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The os-odl-sfc-ha is intended to be used to install the OPNFV SFC project in a standard
OPNFV High Availability mode. The OPNFV SFC project integrates the OpenDaylight SFC project
-into the OPNFV environment. The OPNFV SFC Euphrates release uses the OpenDaylight Nitrogen SR1 release.
+into the OPNFV environment. The OPNFV SFC Fraser release uses the OpenDaylight Oxygen SR1 release.
Scenario components and composition
@@ -74,17 +74,13 @@ Limitations, Issues and Workarounds
.. faults or bugs. If the system design only provide some expected functionality then provide
.. some insight at this point.
-The *client* virtual machine needs to be located in a compute node where at least
-one of the service functions (SFs) is placed. This is due to a limitation in OpenDaylight,
-Nitrogen, which only installs the traffic classifier in the compute nodes where the SFs are.
Specific version of OVS
SFC needs changes in OVS to include the Network Service Headers (NSH) Service Chaining
encapsulation. This OVS patch has been ongoing for quite a while (2 years+), and still
has not been officially merged. Previously, SFC used NSH from a branched version of OVS
-based on 2.3.90, called the "Pritesh Patch". In the OpenDaylight Nitrogen SR1 release, SFC was
+based on 2.3.90, called the "Pritesh Patch". In the OpenDaylight Oxygen SR1 release, SFC was
changed to use a newer, branched version of OVS based on 2.6.1, called the "Yi Yang
@@ -101,6 +97,6 @@ https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/sfc/Service+Function+Chaining+Home
-For more information on the OPNFV Euphrates release, please visit:
+For more information on the OPNFV Fraser release, please visit: