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2018-12-19add scenario description for os-nosdn-stor4nfv-hastable/gambiaQiaowei Ren2-0/+74
Change-Id: I982164682f7567110d1e46ed07a8d96dfe9239e3 Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <> (cherry picked from commit 56bf48111d4e7f0664789f5b6a567ce2c66d0b8b)
2018-12-18complete the release-notesQiaowei Ren1-4/+14
Change-Id: Iec6fe8ead2cb50f6bf8607fe89cf124a7358c40e Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-12-17docs updateSofia Wallin5-40/+18
editorial updates enabling references in release notes and user guide (cherry picked from commit 52bdbf38442c758dbc71683e3476c33e58847e84) Change-Id: Ic68b203363c333342c2920cfbe04e1ac3f4132e1 Signed-off-by: Sofia Wallin <> Signed-off-by: Trevor Bramwell <>
2018-12-03Merge "Set Docs Version to Gambia" into stable/gambiaQiaowei Ren1-0/+2
2018-11-20Create Documentation IndexesTrevor Bramwell2-0/+31
index.rst files were missing for some of the folders under docs which causes builds to fail. Change-Id: Iacdf3bb5c27940845141a39164d4b8ff699c81cd Signed-off-by: Trevor Bramwell <> (cherry picked from commit 7606fef53a825802a4855ceeb90ea40085a42ed3)
2018-11-20Set Docs Version to GambiaTrevor Bramwell1-0/+2
The default version and release to OPNFV documentation is 'latest'. Even though these docs come from the stable branch, setting this to 'Gambia' makes it clearer when reading the docs which version you're looking at. Change-Id: I3cfc2461b74b5460253860883c5392fba4a69278 Signed-off-by: Trevor Bramwell <> (cherry picked from commit 0f4cd61a5d8e655be423481765e325e88012d9f7)
2018-09-25Merge "Local Documentation Builds"Qiaowei Ren5-0/+25
2018-09-18Local Documentation BuildsAric Gardner5-0/+25
This adds configuration for performing local documentation builds with the following simple command: tox -e docs Change-Id: I68d939d6b1c7e27fc5d266d0934e355560ee7748 Signed-off-by: Aric Gardner <>
2018-09-15Remove check_envs callCédric Ollivier1-1/+0
It was removed because it was useless [1]. [1] Change-Id: I7620e959f756bb77e65dd1f770ecdb40e7042629 Signed-off-by: Cédric Ollivier <>
2018-09-11ceph: shared persistent read-only rbd cacheQiaowei Ren11-1/+8281
This patch introduces introduces RBD shared persistent RO cache which can provide client-side sharing cache for rbd clone/snapshot case. Change-Id: Icad8063f4f10b1ab4ce31920e90d5affa7d0abdc Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <> Signed-off-by: Dehao Shang <> Signed-off-by: Tushar Gohad <> Signed-off-by: Jason Dillaman <> Signed-off-by: Yuan Zhou <>
2018-09-02Update entry_point to conform with XtestingCédric Ollivier1-0/+5
Functest is being updated to Xtesting 0.60 which leverages on stevedore [1]. [1] Change-Id: I39bc26b6a7cd5b0aee071d1d543701c1adf9acc9 Signed-off-by: Cédric Ollivier <>
2018-08-23Add openstack test caseQiaowei Ren1-0/+25
Change-Id: Ib14ffc283dd4226810e2388807971ae97d25e122 Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-08-16Fix some bugs about ansible deploymentleonwang6-12/+16
According to the feedback from Compass4NFV team, the goal of this patch is for: 1. Add notario package install step 2. Ignore the error of checking ceph osd and mon service 3. Move nbp-installer role to the last one to install Change-Id: Id6555cd9cd2877dc21ee5a92774c514b7c3fca34 Signed-off-by: leonwang <>
2018-08-10Add cindercompatibleapi binary fileleonwang3-37/+6
This patch is proposed for adding cindercompatibleapi binary file in ci/bin folder, so that downstream projects can directly download this file in OpenStack scenario. Besides, some installation docs are also updated according to these changes. Change-Id: I92a341978379078216c220a9e84d47461d5a13d5 Signed-off-by: leonwang <>
2018-08-07Update the latest version of ansible scriptleonwang16-52/+116
This patch is proposed for merging the latest version of ansible code according to opensds-installer project. From the latest version code, we change the default installation way from source code to release, which means there is no need for golang environment prepare and long-time building work. Change-Id: I93d7d24f29e61979bc8fda7125ae753063eda423 Signed-off-by: leonwang <>
2018-07-20Update stor4nfv install scripts according to opensds aruba releaseleonwang54-869/+2320
Since OpenSDS has published its aruba release and also supports OpenStack scenario, this patch is designed for updating stor4nfv code to prepare for integrating Compass4NFV and Apex installer on OpenStack scenario. Besides the large code changes, some tutorial docs are also added or updated for better installing this project. Change-Id: I1e4fec652c6c860028ef39448bc323839f3aa95c Signed-off-by: leonwang <>
2018-05-29fix syntax error for etcd_docker_image due to ansible upgradeDi Xu2-2/+2
Change-Id: Id3553216d4027ab576968de44a8d242afe341b2c Signed-off-by: Di Xu <>
2018-05-25Merge "support deploying etcd on aarch64 platform"Hui Wang4-3/+45
2018-05-25Merge "manage local patches"Hui Wang3-3/+65
2018-05-25Merge "fix etcd startup arguments"Hui Wang1-2/+2
2018-05-24manage local patchesQiaowei Ren3-3/+65
We could not put the source code of ceph or other projects due to different license, and so we have to only manage those changes locally. This patch provides one way to apply local patches into source code from public repo. We can use the '.rc' file in every project to configure the branch, repo and list all local patches which need to be applies into original branch. And then use '' script to apply them one by one, e.g. $ src/ src/ceph/ceph.rc Change-Id: I07573a0ab6985c2aca2558ac2183cdfc8187bf04 Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-05-15fix etcd startup argumentsDi Xu1-2/+2
Change-Id: I34c399b309986fc7bfb25af8104843ec9b9dd9c0 Signed-off-by: Di Xu <>
2018-05-15support deploying etcd on aarch64 platformDi Xu4-3/+45
Change-Id: I8d6e2c3255e81d95e0546169f24c9090b34ce0b6 Signed-off-by: Di Xu <>
2018-05-15Merge "Update INFO file PTL Shane->Qiaowei"Qiaowei Ren1-2/+2
2018-05-04userguideQiaowei Ren3-3/+46
Change-Id: Id22c6199f5a6d821d652f79cf07de3d899823352 Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-05-03Update INFO file PTL Shane->QiaoweiShane Wang1-2/+2
Change-Id: If839de0d58affe3e76b539972a0f76f7d287e3e7 Signed-off-by: Shane Wang <>
2018-05-03k8-nosdn-stor4nfv-ha Scenario DocumentationTrevor Bramwell2-0/+55
Documentation for the k8nosdn-stor4nfv-ha scenario. Change-Id: I80b3814cff636deec41331c6e4bbdec63a5ce7ae Signed-off-by: Trevor Bramwell <> (cherry picked from commit 91625f4898dcdcba64f1941c6c56f13938c9d4ea)
2018-05-03update k8-nosdn-stor4nfv-ha scenario documentationQiaowei Ren1-1/+24
Change-Id: Iea38168d2819cbbedcfcc799dfd93840aaf53d4a Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-04-11remove the command line for test caseQiaowei Ren1-1/+7
the cmd-line for k8s test case could not run normally, and so remove it here. Change-Id: I2188f09139fb41ed68976317bf027ce83053a026 Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-03-23Remove functest_kubernetes from requirementsopnfv-6.0.0Linda Wang1-2/+0
Change-Id: I05dd6f833716e36d173f0b4e7f6a317d41f1a039 Signed-off-by: Linda Wang <>
2018-03-21Add k8s test caseQiaowei Ren4-10/+28
Change-Id: I7ef6fd6aa31fae47cca446d31b6b54d13454df9c Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-03-17Fix a typoQiaowei Ren1-1/+1
Change-Id: I6c4b9cc320270216f9064bb402436ff221bed7c6 Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-03-16Add setup file for functest environmentQiaowei Ren3-0/+46
Change-Id: I167d4df3af593fabfef93346607b55fa68d87487 Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-03-16Initial test code for functestQiaowei Ren3-3/+6
Change-Id: I918150ab35d5506918baaf39d9e5ec9ec622092f Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-03-15Merge nbp installation into opensds ansible scriptleonwang38-1997/+1900
In this update, the nbp-ansible is removed from stor4nfv repo and all code has been merged into ansible repo. Besides, the latest update reduce a lot of work to download and build opensds source code. And some installation docs are also updated. Remove license statement for the moment. Change-Id: Ib8504d96e2d41e1c3ab7e0c94689111679d56abd Signed-off-by: leonwang <>
2018-03-09init docs directoryQiaowei Ren3-0/+71
This patch creates docs directory and add initial release notes. Change-Id: I22e53d9d1a5124186416fe0044769fabd634253c Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-03-01remove ceph codeQiaowei Ren7027-1809714/+0
This patch removes initial ceph code, due to license issue. Change-Id: I092d44f601cdf34aed92300fe13214925563081c Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-02-24Fix some bugs when testing opensds ansibleleonwang2-8/+10
When we tested opensds ansible script with multi-nodes ceph cluster, it didn't work because ansible can't detect the osd process on its local node. So I suggest we removed ceph osd service check for now to solve the problem. Change-Id: I62514afc147952a230c27cce01ff39de3b7bb9f3 Signed-off-by: leonwang <>
2018-02-23Update opensds ansibleleonwang25-1781/+1832
This patch is designed for solving some problems below: - Sync the latest code with opensds community - Enable containerized deployment in ansible script - Fix some bugs in port conflicts of etcd deployment Change-Id: Id48906b91c08b3a98e6fc3d8d424a1cd2b11f2be Signed-off-by: leonwang <>
2018-02-03Add csi plugin ansible and tutorial documentleonwang17-36/+184
As discussed on Compass4NFV meeting this week, we need to add the support for csi-plugin. So in this patch I extend nbp-ansible to support integrating with k8s using csi. All the detailed information can be found in documents. Besides, since opensds community has updated something in opensds ansible, we should update ours to keep up with the latest code. Change-Id: I238c7f7652b6a9c86cc9fcb24d9575d625c5f80a Signed-off-by: leonwang <>
2018-01-26Add nbp-ansible script to deploy opensds northbound pluginsleonwang9-0/+261
In this patch, I created another ansible script to deploy opensds northbound plugins. Since we plan to integrate opensds with k8s using flexvolume, I only add flexvolume role to work on it. But the framework is extensible for adding more roles to integrate with k8s in other ways. Besides, I drafted the installation doc of integrating stor4nfv with k8s in docs directory so that Compass team can work on it more easily. Change-Id: Ifbd6cc38bf1789de0fcb132e6aa3cfcd9072a11b Signed-off-by: leonwang <>
2018-01-19build packageQiaowei Ren5-0/+223
This patch is to build debian/centos package. Currently it only can build ceph package and only support debian package building from ceph official repo. Change-Id: I702a1d28dd0101156bc3267d93510133db122613 Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2018-01-10Push zealand version of opensds ansible as base-code of Stor4NFVleonwang24-0/+1770
As we discussed on last meeting, the installer script of stor4nfv will be based on opensds ansible, so in this patch I download the first release (zealand) of opensds code and push the ansible script into stor4nfv repo so that we don't need to modify opensds code. Please be free to ask if you have any question. Change-Id: I7b50729977b195fa64e8d9a09f415d9f3329d71f Signed-off-by: leonwang <>
2018-01-08Merge "Add script files of test and spdk-ansible for SPDK"Qiaowei Ren6-0/+247
2018-01-06Add script files of test and spdk-ansible for SPDKheluwei6-0/+247
The file and the spdk-ansible are submitted. The file is used to execute the scripts of test to validate whether the SPDK is available. The spdk-ansible is used to install SPDK by the ansible tool. Change-Id: I9eca7fb5cfcd2dcf718a0ef99d0ced5f962fd92a Signed-off-by: heluwei <>
2018-01-05initial code repoQiaowei Ren7030-0/+1809723
This patch creates initial code repo. For ceph, luminous stable release will be used for base code, and next changes and optimization for ceph will be added to it. For opensds, currently any changes can be upstreamed into original opensds repo (, and so stor4nfv will directly clone opensds code to deploy stor4nfv environment. And the scripts for deployment based on ceph and opensds will be put into 'ci' directory. Change-Id: I46a32218884c75dda2936337604ff03c554648e4 Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2017-10-20update INFO and LICENSEQiaowei Ren2-4/+4
This patch removes the extra space, and change the 'Copyright 2015' to 'Copyright 2017'. Change-Id: I179b98205c2cb6d1dd072a9bf69653ed9d6cbefc Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
2017-09-12Adding INFO and LICENSE for reviewagardner3-0/+43
Change-Id: I31d2458fe22c95a75753350f393f2fe0f34e3f30 Signed-off-by: agardner <>
2017-09-12Initial empty repositoryAric Gardner0-0/+0