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manage local patches
We could not put the source code of ceph or other projects due to different license, and so we have to only manage those changes locally. This patch provides one way to apply local patches into source code from public repo. We can use the '.rc' file in every project to configure the branch, repo and list all local patches which need to be applies into original branch. And then use '' script to apply them one by one, e.g. $ src/ src/ceph/ceph.rc Change-Id: I07573a0ab6985c2aca2558ac2183cdfc8187bf04 Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
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-# Ignore everything in this directory
-# Except this file !.gitkeep
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+SUMMARY="a scalable distributed storage system"
+# array including all local patches, e.g.
+# "0001-crypto-add-openssl-support-for-RGW-encryption.patch" \
+# "0001-add-QAT-support.patch" \
+# )