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Validate NTP servers
Adds a validation to ensure at least one NTP source is available. Misconfigured or inaccessible NTP servers is a common source of erratic behavior and failures. This validation will ensure a NTP source is available or fail with debug output from ntpdate. The heat boolean: ValidateNtp can be set to disable this check. Change-Id: Ie93f943b53bf3a1b60a536df4a28ae203d98988f
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diff --git a/all-nodes-validation.yaml b/all-nodes-validation.yaml
index eea3e40..11a5b37 100644
--- a/all-nodes-validation.yaml
+++ b/all-nodes-validation.yaml
@@ -14,6 +14,10 @@ parameters:
default: false
description: Optional validation to ensure FQDN as set by Nova matches the name set in /etc/hosts.
type: boolean
+ ValidateNtp:
+ default: true
+ description: Validation to ensure at least one time source is accessible.
+ type: boolean
@@ -25,6 +29,8 @@ resources:
default: {get_param: PingTestIps}
- name: validate_fqdn
default: {get_param: ValidateFqdn}
+ - name: validate_ntp
+ default: {get_param: ValidateNtp}
config: {get_file: ./validation-scripts/all-nodes.sh}