolation. Depends-On: I257e1cba6dee16f73f75512d1284e1e3b9d4c831 Change-Id: Ib267e6dcf2d5ff77f7a82ee20a123965c2d07565
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@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@ description: >
Software Config to drive os-net-config for a simple bridge.
+ ControlPlaneIp:
+ default: ''
+ description: IP address/subnet on the ctlplane network
+ type: string
default: ''
description: IP address/subnet on the external network