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+.. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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+This document provides scenario level details for <RELEASE> of <COMPONENT>.
+.. contents::
+ :depth: 3
+ :local:
+.. In this section explain the purpose of the scenario and the types of capabilities provided
+The os-nosdn-stor4nfv-ha is intended to be used to install the OPNFV Stor4NFV project in a standard
+OPNFV High Availability mode. The OPNFV Stor4NFV project integrates the OpenSDS and Ceph projects
+into the OPNFV environment.
+Scenario components and composition
+.. In this section describe the unique components that make up the scenario,
+.. what each component provides and why it has been included in order
+.. to communicate to the user the capabilities available in this scenario.
+This scenario installs everything needed to use the Stor4NFV project in an OPNFV
+environment. Mainly two upstream projects, including OpenSDS and Ceph, will be installed
+and deployed.
+Ceph plays a role as the data plane and the backend driver of OpenSDS. 'dock' service of
+OpenSDS need to be deployed in Ceph monitor node. The users can use OpenSDS, control plane,
+to create, inquire, and delete storage resources.
+Scenario usage overview
+.. Provide a brief overview on how to use the scenario and the features available to the
+.. user. This should be an "introduction" to the userguide document, and explicitly link to it,
+.. where the specifics of the features are covered including examples and API's
+Once this scenario is installed, it will be possible for openstack to create volume through
+OpenSDS API to call Ceph, and in this case, Ceph will be used for storage backend together
+with OpenSDS.
+Limitations, Issues and Workarounds
+.. Explain scenario limitations here, this should be at a design level rather than discussing
+.. faults or bugs. If the system design only provide some expected functionality then provide
+.. some insight at this point.
+For more information about Stor4NFV, please visit