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2016-10-20docs: Update links for Colorado 2.0colorado.3.0colorado.2.0stable/coloradoMartin Klozik4-17/+17
2016-09-07Merge "docs: Fix links and formatting" into stable/coloradocolorado.1.0Maryam Tahhan6-61/+106
2016-09-06docs: Fix links and formattingMartin Klozik6-61/+106
2016-09-02test_spec: Remove formatted text file verions of IETF DraftAl Morton3-3696/+0
2016-08-16Integration Test: Multi-VM with parallel PVP connections.Antonio Fischetti3-19/+259
2016-08-16integration: Support for VxLAN TC without using overlay traffic gen.Sugesh Chandran6-0/+345
2016-08-14docs: add vm2vm testing methodologyMaryam Tahhan5-0/+42
2016-08-14Merge "docs: add LTP to index.rst"Maryam Tahhan3-30/+26
2016-08-12doc_fixup: Grammar and link fixes to documentationChristian Trautman4-7/+21
2016-08-12pkt_gen: Spirent changes to Harmonize test/trial terminologysridharkn1-7/+9
2016-08-12docs: add LTP to index.rstMaryam Tahhan3-30/+26
2016-08-12pkt_gen: Update MoonGen Documentionbmichalo1-0/+15
2016-08-11hugepage_fix: Fix free hugepage calcluationChristian Trautman2-5/+5
2016-08-10Merge "docs: split LTD into LTP and LTD."Maryam Tahhan2-1050/+1327
2016-08-10Merge "integration_cleanup: Force testcase cleanup to always run"Maryam Tahhan1-86/+87
2016-08-10Merge "Xena_2544_tput_options: Add options for rfc 2544 testing"Maryam Tahhan5-0/+64
2016-08-10Merge "hugepages: change default num pages + deallocate"Maryam Tahhan2-15/+32
2016-08-10docs: split LTD into LTP and LTD.Maryam Tahhan2-1050/+1327
2016-08-09integration_cleanup: Force testcase cleanup to always runChristian Trautman1-86/+87
2016-08-09Xena_2544_tput_options: Add options for rfc 2544 testingChristian Trautman5-0/+64
2016-08-09Merge "test_spec: LTD: MatchAction Performance testing"Maryam Tahhan1-0/+122
2016-08-09Merge "pkt_gen: MoonGen should use class object for line rate calc"Maryam Tahhan1-1/+1
2016-08-09pkt_gen: MoonGen should use class object for line rate calcbmichalo1-1/+1
2016-08-09test_spec: LTD: MatchAction Performance testingAl Morton1-0/+122
2016-08-09Merge "bugfix: Harmonize test/trial RFC2544 terminology"Maryam Tahhan16-89/+98
2016-08-09hugepages: change default num pages + deallocateMaryam Tahhan2-15/+32
2016-08-09hugepage_detect: Change hugepage detection to check for free hugepagesChristian Trautman3-27/+152
2016-08-09Merge "namespace_bug: Initial creation of namespace fails"Maryam Tahhan1-2/+2
2016-08-08pkt_gen: MoonGen incorrectly calculates rx/tx % statisticsbmichalo1-7/+16
2016-08-08Merge "sriov: PCI IDs must be checked before usage"Maryam Tahhan1-3/+3
2016-08-08Merge "dpdk: Testpmd forwarding mode changes in v16.07"Maryam Tahhan4-6/+15
2016-08-08Merge "install: Missing packages for numa library"Maryam Tahhan7-3/+25
2016-08-08Merge "Xena: Modify aggregate_stats one port no stats when bi-direction"Maryam Tahhan1-2/+14
2016-08-06namespace_bug: Initial creation of namespace failsChristian Trautman1-2/+2
2016-08-05sriov: PCI IDs must be checked before usageMartin Klozik1-3/+3
2016-08-05dpdk: Testpmd forwarding mode changes in v16.07Martin Klozik4-6/+15
2016-08-05Merge "Hugepages: on the fly allocation."Maryam Tahhan3-1/+54
2016-08-05Merge "pkt_gen: MoonGen start rates not correct"Maryam Tahhan4-6/+30
2016-08-04install: Missing packages for numa libraryMartin Klozik7-3/+25
2016-08-04bugfix: Harmonize test/trial RFC2544 terminologyMartin Klozik16-89/+98
2016-08-04docs: Update vloop-vnf changelogMartin Klozik1-0/+7
2016-08-04Hugepages: on the fly allocation.Mars Toktonaliev3-1/+54
2016-08-03Xena: Modify aggregate_stats one port no stats when bi-directionliting1-2/+14
2016-08-03pkt_gen: MoonGen start rates not correctbmichalo4-6/+30
2016-08-03Merge "docs: Enhancement of IxNetwork configuration guide"Maryam Tahhan3-3/+87
2016-08-02docs: Update release notesMartin Klozik1-0/+9
2016-08-02Merge "pkt_gen: Remove commas from MoonGen results"Martin Klozik1-18/+18
2016-08-02Merge "xena_deadlock: Fix xena2544.exe deadlock"Maryam Tahhan1-41/+62
2016-08-01pkt_gen: Remove commas from MoonGen resultsbmichalo1-18/+18
2016-08-01Merge "pkt_gen: MoonGen incorrectly inserting VLAN tag"Martin Klozik1-2/+3