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authorJi-Wei <ji.wei3@zte.com.cn>2016-09-02 18:46:50 +0800
committerJi-Wei <ji.wei3@zte.com.cn>2016-09-02 18:49:42 +0800
commit7549babd90858e7696079a3340270a06e20ed07b (patch)
parentf79d534c3e130bb539cf7ccb1d3f9586e922b9a7 (diff)
Raise NotImplementedError instead of NotImplemented
NotImplementedError is the name of the exception (https://docs.python.org/2/library/exceptions.html). NotImplemented is the name of a constant (https://docs.python.org/2/library/constants.html). >>> raise NotImplemented() Traceback (most recent call last): File "<pyshell#31>", line 1, in <module> raise NotImplemented() TypeError: 'NotImplementedType' object is not callable >>> raise NotImplementedError() Traceback (most recent call last): File "<pyshell#32>", line 1, in <module> raise NotImplementedError() NotImplementedError This patch fix it. Change-Id: I8b8b47de26b9bf688d9d27a4daa6d9910994ac4a Closes-Bug: #1339855
2 files changed, 17 insertions, 17 deletions
diff --git a/os_net_config/__init__.py b/os_net_config/__init__.py
index 19d4a1e..faa5e92 100644
--- a/os_net_config/__init__.py
+++ b/os_net_config/__init__.py
@@ -101,105 +101,105 @@ class NetConfig(object):
:param interface: The Interface object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_interface is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_interface is not implemented.")
def add_vlan(self, vlan):
"""Add a Vlan object to the net config object.
:param vlan: The vlan object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_vlan is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_vlan is not implemented.")
def add_bridge(self, bridge):
"""Add an OvsBridge object to the net config object.
:param bridge: The OvsBridge object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_bridge is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_bridge is not implemented.")
def add_ovs_user_bridge(self, bridge):
"""Add an OvsUserBridge object to the net config object.
:param bridge: The OvsUserBridge object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_ovs_user_bridge is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_ovs_user_bridge is not implemented.")
def add_linux_bridge(self, bridge):
"""Add a LinuxBridge object to the net config object.
:param bridge: The LinuxBridge object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_linux_bridge is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_linux_bridge is not implemented.")
def add_ivs_bridge(self, bridge):
"""Add a IvsBridge object to the net config object.
:param bridge: The IvsBridge object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_ivs_bridge is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_ivs_bridge is not implemented.")
def add_nfvswitch_bridge(self, bridge):
"""Add a NfvswitchBridge object to the net config object.
:param bridge: The NfvswitchBridge object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_nfvswitch_bridge is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_nfvswitch_bridge is not implemented.")
def add_bond(self, bond):
"""Add an OvsBond object to the net config object.
:param bond: The OvsBond object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_bond is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_bond is not implemented.")
def add_linux_bond(self, bond):
"""Add a LinuxBond object to the net config object.
:param bond: The LinuxBond object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_linux_bond is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_linux_bond is not implemented.")
def add_linux_team(self, team):
"""Add a LinuxTeam object to the net config object.
:param team: The LinuxTeam object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_linux_team is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_linux_team is not implemented.")
def add_ovs_tunnel(self, tunnel):
"""Add a OvsTunnel object to the net config object.
:param tunnel: The OvsTunnel object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_ovs_tunnel is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_ovs_tunnel is not implemented.")
def add_ovs_patch_port(self, ovs_patch_port):
"""Add a OvsPatchPort object to the net config object.
:param ovs_patch_port: The OvsPatchPort object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_ovs_patch_port is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_ovs_patch_port is not implemented.")
def add_ib_interface(self, ib_interface):
"""Add an InfiniBand Interface object to the net config object.
:param interface: The InfiniBand Interface object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_ib_interface is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_ib_interface is not implemented.")
def add_ovs_dpdk_port(self, ovs_dpdk_port):
"""Add a OvsDpdkPort object to the net config object.
:param ovs_dpdk_port: The OvsDpdkPort object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_ovs_dpdk_port is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_ovs_dpdk_port is not implemented.")
def add_ovs_dpdk_bond(self, ovs_dpdk_bond):
"""Add a OvsDpdkBond object to the net config object.
:param ovs_dpdk_bond: The OvsDpdkBond object to add.
- raise NotImplemented("add_ovs_dpdk_bond is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("add_ovs_dpdk_bond is not implemented.")
def apply(self, cleanup=False):
"""Apply the network configuration.
@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ class NetConfig(object):
for each file that was changed (or would be changed if in --noop
- raise NotImplemented("apply is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("apply is not implemented.")
def execute(self, msg, cmd, *args, **kwargs):
"""Print a message and run a command.
diff --git a/os_net_config/impl_eni.py b/os_net_config/impl_eni.py
index ae60099..d15872e 100644
--- a/os_net_config/impl_eni.py
+++ b/os_net_config/impl_eni.py
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ class ENINetConfig(os_net_config.NetConfig):
data += " mtu %i\n" % interface.mtu
if interface.hwaddr:
- raise NotImplemented("hwaddr is not implemented.")
+ raise NotImplementedError("hwaddr is not implemented.")
if ovs_extra:
data += " ovs_extra %s\n" % " -- ".join(ovs_extra)