AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-07-19Merge "Make os-net-config idempotent with Linux bonds and MAC mapping"Jenkins1-0/+7
2016-07-05Add support for Infiniband interfacesDan Sneddon7-0/+263
2016-07-05Merge "Add support for OVS patch ports"Jenkins7-0/+160
2016-06-30Make os-net-config idempotent with Linux bonds and MAC mappingDan Sneddon1-0/+7
2016-06-14Add support for OVS patch portsJames Slagle7-0/+160
2016-06-14Merge "Add some debugging output to ordered_active_nics"Jenkins1-2/+9
2016-06-10Merge "Add support for OVS tunnels"Jenkins5-1/+135
2016-05-23Add some debugging output to ordered_active_nicsJames Slagle1-2/+9
2016-04-22Merge "Add warning for no active nics"Jenkins2-0/+8
2016-04-13Add support for OVS tunnelsJames Slagle5-1/+135
2016-04-12Add warning for no active nicsBen Nemec2-0/+8
2016-04-12Normalize operstate value for interfacesBen Nemec1-2/+2
2016-04-12Merge "Fix typos"Jenkins1-3/+3
2016-04-12Fix typosJames Slagle1-3/+3
2016-04-11Merge "Use interface operstate to determine nic status"Jenkins1-4/+4
2016-04-11Merge "Bump hacking in test-requirements.txt"Jenkins5-15/+16
2016-04-07Use PEERDNS when no dns_servers or use_dhcp is providedGiulio Fidente2-0/+14
2016-04-06Bump hacking in test-requirements.txtDan Prince5-15/+16
2016-04-05Add MASTER=bond SLAVE=yes to linux bond interfacesDan Prince2-8/+13
2016-04-05Use interface operstate to determine nic statusChristopher Brown1-4/+4
2016-03-25Merge "Fix order-of-operations bug in os-net-config restart_interfaces"Jenkins2-12/+57
2016-03-22Fix order-of-operations bug in os-net-config restart_interfacesDan Sneddon2-12/+57
2016-03-22Merge "Use assertTrue/False instead of assertEqual(T/F)"Jenkins1-31/+31
2016-03-17Merge "py26 is no longer supported by Infra's CI"Jenkins1-2/+2
2016-03-17Merge "Fix hierarchy for Linux Bonds and Linux Bridges"Jenkins3-1/+21
2016-03-11Add ability to set IPv6 routes in os-net-config templatesDan Sneddon2-16/+96
2016-03-11Fix hierarchy for Linux Bonds and Linux BridgesDan Sneddon3-1/+21
2016-03-07Enable os_net_config to configure IVSxinwu7-0/+357
2016-03-02Merge "launchpad bug 1537330, fix _is_active_nic"Jenkins1-5/+3
2016-02-15Allow setting MTU to 1500Ian Pilcher5-11/+23
2016-02-12launchpad bug 1537330, fix _is_active_nicxinwu1-5/+3
2016-01-07Use assertTrue/False instead of assertEqual(T/F)Swapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap)1-31/+31
2015-12-26py26 is no longer supported by Infra's CIjanonymous1-2/+2
2015-11-20ifcfg: add VLAN=yes when neededGonéri Le Bouder2-0/+17
2015-11-04Merge "Added natural sort for interfaces in utils.ordered_active_nics()"Jenkins2-3/+18
2015-10-21Merge "Support multiple addresses assignment with eni"Jenkins3-5/+39
2015-10-19Added natural sort for interfaces in utils.ordered_active_nics()bdemers2-3/+18
2015-10-16Merge "Fix kwarg assignment in objects.py"Jenkins1-16/+35
2015-10-16Merge "Add Linux Bridge capability to os-net-config ifcfg"Jenkins6-2/+241
2015-10-12Fix kwarg assignment in objects.pyDan Sneddon1-16/+35
2015-10-12Add Linux Bridge capability to os-net-config ifcfgDan Sneddon6-2/+241
2015-10-12Merge "Add support for Linux Bonding to os-net-config ifcfg"Jenkins6-0/+204
2015-10-08Merge "Support multiple addresses assignment with ifcfg"Jenkins2-6/+37
2015-10-05Add support for Linux Bonding to os-net-config ifcfgDan Sneddon6-0/+204
2015-10-01Merge "ifcfg: Add support for dns_servers"Jenkins4-15/+69
2015-09-25Merge "Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors"Jenkins1-1/+1
2015-09-24Merge "os-net-config: ensure ifup is called just once"Jenkins2-1/+10
2015-09-23ifcfg: Add support for dns_serversDan Prince4-15/+69
2015-09-21Change ignore-errors to ignore_errorsMonty Taylor1-1/+1
2015-08-17Support multiple addresses assignment with eniTomoki Sekiyama3-5/+39