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['settings', 'setValue', 'GUEST_USERNAME', ['root']]
+ It is possible and more convenient to access any VSPERF configuration option directly
+ via ``$NAME`` notation. Option evaluation is done during runtime and vsperf will
+ automatically translate it to the appropriate call of ``settings.getValue``.
+ If the referred parameter does not exist, then vsperf will keep ``$NAME``
+ string untouched and it will continue with testcase execution. The reason is to
+ avoid test execution failure in case that ``$`` sign has been used from different
+ reason than vsperf parameter evaluation.
+ **NOTE:** It is recommended to use ``${NAME}`` notation for any shell parameters
+ used within ``Exec_Shell`` call to avoid a clash with configuration parameter
+ evaluation.
+ **NOTE:** It is possible to refer to vsperf parameter value by ``#PARAM()`` macro
+ (see :ref:`overriding-parameters-documentation`. However ``#PARAM()`` macro is
+ evaluated at the beginning of vsperf execution and it will not reflect any changes
+ made to the vsperf configuration during runtime. On the other hand ``$NAME``
+ notation is evaluated during test execution and thus it contains any modifications
+ to the configuration parameter made by vsperf (e.g. ``TOOLS`` and ``NICS``
+ dictionaries) or by testcase definition (e.g. ``TRAFFIC`` dictionary).
+ Examples:
+ .. code-block:: python
+ ['tools', 'exec_shell', "$TOOLS['ovs-vsctl'] show"]
+ ['settings', 'setValue', 'TRAFFICGEN_IXIA_PORT2', '$TRAFFICGEN_IXIA_PORT1'],
+ ['vswitch', 'add_flow', 'int_br0',
+ {'in_port': '#STEP[1][1]',
+ 'dl_type': '0x800',
+ 'nw_proto': '17',
+ 'nw_dst': '$TRAFFIC["l3"]["dstip"]/8',
+ 'actions': ['output:#STEP[2][1]']
+ }
+ ]
* ``namespace`` - creates or modifies network namespaces
List of supported functions: