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2017-06-28Fix typos and other errors in documentationMiguel Lavalle1-1/+1
While reading the documentation, I found typos and other errors. This patchset fixes them. Change-Id: I2bf83a26da58845337dd77e56a8c77aa63084f2f Signed-off-by: Miguel Lavalle <malavall@us.ibm.com>
2015-11-10Correct structureblsaws1-0/+1
Add docs folder Update HTML theme Remove example docs JIRA: SFC-3 Change-Id: If0158796aee5f020f3bb4403b8a67952f9e6bb26 Signed-off-by: blsaws <blsaws@hotmail.com>
2015-11-10Moves the VnfManagerSimulator code to one specific folder so it is not in ↵mbuil1-1/+0
the root of the OPNFV SFC repository Change-Id: I7e5003a69e3514f6b0bf0968758aec167fc052a4
2015-10-23First version of VNF manager simulatorManuel Buil Mur1-0/+1
This simulator contacts Openstack to create the SF VMs and then contacts ODL to create the SFC. It is not intended to be a replacement of other VNF Managers such as Tacker or OpenMANO, just a simple simulation for testing and development purposes. Change-Id: Iaf691035d1b8435f5fccf559aebf6f3ed1afd066 Signed-off-by: mbuil <manuel.buil@ericsson.com>