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2016-11-04Release notes updated for Colorado 2.0colorado.2.0stable/coloradoManuel Buil1-15/+7
Change-Id: I9ebc7c4c7d780833e9b1b8a8a6cbce360b95655a Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <manuel.buil@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 55649ff33c7c92a0ba2d08ebf15a21f3df9ae781)
2016-09-21Updating limitations in SFC scenario: os-odl_l2-sfc-hacolorado.1.0Brady Johnson2-2/+4
- The scenario is not working since Tacker isnt available in HA Change-Id: Ic439758487a3cce9f1603fb2392f4b30e7d4a957 Signed-off-by: Brady Johnson <brady.allen.johnson@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit aa5dd5c938dde2e0042c60fc72bb136a7b5098d3)
2016-09-21Release notes updatedManuel Buil1-1/+18
Limitations were added Change-Id: I3cb08f2c236ac8313632d6d8cf368fceb0e5c777 Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <manuel.buil@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit c74aa3baaf165a421caf053ab39852ef086e1cf1)
2016-09-20SFC User Guide docsBrady Johnson1-3/+34
- Patch Set 2 : added links to Tacker help - Patch Set 3 : fixed hyper links - Patch Set 4 : addressed code review comments Change-Id: I3c279b2c7cf97bdde0567f204296fa76140e6f2c Signed-off-by: Brady Johnson <brady.allen.johnson@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 1d2bdd9241564b0e848888b7f2491afef4ecedca)
2016-09-20Updating the release notes for SFC ColoradoBrady Johnson1-43/+62
- Patch Set 2: minor correction - Patch Set 3: addressed code review comments - Patch Set 4: more code review comments fixed - Patch Set 6: improved the known issues/limitations section Change-Id: I52c24fea48cb0a107c6aa36bc656148d6525f3ed Signed-off-by: Brady Johnson <brady.allen.johnson@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 2d23ce74c368d6753485108a160f90fe6068ce05)
2016-09-20Minor, cosmetic changesFerenc Cserepkei1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ic2b7f72a973d2197b8ee84ada9f62a6a9c79c1d8 Signed-off-by: Ferenc Cserepkei <ferenc.cserepkei@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 8aed8c94907dcbcadfc36e0656acfb3074d5e2a3)
2016-09-20Installation document addedFerenc Cserepkei1-12/+247
Change-Id: I2a6b3b04091f2a593f4734fc981fc989d34b1236 Signed-off-by: Ferenc Cserepkei <ferenc.cserepkei@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit 4b6dc19050dab860bcbebc394b38cbb194c2384a)
2016-09-02Adding SFC Scenario documentationBrady Johnson4-0/+266
- For scenarios: os-odl_l2-sfc-ha and os-odl_l2-sfc-noha - Patch Set 2: fixed minor validation warnings Change-Id: Ifc861f6de834b3e49471873fb6ffd36c9d97c3d5 Signed-off-by: Brady Johnson <brady.allen.johnson@ericsson.com>
2016-09-02Fixing problems with merge from previous commitBrady Johnson1-10/+0
- Some <<< HEAD tags were left over from a previous merge that wasnt completely resolved. Change-Id: I2dbafdde44a4099f172aecc94ec8dc1435855570 Signed-off-by: Brady Johnson <brady.allen.johnson@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit b1524c428841607007d608dcf925480c68f285ac)
2016-09-01Updated docs structure according to directivesSofia Wallin6-7/+89
Created a sub directory /installationprocedure and added a template for installation and configuration /feature.configuration.rst together with an index.rst Added a /feature.userguide.rst and index.rst under /userguide. Adjusted the releasenotes, renamed the index.rst to releasenotes.rst and added a separate index.rst. Change-Id: I95583558bee739ea1a62e3a4692e872b8025b1b8 Signed-off-by: Sofia Wallin <sofia.wallin@ericsson.com> (cherry picked from commit d0bc418d7e4de5e1c2e4143570fa06fc60e1ac85)
2016-06-16Adding Tim Roze as committerBrady Johnson1-3/+3
- Also removed Kieren due to inactivity Change-Id: I4789d4cc89842b4a49b98d9ef3f9aef29aa599f6 Signed-off-by: Brady Johnson <brady.allen.johnson@ericsson.com>
2016-02-26migrate new docs template and fix pdf viewRyota MIBU8-70/+24
JIRA: SFC-31 Change-Id: I9e46c799083553b8c6142f018cd71a638006a449 Signed-off-by: Ryota MIBU <r-mibu@cq.jp.nec.com>
2016-02-25Checking to see if the build works with the correct structure.ChristopherPrice1-0/+0
Change-Id: Iaf0aa189ba33a63f7fa89c48fce3ac34dcec5aec Signed-off-by: ChristopherPrice <christopher.price@ericsson.com>
2016-02-25OPNFV SFC release notesBrady Johnson1-0/+183
Change-Id: I64650e3a5eddf0d1115408dacf90720af71792f5 Signed-off-by: Brady Johnson <brady.allen.johnson@ericsson.com>
2016-01-21Merge "SFC design Documents for Brahmaptura release"Sam Hague12-25/+195
2016-01-21SFC design Documents for Brahmaptura releaseBrady Johnson12-25/+195
- Patch set 9 : Addressed Jim Guichard's review comments. - Patch set 10 : Removed date and revision as its duplicated, according to Chris' review comments. Change-Id: Idca9696c4b703a3ef93b553fe785449cea0935f0 Signed-off-by: Brady Johnson <brady.allen.johnson@ericsson.com>
2016-01-21Updating VnfMgr ODL SFC configBrady Johnson2-6/+4
- Data model was changed in ODL SFC Change-Id: I595b5662adf0737d5106e1ef95058b992c019ccb Signed-off-by: Brady Johnson <brady.allen.johnson@ericsson.com>
2016-01-11Added templates for feature configuration description/referenceSofia Wallin2-0/+50
The featureconfig.rst document should be used to describe the configuration of the <XYZ> feature. The content will be added to the Brahmaputra configuration guide which intends to describe how to configure the Brahmaputra release to a stable and ready state. For feature projects this should refer to the use of deployment tool scenario selections and post deployment configuration specific to the feature. Also added is the postinstall.rst document for features to describe how to check and analyze the result of ran test cases for respective feature. Change-Id: Ia78659dedd8da5c57aa6e6b21db9ac597fb5eb88 Signed-off-by: Sofia Wallin <sofia.wallin@ericsson.com>
2015-11-10Correct structureblsaws25-0/+161
Add docs folder Update HTML theme Remove example docs JIRA: SFC-3 Change-Id: If0158796aee5f020f3bb4403b8a67952f9e6bb26 Signed-off-by: blsaws <blsaws@hotmail.com>
2015-11-10Moves the VnfManagerSimulator code to one specific folder so it is not in ↵mbuil17-0/+0
the root of the OPNFV SFC repository Change-Id: I7e5003a69e3514f6b0bf0968758aec167fc052a4
2015-10-23First version of VNF manager simulatorManuel Buil Mur15-6/+182
This simulator contacts Openstack to create the SF VMs and then contacts ODL to create the SFC. It is not intended to be a replacement of other VNF Managers such as Tacker or OpenMANO, just a simple simulation for testing and development purposes. Change-Id: Iaf691035d1b8435f5fccf559aebf6f3ed1afd066 Signed-off-by: mbuil <manuel.buil@ericsson.com>
2015-10-09Adding first version of gitreviewBrady Johnson1-0/+4
Change-Id: Ie43d782d49377cfba8ab1a03429b613ba6a699fc Signed-off-by: Brady Johnson <brady.allen.johnson@ericsson.com>
2015-09-17First version of Vnf Mgr simulatorBrady Johnson6-0/+593
- Still doesnt communicate with OpenStack to create VMs - Includes a simple NSH sample configuration - Patch set 2: Fixed minor error in SFC sample conf file - Patch set 3: addressed code review comments Change-Id: I71b74f31afdd66a622c80a77d49055cd3dcacda4 Signed-off-by: Brady Johnson <brady.allen.johnson@ericsson.com>
2015-07-21Adding Licenses and INFO fileAric Gardner2-0/+34
Change-Id: I021f52afaf1fe267dcc70abc2f8bb3f74884e641 Signed-off-by: Aric Gardner <agardner@linuxfoundation.org>
2015-07-21Initial empty repositoryAric Gardner0-0/+0