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authorSteve Baker <sbaker@redhat.com>2017-03-09 02:19:59 +0000
committerSteve Baker <sbaker@redhat.com>2017-03-09 02:22:10 +0000
commitaf03e4d34bffcabd26e72eb85137b91f348ee2cb (patch)
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parenta1b3e2ee756b2957118c65cab83814461cce1b07 (diff)
docker-puppet.py fail if any worker fails
Currently returncodes are ignored from docker puppet workers, so a failed puppet apply may not manifest until later in the stack deployment due to some other failure. This change logs any failures at the end of the run and returns a failure code if any worker returns a failure code. Change-Id: I6a504dbeb4c0ac465ce10e7647830524fe0a1160
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1 files changed, 10 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/docker/docker-puppet.py b/docker/docker-puppet.py
index 157bf63..f5d814c 100755
--- a/docker/docker-puppet.py
+++ b/docker/docker-puppet.py
@@ -253,4 +253,13 @@ for p in process_map:
# Fire off processes to perform each configuration. Defaults
# to the number of CPUs on the system.
p = multiprocessing.Pool(process_count)
-p.map(mp_puppet_config, process_map)
+returncodes = list(p.map(mp_puppet_config, process_map))
+config_volumes = [pm[0] for pm in process_map]
+success = True
+for returncode, config_volume in zip(returncodes, config_volumes):
+ if returncode != 0:
+ print('ERROR configuring %s' % config_volume)
+ success = False
+if not success:
+ sys.exit(1)