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Yardstick User Interface
-This interface provides a user to view the test result
-in table format and also values pinned on to a graph.
+This chapter describes how to generate HTML reports, used to view, store, share
+or publish test results in table and graph formats.
+The following layouts are available:
+* The compact HTML report layout is suitable for testcases producing a few
+ metrics over a short period of time. All metrics for all timestamps are
+ displayed in the data table and on the graph.
+* The dynamic HTML report layout consists of a wider data table, a graph, and
+ a tree that allows selecting the metrics to be displayed. This layout is
+ suitable for testcases, such as NSB ones, producing a lot of metrics over
+ a longer period of time.
+To generate the compact HTML report, run::
yardstick report generate <task-ID> <testcase-filename>
+To generate the dynamic HTML report, run::
+ yardstick report generate-nsb <task-ID> <testcase-filename>
@@ -27,8 +43,8 @@ Description
The graph is framed with Timestamp on x-axis and output values
(differ from testcase to testcase) on y-axis with the help of
.. _InfluxDB: https://www.influxdata.com/time-series-platform/influxdb/
.. _Jinja2: http://jinja.pocoo.org/docs/2.10/
-.. _Highcharts: https://www.highcharts.com/products/highcharts/
+.. _Chart.js: https://www.chartjs.org/
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Application Programming Interface
+ Barometer
+ OPNFV NFVi Service Assurance project. Barometer upstreams changes to
+ collectd, OpenStack, etc to improve features related to NFVi monitoring
+ and service assurance.
+ More info on: https://opnfv-barometer.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
+ collectd
+ collectd is a system statistics collection daemon.
+ More info on: https://collectd.org/
+ context
+ A context describes the environment in which a yardstick testcase will
+ be run. It can refer to a pre-provisioned environment, or an environment
+ that will be set up using OpenStack or Kubernetes.
Docker provisions and manages containers. Yardstick and many other OPNFV
projects are deployed in containers. Docker is required to launch the
containerized versions of these projects.
- Deep Packet Inspection
Data Plane Development Kit
+ Deep Packet Inspection
Differentiated Services Code Point
+ flavor
+ A specification of virtual resources used by OpenStack in the creation
+ of a VM instance.
+ Grafana
+ A visualization tool, used in Yardstick to retrieve test data from
+ InfluxDB and display it. Grafana works by defining dashboards, which are
+ combinations of visualization panes (e.g. line charts and gauges) and
+ forms that assist the user in formulating SQL-like queries for InfluxDB.
+ More info on: https://grafana.com/
Internet Group Management Protocol
+ InfluxDB
+ One of the Dispatchers supported by Yardstick, it allows test results to
+ be reported to a time-series database.
+ More info on: https://www.influxdata.com/
Input/Output Operations Per Second
A performance measurement used to benchmark storage devices.
@@ -43,6 +74,9 @@ Glossary
deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.
It is one of the contexts supported in Yardstick.
+ Multiprotocol Label Switching
Network Function Virtualization
NFV is an initiative to take network services which were traditionally run
@@ -56,6 +90,10 @@ Glossary
Network Interface Controller
+ Network Services Benchmarking. A subset of Yardstick features concerned
+ with NFVI and VNF characterization.
OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls pools of compute,
storage, and networking resources. OpenStack is an open source project
@@ -77,6 +115,18 @@ Glossary
performance in Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS), throttling
agreements, and performance expectations at peak load
+ runner
+ The part of a Yardstick testcase that determines how the test will be run
+ (e.g. for x iterations, y seconds or until state z is reached). The runner
+ also determines when the metrics are collected/reported.
+ SampleVNF
+ OPNFV project providing a repository of reference VNFs.
+ More info on: https://opnfv-samplevnf.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
+ scenario
+ The part of a Yardstick testcase that describes each test step.
Service Level Agreement
An SLA is an agreement between a service provider and a customer to
@@ -92,6 +142,10 @@ Glossary
System Under Test
+ testcase
+ A task in Yardstick; the yaml file that is read by Yardstick to
+ determine how to run a test.
Type of Service
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@@ -33,6 +33,6 @@ NSB PROX Test Case Descriptions
- tc_vfw_rfc2544.rst
- tc_vfw_rfc2544_correlated.rst
- tc_vfw_rfc3511.rst
+ tc_vfw_rfc2544
+ tc_vfw_rfc2544_correlated
+ tc_vfw_rfc3511